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Sai Touch Tablet: or “indulging in wrong activities”?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 17, 2013

The cash-strapped Sathya Sai Trust and Co. have ventured into the computer tablet promotion business – which goes sai-touch-tabletdirectly against Sathya Sai Baba’s clearly expressed warning to his followers!
“Swami has nothing to do with internet. Not only now, even in the future also you should not indulge in such wrong activities.” see

The tablet is not manufactured by any Sai Baba institution, of course, but an agreement has obviously been made with the makers to sell a version of the tablet (BSNL Tablet Penta T-Pad 701C – a 7-inch Android tablet – selling independently from Rs 3,500). If you fork out another Rs 1,000.- then you also get some already-published materials such as:
“…close to 1GB of audio content which is a good sample of the variety of programmes offered by Radio Sai. There are also four videos and over a hundred beautiful photographs of Bhagawan.  You can connect to the various streams of Radio Sai, watch Radio Sai videos online and also watch the Live Video Webcast of programmes from Prasanthi Nilayam. Though the highlight of the product is the special Radio Sai customization, it can perform all functionalities of a regular Tablet.

One somehow cannot quite see many Sai Baba devotees falling over one another to buy this Sai tablet, with all the Radio Sai with repetitions of repetitions of long redundant and now most boring discourses at an exta Rs. 1,000.- The first question would be, ‘is it worth it?’. The second might be, ‘Consider it a donation to the (corrupt unaccountable) Sai Trust!’ 

Not exactly prescient, Sathya Sai Baba! Unless his much-promised ‘Golden Age’ arrives and we go back to the quill and the abacus of ancient Bharath?He was confused about computers: he began by disparaging them, and also the Internet, then he opened a Sai computer center at Prashanthi, and then took full advantage of the Internet with his massive centrally-funded propaganda machine!
Sai Baba rubbished, then embraced computers

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