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Sathya Sai Baba film (shooting in Parthi)

Posted by robertpriddy on February 27, 2013

The team of the planned movie ‘Sathya Sai Baba’, directed by Vicky Ranavath and produced by Balakrishnan Srivatsav, was on location Puttaparthi from Feb. 20th for 5 days  with the entire crew to film some important scenes for five days. (Note: this is not the film ‘Baba Sathya Sai’ showcased below, but a separate and more costly multi-lingual production) Locals collected to see actor Anup Jalota who plays Sathya Sai Baba:-
car-darsanThe wig is so realistic that it emphasises what was obvious to those who watched Sai Baba’s ever-changing hair volume that he used a wig, but evidently left it off sometimes when his hair looked thin and straggly.

“dressed up like Swami. Even though no one can look or act like Swami in a close up, the wig of Sri.Anup Jalota was nicely done. Being a long time devotee of Bhagawan, I am sure he would have felt stress and ease in equanimity. Speaking on this occasion, Sri.Anup Jalota said that it was his great fortune that he first had darshan of Bhagawan way back in 1960 along with his father.”

jalota-looking-grimSpooky - maybe Jalota will become a guru?

The actor has an unattractive face on the podgy side and looks much more like the ultimate copyist of Sathya Sai, the charlatan Sri Bala Sai Baba. This enactment already looks grotesque and – if it is seen outside India – it could well ensure itself a place among the great unremarked wooden turkeys of world cinema. …. he looks like a street version of Sai Baba.​

The report also enthusiastically noted that on the next day: “Unlike yesterday, today the crowd were doubled in number. The whole of Ganesh gate area was jampacked.” Comment: It takes a Bollywood star filming to collect a small crowd in Puttaparthi nowadays. The Ganesh gate are is certainly not spacious, can pack in a few hundred at the most. Five days of filming in situ shows that this really is a budget film, as stated by the director.

“Then actor Jackie Shroff, dressed up like a police officer arrived in a  car. After coming out of his car he goes into the to Sai Towers Hotel and then comes out to get into his car. The whole thing was wrapped up in 5 minutes and we all should wait for the film to release to see who this police officer was and what made him go to Sai Towers hotel and come out so quickly!!!!!.. As this film involves so many devotees i am sure they won’t screw it up and hurt the feelings of devotees.”

Comment: It hurts devotees’ feelings to hear the truth about the infamous murders by police of four intruding devotees in 1993 which were reported to have been ordered by Sai Baba himself and believed to be so by his family and many Indian residents who were there. Further, there will be no replay of the BBC and other documentary footage interviewing victims of Sai Baba sexual molestations (including oral and attempted anal sex). World audiences will probably continue in the normal state of enjoyment through never having been introduced to it. But we can be sure that this film will be the usual clinically cleaned and cover-up propaganda for Sai Baba, not mentioning his vast self-promotion (Creator of Universe, Father who sent Jesus and a thousand other impossible claims) which all members of his Organization had to believe to remain members!

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