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Our native source in Prashanthi Nilayam reports

Posted by robertpriddy on April 14, 2013

Our source who lives in Puttaparthi and has formerly been living from providing services to ashram visitors, has fallen on hard times like so many there. We are informed that the ashram was really, really empty for a year and a half after Sai Baba’s death. All the Round Buildings and other buildings are mostly empty. Our source tells that very few foreigners come nowadays, but in recent months groups of pilgrims on the temple circuit, from local Andhra villages, come one day and leave the next. It is a big thing in India: tourist buses of pilgrims are carted to various holy spots for several days or a couple of weeks, one place after the other, and the pilgrims then forever have bragging rights of visiting the holy hot spots. The Seva Dals are still coming as scheduled from various states in India but in fewer numbers. Most shops are shut down but a few remain open for the Indian tourist visitors, while the airport has been non-functioning since Sai Baba’s funeral. All construction inside the ashram has ceased completely. None of the former close contacts of this person, including several very rich US VIPs, have been back or made any contact (though they would know what extremely hard times their former helper has fallen upon). Dr. Michael Goldstein visited twice briefly after the funeral, before he was given the boot by the new powers-that-be in the post-Sai set-up.

The much-trumpeted Rayalaseema Water Project, which suffered from embezzlement, construction failures and bad infrastructure from the start, then began to fail generally due to a huge drop in the ground water level (unseen by the ‘Omniscient God’?) seems to have broken down yet further, despite the AP government’s efforts to administer and improve it.
In these dry summer months, the ground water table is going yet lower and lower. Due to this, there is a shortage of drinking water all around. Puttaparthi was to be the chief beneficiary of the scheme, which has reportedly failed in innumerable villages it was supposed to supply.

Families without water are given one bucket a day by those few who have bore wells with enough water supply. Almost every building in Parthi has their own bore well – but they have GONE DRY! In Parthi village in 2005, on ‘Gopuram Road’ right behind the South Indian Canteen, out of the entire street of at least 14 buildings of 3-4 stories each, only TWO of the buildings had working bore wells.  Digging deeper was cost-prohibitive to their means, and even so there was no guarantee that the hard rock underneath would produce any more water supply. Though most bore wells were dug to similar depths, it is all the luck of the draw who had water in their area and who didn’t. The more bore wells in the area, of course, the less water for others.In that year, every one or two months the whole street would be caked in a layer of soot as some building or the other would decide to bear the expense and dig their bore well deeper (either on our street or one of the surrounding streets). Days later, one would often hear the sad story of how no water came, though the bore well had been dug much deeper.

Water tankers are now the main source of water, not least for agricultural and livestock purposes.

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