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Sai Baba was visited in 2005 by Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela

Posted by robertpriddy on March 9, 2013

Much enthusiasm, it seems,  in Sai circles because the new President of Venezuela (by default) once had an interview in 2005 with Sathya Sai Baba. Must be a consolation since Sathya Sai Baba never ruled the world as had been predicted by him. So far Madura has not said anything about Sai Baba in public. He is unlikely to promote Sai Baba for good political reasons… why invite more controversy (and about an accused paedofile and murder accomplice) when his hold on power is reportedly so fragile in the tumult that is Venezuelan politics now that the strong man Chavez has expired. It makes no difference to the status of Sai Baba, of course. Most of the Prime Ministers and Presidents of India were Sai Baba devotees, a remarkable fact which is seldom mentioned nowadays, especially by any of them.

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