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Sathya Sai Baba’s 87th birthday, 2012

Posted by robertpriddy on November 7, 2012

Sathya Sai Baba's 87th birthday, celebrated around his grave. Long gone are the days when people crowded to the birthday of Sathya Sai Baba. Long gone are the days when Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, India’s foremost musicians, stars of cinema and sport were on call in Puttaparthi for the event. The VIPs and foreign visitors are gone and no one of any consequence is now willing to strut their stuff on the platforms to praise Sai Baba and preach parroted talks at a captive audience, it seems. See the programme schedule scan on right.

Considering Sai Baba’s prophesies about his own everlasting fame and such irrelevancies as “The whole world will be transformed into Sathya Sai Organisation” (Sanathana Sarathi, January 1999 – page 16) and that “My construction will cover the entire Universe.” (Sathya Sai Baba Discourse, October 1961 p. 120, ‘Sathya Sai Speaks’ Vol 2), it will be interesting to see the vast multitudes we should expect at the birthday this year? Or maybe not? Never mind, devotees who can’t free themselves from attachment to these Sai Truths can try to solace themselves with the following explanations:- I am intentionally suppressing my Divinity from being revealed to the world” (while constantly having announced it in discourse after discourse, sent worldwide on  approving Radio Sai)  But once I reveal My true nature, the whole world will become a Prashanthi Nilayam“. But Prashanthi is currently again more like a ghost village than any regular township! 

Crores of people will end up landing in Puttaparthi” (see here) One crore = 10 million, so ‘crores’ would be around 20 or 30 million and upwards! That was never remotely possible, even in total sum through decades. The maximum number which could be fitted into the ashram and stadium never exceeded 500,000 on the biggest birthday celebration, according to the ashram engineer, Mr. Ashok. Sai Baba’s claim that three million were at the 70th birthday is outright false propaganda. When three million visited Mecca during one haj, the crowds were gigantic and completely dwarfed any photos of the maximum number in Puttaparthi. Also: In the days ahead, the whole world will be obliged to come to Prashanthi Nilayam (p. 320 Sanathana Sarathi December 1991)

‘His’ boys were never transformed into “leaders of the world” – not even leaders in India, nor are any known to hold prominent positions in India. India is in a leadership crisis and his students are nowhere to be seenPerhaps this birthday will see Sathya Sai Baba Skywalker: “You will realize Swami’s glory when I walk across the sky from one end to the other.” (Tapovanam Chapter 11) and “I will have to forego the car and even the aeroplane when I move from place to place, for the crowds pressing around them will be too huge; I will have to move across the sky; yes, that too will happen, believe Me.”” (see scan from Sathya Sai SpeaksOr perhaps we will at last see: “Formerly when the Govardhanagiri (mountain) was raised aloft by a little boy, the gopis and gopalas realised that Krishna was the Lord. Now, it is not one Govardhanagiri, a whole range will be lifted, you will see!” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.3 new ed. p. 92)

Roll up, roll up and see the wonders never shown before, the Lord’s word cannot ever fail and so you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth!

However, it is fairly evident that Sai Baba’s nuclear bomb physicist, Venkataraman (see references below), has managed to persuade a colleague, another retired nuclear physicist, to be a guest. He is playing along with the dreadful cover-up agents and corrupt embezzlers who have taken over the Sai Trust, who use him without scruples. Since he has invested all his former prestige in promoting Sai Baba as the Creator of the Universe, not criticizing Sai Baba’s hilarious howlers about physics, astonomy and all the rest, he can’t withdraw without losing his role at Radio Sai, his mental comfort zone and his circle of doubtful friends at Prashanthi, though he would probably retain the car given him by Sai Baba, and thankfully accepted, out of money donated to help the poor and suffering! 

Dr. G. Venkataraman’s view of evolution is a particularly bankrupt version of ‘creationism’ and ‘intelligent design’ claiming that – though the  scientific facts of evolution are wholly correct, Sai Baba nevertheless created the entire evolutionary process itself! By the same measure, one could say that – if there were a scientific proof that God did not exist, it would be God who put the proof into man’s mind! The only answer people like Venkararaman usually give is that God was uncreated, exists eternally.  His is just a play with words, for something never created can never have come into existence. God cannot have existed before God was created. It is like saying ‘time exists’ when time is merely a relativistically determined way of measuring, not an entity that can be objectively measured! This is the bewitchment of intelligence by language… a Wittgensteinian lesson that every philosopher worth his salt knows.

Dr. G. Venkataraman, favourite nuclear bomb physicist of Sai Baba

G. Venkataraman – Chief propagandist for ‘God’ G. Venkataraman is keen to imprint on his readers that, in studying anything about science, they are observing “The Glory of God”. This is, of course, an assumption and is not even a testable hypothesis, being a vague (undefined and indefinite) conception which is entirely non-operational.
Apologist for Sathya Sai Baba The only top Sai official who has ever even mentioned the many allegations against Sai Baba – and then only after a period of six years or more had gone by – is Dr. G. Venkataraman. He has shown his true colours, however, in having written a document full of cover-up and false statements
The most gullible physicist alive? Dr. G. Venkataraman writes in Part 4 of his 7-part series entitled “In Quest of Infinity” on his Radio Sai website “You know, when I think about it all, I am simply wonder struck. On one side of it is God who has created the Universe in which all these wonderful things happen.
Dr Venkataraman, a victim of emotional blackmail? One of the many former devotees with whom I correspond privately has commented to me that “Dr.G. Venkataraman lost all his scruples.” Also that he “had a harrowing experience when he lost his son and that is the main reason he is with Sathya Sai Baba who kind of gave him emotional support”.
G. Venkataraman’s out-dated and fallacious ideas
Indian Nuclear Scientist Now Sai Baba’s Global Radio Chief These days Sai Baba’s chief international propagandist (via Sai Global Harmony and WorldSpace International Satellite Radio Service) and deputy head of the immensely wealthy and influential world Sathya Sai Organization, Dr G. Venkataraman, was a top Indian nuclear scientist.
Dr.G. Venkataraman – physicist ‘explains’ Sathya Sai Baba
Atomic physics Venkataraman-Puttaparthi style. Deeply intriguing
Dr. G. Venkataraman’s delusions and cynical cover up

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