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Sai Baba devotee’s denial overcome!

Posted by robertpriddy on January 25, 2013

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Comment since removed by sender

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Reply from ‘Divya’ (i.e. Eileen Weed)

Thank you for your comment on my Letters from India on Wattpad. You may be surprised to learn that in approximately 2005, I had to give up my faith that Sai Baba was who he claimed to be. My conscience simply would not allow me to continue.

At the conclusion of the Letters from India, I wrote a postscript explanation. It is the last chapter of the “Letters from Shanti Ashram”. Here is the link:

I translated his discourses for years and they were so filled with inconsistencies, why would “God” do that? The last straw was when someone I personally knew confirmed direct knowledge that the abuse of young boys by Sai Baba, was true. The person is still a devotee, retaining faith that whatever God does is OK. Abuse of children is not OK for me. Though I still value my time in India, I feel I was duped by a narcissist.

Sai Baba’s predictions have not come true (there will be no Prema Sai, no Golden Age, no whole world coming to Parthi and even on a daily basis while alive, he lied about so many things – many instances of which I mentioned innocently in my letters), he abused young boys, and his ashram is a hub for dishonest and illegal activities. The list of deceit goes on and on. For many years I made excuses, called it his “leela” and clung to my idealistic faith. That was a reflection of my own goodness, not that of Sai Baba’s.

I put up my Letters to India, in part, to be fair to both sides – the current devotees and the ex-devotees. The devotees will see my extreme and sincere devotion and descriptions of darshans but at the same time, all the many unsavory aspects of life around Sai Baba – which have been picked up by others. See this link:

Wishing you all the best in your life.


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