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Sathya Sai institution employed convicted rapist

Posted by robertpriddy on March 11, 2013

Convicted criminal Bitti Mohanti protected in Sathya Sai institution

Convicted criminal Bitti Mohanti protected in Sathya Sai institution

A convicted rapist Bitti was convicted in 2006 for the rape of a German lady in Rajasthan…jumped bail and escaped 7 years ago. He was arrested 2 days ago and it has been discovered he had hidden in Puttaparthi for 2 years around 2007…not just hid, but given a job and accommodation at the Sathya Sai school under a different identity. His name is Bitti Mohanty, and his father was an influential Director general of police in the state of Orrisa. What a good place for a convicted rapist to hide!

I have been informed by an inside source as follows: Mr. Biti was “given a job in Sathya Sai school under a different identity because his family was a VIP devotee family…his father actually a serving Director General of police…Sai Baba was very much alive in 2006/2007 and we all know not a single thing happens in SB schools/colleges without SB himself sanctioning it. If they now put forth the ridiculous claim that they were “unaware” of this, then shouldn”t the “divine avatar” (by virtue of his “omniscience”) have known that a criminal rapist was actually teaching boys in his school, and handed him over to the police ? We all know that the more common sense explanation is that SB simply abetted a criminal and obstructed justice deliberately for some favors from the VIP family.”

Sathya Sai Institutions employ people they know are mentally disturbed, according to the statement to Times of India by the man who employed Bitti Mohanty: “When I met him, Raghav was mentally disturbed and purely out of sympathy I helped him. I appointed him as a mathematics and computer science tutor at the school. He was an engineering graduate and a bright person, students benefitted from him,” said Rao.



 A new twist in the drama: “The man Kerala Police say is Bitti Mohanty, convicted in the rape of a German woman in 2006, has reportedly reversed his earlier ‘confession’ and now claims that he is not the person wanted by the police, according to sources. He is being produced in court today. Meanwhile, Kerala Police is sending teams to Rajasthan, Odisha, and Andhra Pradesh to trace Bitti Mohanty’s trail since he jumped parole in November 2006.” (

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