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Sri Satya Sai 87th birthday new water project

Posted by robertpriddy on November 23, 2012

So now the entire Rayalaseema Water Project from earlier years has been shown to be an almost complete failure and has to be done all over again! As has long been known to dissidents, but was concealed carefully in all the propaganda about the Rayalaseema set-up; it was deeply flawed from the start, contractors embezzled the Trust and much work was left half-finished. The inauguration by India’s President was a flop as the water failed to run when he pressed the button! Worse than that, the water table fell drastically (despite the much vaunted omniscience of the figurehead who ordered it, Sathya Sai Baba). There were no arrangements for maintenance of what did function, and no local volunteers could be found to monitor it!  Before long Sai Baba had to ask the Andhra Pradesh state government to take over the whole thing, which was done… but the project also gradually degenerated further under their inefficiency!

Read about the Rayalaseema Water Project here

A resident tells of the water project failures as met in Prashanthi Nilayam


One Response to “Sri Satya Sai 87th birthday new water project”

  1. What all happened to billions of dollars that Sai Baba collected from America and Europe in the name of charity?

    Reply from Robert
    Good question! Don’t forget that vast sums were also donated in India (Kulwant and many others) also from Japan. We can see where some of the money went, of course. Tigrett’s contribution (US$49 million) was the hospital and equipment (of which he told David Bailey that $13 million simply disappeared!)
    The Sai Central Trust made investments so the interest could help finance the various educational colleges and hospitals. How much of this has been misappropriated by Trust members is not known, for the authorities have not really touched the unaccountable Trust, allegedly because it was helpful to top government officials for money laundering and other purposes.
    The billionaire James Sinclair (US) gave over UD$2 billion. A portion went to re-installing the entire electrical system at the ashram and other improvement. But that would not have cost so much.
    We know that very large sums were spend on building gaudy Sai Baba promotional buildings (eg Spiritual Museum, Chaitanya Jyothi) and on the various palatial residences for Sai Baba himself – eg. the major Poornachandra renovation with two fortified apartments after the murders in his bedroom, then the Yajur mandir with its posthumously found infamous secrecy and hoards of unaccounted money, gold, silver, jewels and you name it.
    Neither Sai Baba nor his Central Trust have ever accounted for their real income and expenditures, and the many bribes which are known by various persons (by CID inspector Janaki Ram and Eileen Weed) to have been paid out (not least to cover up the fact that the shooting of his four devotee intruders were ordered by Sai Baba himself). Nor did the accounts show the Rs. 5 million per month V.K. Narasimhan knew were being spend on undercover agents to protect Sai Baba after 2003.
    One of Sai Baba’s closest servitors, Colonel Joga Rao, who became ashram engineer and received massive kickbacks from firms he awarded contracts (eg. Larsen and Turbro) was known to be a major embezzler by Sai Baba family members and ashram residents. He was eventually dismissed from the Central Trust by Sai Baba, and other embezzlers went with him (ashram boss Narayanen and also Convener of the Book Trust P.N. Suri, who was caught red-handed after the murders with money he stole, including from yours truly!).
    Money collected and donated for diverse projects was diverted by the Trust to other unknown uses, such as the ecological sewage scheme financed largely by UK devotees. It was never allowed to be built, but the money was taken.
    Since I have no access to any of the secret Central Trust transactions, I can only wonder, like everyone else, what the real extent of the corruption was.

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