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Indictment of entire political, judicial and law enforcement system in India begins

Posted by robertpriddy on December 29, 2012

IBN-BraveheartAfter twelve years of Sa Baba dissidents pointing out the enormous failure of Indian justice, our evaluations are again justified by the latest huge scandal around the infamous gang rape and murder (and not least the initial passive reactions to it by diverse Indian officials). We have widely documented direct cover-ups at all levels and the rejection of a petition (involving many affidavits testifying to sexual and other crimes by Sathya Sai Baba), by a succession of Prime Ministers up to an including Manmohan Singh (Sai-worshipping man of non-action on sexual crime) and not least by the Supreme Court of India of in quashing a major petition backed by many affidavits against Sathya Sai Baba, even destroying their records of the petition itself! Even the ex-High Chief Justice Bhagwati, a total worshipper of the controversial guru, admits having carried out his Lord and master’s will in everything!  Fortunately, the massive healthy reactions of the main public show that the attitude in India has undergone a sea-change and at last been made into a serious public issue as a result of the gang rape and murder in the current tragic and very highly profiled case.

TV presenter Sagarika on CNN-IBN interviewed the ex-Commissioner of Police, Delhi, Ved Marwah about the horrific rape case , a case they agreed “must become a test case, must become a turning point, it must become the instance whereby the system changes..”

Ved Marwah said: “What has happened shames every citizen of this country and it has touched the heart of every country…”  It also expresses the “pent-up anger which is coming out against the visible organs of the government.”  He agreed it is a “very, very serious issue and all these issue need to be addressed and, unfortunately, if we go by the past history, the various committees and commissions and recommentations… very little action has been taken.”

He continued: “This case has put the spotlight on the shortcomings of our administrative system, our political system and the indifference of the general public to this sort of violence…” while he also views the events as “showing that the average Indian citizen is still very much law-abiding (and) it still wants its criminal justice system to deliver justice effectively.”

Among women protesters, the presenter continues, are those saying that “Crimes against women are not women’s issues, violence against women are not women’s issues, these are humanitarian mainstream political democratic issues…” it has equally to do with “men, male politicians, male police officers, male jurists, all have to get involved in this issue…” also “every male police officer and every many and boy in this country should be equally responsible for ensuring  the safety and respect for women in our society.”

Let it be realised that it is first and foremost those lax appeasers of rapists and abusers who are in powerful positions in the government, judiciary and police etc. in India which are the real culprits behind the current state of affairs, not the main populace. They learned the horrific state of affairs concerning physical and sexual abuse of children in India when the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Government of India released a major report by independent researchers including Save the Children and UNICEF showing that over half those questioned had been victims fo sexual abuse. India’s Minister for Child Development, Renuka Chowdury, called the findings disturbing and said it was time to end the conspiracy of silence surrounding child abuse, but little or nothing was done, as is so evident now.  The Sai Baba exposé can indeed endorse the view that “very little action has been taken” in sexual abuse cases since we have seen the despicable techniques of bureaucratic run-around imposed on those who appeal under the Right to Information act.  The defence of Sai Baba against sex abuses in a formal signed statement by the former Prime Minister A.V. Vajpayee and High Chief Justice Bhagwati (both his devotees) was not based on the slightest investigation of the evidence, but simply asserted as an opinion! See the way a complaint against that proclamation was treated by Indian officialdom. Sathya Sai Baba was actually declared an Indian ‘national treasure’ by the Hindu-nationalist government ruled by his devotees, even though most Hindus have never recognised Sai Baba as a genuine pundit or ‘avatar’. His involvement in ordering the execution of four of his devotees in cold blood by the police was totally hidden by the police, causing an uproar and demand for a CBI investigation. That neared its conclusion but was quashed without further notice by the government. That was perhaps the most dishonourable and cowardly action taken by any Indian Prime and Home Ministers in the modern era! Now Manmohan Singh has to utter his condemnation and promises of reform because it is a national crisis… but he has already repeatedly shown his direct endorsement of one of India’s most widely accused pedophiles and murder accomplices! The same goes of Sonia Gandhi and any number of other prominent political figures in India who attended the funeral of Sai Baba last year.

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