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Sai Baba ashrams: Christmas not remotely as it was

Posted by robertpriddy on December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning Carols at PN

Christmas Morning Carols at PN

The propaganda site by shows a long drawn-out video of the foreigners’ choir on Christmas Day in front of the temple, the site claiming that over 300 choirsters from many countries were present. However, at no time does the video show more than 15 to 20 Caucasian men, plus perhaps 30 to maximum 50 Caucasian women. The choir is interspersed with ethnic Indians and there is plenty of elbow and leg room as the participants are spread out to give the impression of a larger assembly. In the background a large number of  Indian visitors – mostly apparently villagers – are seen. The temple compound is not at all full and there is no crush… far indeed from the jam-packing of some former Christmas days. The video relies much on old footage of Sai Baba from over 10 years past – well before he became lame (i.e.  2002). In short, the numbers game is still being played for all it is worth… as if that will convince devotees that all is well with their movement and organization! On the temple facade, a large image of Jesus (left) is matched by a similar sized one of Sai Baba (right), as if Jesus had ever been widely accused of serial pedophilia and involvement in getting his any of followers executed!

Not exactly a world shaking event!

Brindavan bhajans – Not exactly world shaking!

Meanwhile, at Brindavan is virtually deserted now. A tiny handful of devotees still stay in Whitefield and very few people attend bhajans, which are only on Sundays (otherwise recorded bhajans can be heard daily). One can but ask what there left now for Sai devotees to live for, really… after most of them focused their entire lives on Sai Baba’s person more than the works he advised, but he is truly gone, gone, gone with the wind!

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