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Getting to the truth of Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on December 5, 2012

 Sathya Sai Baba used the old, old religious con trick, namely, that facts have no significance beside the higher, divine truth, and so can safely be ignored (mostly when inconvenient or damning). The supporting doctrine that there is something amounting to The Truth, ineffable and so beyond human knowledge – is itself a parody of all reasonable philosophical and radical ideas of truth. It was the key to enforcing the cover up of all facts negative to him and his activities in his ashrams – which were all inevitably deeply involved in worldly dealings. The Sai Organization’s ban on all non-positive thoughts and ideas was used to distort actual matters and presents half-truths. The insight that ‘a half-truth is often worse than a lie’ holds true! Exclusively idealizing Sai Baba and itself the Sai Organization made false propaganda, because of the incomplete information and heavily slanted presentations. Sai Baba officials and copied  (and still copy) Sai Baba’s avoidance behaviour, and this soon became largely self-induced and self-sustained by officials and most devotees too. Fed by a flow of indoctrination and misinformation, this developed a kind of brainwashing of a physically non-violent but thereby yet more effective kind.

Time and again, it appears that, where Sai Baba was involved, the ‘bottom line’ in any major incident could not be accessed except by determined investigation, careful digging and correlating information critically from as many sources as were available. The very effective cult of tight wraps on information around Sai Baba, about what he did when not visible at darshan, about his many failed minor and major plans, misled all devotees into believing that things were just fine! Today there are many old-timers who even believe that his prophesies will be fulfilled, ignoring the fact that most of his unfulfilled prophesies referred to his own lifetime, not least that a reborn Vivekananda would run his ashram after his death. The individual SB named, Nalin Sedera, rejected the claim and, of course, has nothing whatever to do with the current Prashanthi Nilayam. The hope-entrapped devotees put their faith in that mockery of intelligence that he will be reborn as Prema Sai, which propaganda served as a way of ensuring that no one living could claim to be his successor. Despite that, there are already claimants, and the future will almost certainly see any number of Prema Sai impostors… there are fortunes to be made.

The converse of all this is growing disaffection among those who feel most suppressed by it, while the ‘outside world’ that happens to observe it independently of the required rigid assumptions, finding its questions unanswered.

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