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Sathya Sai’s childhood mischief

Posted by robertpriddy on November 17, 2012

excerpt from Smt. Vijayamma’s book ‘Anyatha Saranam Nasthi

Sathya Sai Baba put his closest followers through terrible difficulties that are interpreted by the faithful as tests of faith or character. Smt. Vijayamma, who first began to visit him in 1946, tells in some detail how he often made close followers tell untruths in which he instructed them, just so to bring out trouble between people!

Some would take this as spiritual teaching, but a more likely interpretation is that he was learning to manipulate others and use the supposed ‘divinity’ which his grandfather, Subamma and superstitious villagers had inculcated into him from his earliest years. One can see that his parents were unable to set boundaries for him and how he was already showing the telltale signs of an ego out of control Vijayamma avoids the ‘political correctness’ of most followers in her telling how Baba was often very angry and punished people physically, pinching girls and lady’s ears often so they were often red, giving cuffs, and inflicting painful pinches of the thighs of boys and men.

His many small ‘outrages’ (see scan on right) were considered to be wonderful pranks, but the nature of the ‘mischief’ clearly indicates to anyone (who is not projecting divinity into a young man) a complete lack of respect for people’s dignity and feelings. Because he could get away with it, Sai Baba continued to do, if in less childish ways, throughout his life in interviews and even in public at darshan. He was clearly already beyond normal social controls when he was very young, and this surely comes of his being perceived as – and treated as – a divinity from the very start. No one can correct such a person, except perhaps the parents for some years – and even then not long in Sathya’s case. Outsiders would not dare to risk the wrath of a divinity or even of those who regarded him as one. So he grew up without normal lessons of politeness in all situations, any genuine respect for elders, and a complete lack of boundaries (which is also often most confusing for a child, who then seeks to find where the boundary for his behaviour lies. But in Sathya’s case he met none. This is the classic making of a narcissistic and psychopathic mind!  At the same time, he was able to charm back many of those he offended.

He was clearly already beyond normal social controls when he was very young, and this surely comes of his being perceived as – and treated as – a divinity from the very start. His push-pull or (charm-and-punish) manipulation of people is a typical such trait and it has often been learned very early on by persons gifted with cleverness and charm. It becomes a way of life, and everything is eventually subjugated to extending and reinforcing this power over people.

Psychologists would very likely consider interpreting his uncontrollable behaviour as that of a sign of some kind of chip on his shoulder, hence having a lot to prove, someone who has a deep sense of hurt to overcome and seeking ways to get his own back by making others submit to him. This can be caused by early traumas of an unknown (often sexual) kind and also by often being ostracized and beaten up by other boys. That he was ostracised because of his homosexual tendencies even in boyhood was testified in a video clip from the film “Sai Baba – Strange Avatar” (Ireland 1996). An Indian professor, Gnanasakarin, former Lecturer of Engineering at Sathya Sai University, describes how shepherds he met who knew Sathya Sai Baba in his childhood reported that he was already sexually invasive of other boys private parts. Transcript of the brief video clip:

“I met one of the shepherds up in the mountain and they were chums of Sathya Sai Baba when he was growing up and they used to say how poor the family was at the time and the other kids around the town used to tease him a lot, Sathya Sai Baba. Even in those days when he was young he used to touch boys in places – very strange places. Sometimes they used to beat him up also. And he would just walk out because he can’t stand up against them. A boy like that would do anything to gain respect in the crowd. So one day suppose he kind of produces something out of thin air. “Ah. Sathya did something, what did you do, what did you do?” And I think that’s how he got started and then he started working pretty good.”

Further, even Kasturi briefly reported that he was on the receiving end of physical violence, but it was turned by Sai Baba into a narrative underlining his non-violence, respect for truth and his bliss etc. That he was unpopular is nonetheless very clear from this and the extent to which it went is not recorded… but then. almost nothing that cannot serve to praise him to the clouds was written about by any except Vijayamma (though she never considers any such things to affect her rock solid faith, putting the inexplicable events like the constant weekly  beatings of her own 2-year old child by Sai Baba as some kind of divine enigma!

Sai Baba unpopular with schoolmates who assaulted him

excerpt on bullying of Sai Baba when a boy


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