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Jesus reborn now and Sai Baba?

Posted by robertpriddy on May 31, 2013

Man claims he is Jesus reborn and his girlfriend is Mary Magdalena!There seem to be no limits to the enormous incredulity of so many grown people in accepting the most laughable falsehoods. Now we are told that Jesus together with Mary Magdalena has been reborn in Australia and they have succeeded in attracting a following.

Amusingly, while Alan John Miller claims he is Jesus come again, Sathya Sai Baba famously claimed he was the Father who sent Jesus to earth! Otherwise, the cult that is forming has many similarities to the Sathya Sai Baba cult.

The two cults competing cults compare briefly thus:- 

 As Sathya Sai Baba claimed, Miller holds that he also knows The Divine Truth. While Sai Baba said he was God who created everything, thereby also the truth itself, Miller is but the son of the Father, but still knows equally well, don’t you know.

 Both of them preach love in the heart as the overall panacea to all ills. If only it were that easy… but consider the world as it is and how little religions or countless billions of loving prayers have managed to stop or hinder warfare, criminality, violence, corruption and all many sufferings caused by human beings.

 Of course, 150 persons at a seminar is not yet even close to the quarter of a million visitors plus to Sai Baba’s biggest birthday bashes. Yet the technique of drawing people in, indoctrinating them, is always much the same. One big catch is the same pretence of liberality: SB did not demand anything of their followers, but – like Miller – he most willingly accepted voluntary donations. The question is, why would Jesus want to accept money, one wonders?

 If Miller really had been Jesus on the cross and did remember it very clearly, then let him prove that he spoke Aramaic… surely he would remember his words at the Last Supper, and on the Cross, and could pronounce them perfectly for Aramaic scholars? He would then be more credible even than Sathya Sai Baba, whose self-attributed ‘omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence’ did not stop him making countless factual, historical, scientific and other laughable blunders. One strange shortcoming in Miller’s account of meeting great people in the spirit worlds is that he omits having met God, neither in the person of his father, nor Sai Baba nor masquerading as anyone else! 

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Sai devotee’s ‘unprecedented’ feat already outclassed long since

Posted by robertpriddy on May 28, 2013



Nothing much happens these days in the mini-sphere of Sathya Sai Baba followers. Some Buddha Purnima celebrations on May 25 (Yawn, yawn). Then, they had a feature about the 6th year death anniversary of Sai Geetha (What the heck… celebrating an elephant’s death as a religious event!).

Instead, therefore all attention among these deluded people has been focused on Devidas, a devotee who rolled bodily 1727 kms along roads to Prashanthi Nilayam as a penance and to “have his “Dream Darshan” upon arrival. That this is seen as the biggest deal was blazoned by the Prashanthi Reporter as “AN UNPRECEDENTED DEVOTIONAL FEAT”. The Sai propagandists were evidently either totally unaware of the fact that the feat they describe was long since SURPASSED BY FAR by India’s famous Mohan Das, the ‘rolling saint’ (Lotan Baba), who holds a Guinness record for longest rolling at about 9,846 miles (15,846 km)… or they chose to ignore it in the hope no devotees knew this? Further, before rolling away, Mohan Das also once stood on one spot for seven years eating grass! Later he rolled through London and other places in his sustained efforts to get his Guinness Record (itself a very saintly achievement…or perhaps a worldly calculation?)

So what is the fuss about, and what is the difference between these two hare-brained achievers? The famous and original Rolling Saint, Mohan Das, claimed he carried out his penances to bring about world peace (without noticeable results, one may remark), while the Sai devotee apparently had no other aim than his own self-satisfaction, as well as the acclaim of Sai followers after having got support of the ashram and Trust authorities from the start (they badly need more publicity and donations, so a chariot pumping out bhajans followed him, as well as an entourage of Sai devotees).

In both cases, however, the uselessness of these would-be saints’ efforts towards any real purpose placed them firmly in the realm of the surreal. Or perhaps their aims also had a more worldly aspect too… to get famous and benefit from it all? 

India’s famous Mohan Das, the ‘rolling saint’ (Lotan Baba) is confirmed by a Guinness record for rolling the farthest, at about 9,846 miles (15,846 km). In the 1990s, after previous marathon long ‘rolls’, he undertook a 1,700- mile roll from his native village of Ratlam to the famous Hindu shrine of Vaishno-Devi in the Himalayan foothills. He rolled – at a smart pace – across Rajasthan’s burning deserts and survived Delhi’s surreal traffic. He splashed along roads oozing with monsoon rain and mud, and, finally, ground himself into a low rolling gear for the uphill ascent to Vaishno-Devi.’When I was rolling, I felt that each turn of my body was like the earth revolving in the universe,’ said the holy man, who has long hair, a beard and whose forehead is caked with white and red paste.After his holy rolling, Lotan Baba was often kept awake trying to heal sick villagers who believed his extreme devotion had given him mystical powers.

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Venkamma; her lost writings, an anti-climax

Posted by robertpriddy on May 26, 2013

Eileen Weed wrote:



“One would think that the older sister of sb would have many thrilling stories of miracles and teachings, right? I wrote the full chapter (below) when I was still a devotee, but it could be edited to convey the basic facts: that though Venkamma wrote on and on, the final finished product said almost nothing about any miraculous stories of her brother.

One story she recounted repeatedly, however, was the time when sb underwent the exorcism, mentioning his extraordinary forbearance when being tortured. That wouldn’t be unusual, however, for young children in India in those old days, because they are regularly beaten into submission and passivity. Another story was about sb dressing as a girl and catching a ride in the bullock cart, and no one recognizing it was him at first. Another story Venkamma recounted was when he dressed as a girl and did the dance with the needle.

Most of Venkamma’s stories she wrote down were pretty much useless. For instance, several stories were about their visit to various temples with sb, where she described in detail about the bus journey, walking on this or that street, the meals on the way, the thrilling sight of the temple, etc. Nothing about anything miraculous that sb did. One can only admire sb’s elder brother, who saw him as he was from the beginning! How useful interviews with him would have been!”

That the writings existed is confirmed by R. Padmanabhan, the devotee author of ‘Love is My Form’ (Sai Towers Publications) where he quotes (see scan below) from what he identified as “Venkamma Meesaraganda, Unpublished Notes, not paginated. Translated from the original Telugu”

scan from the book Love is My Form by Padmanabhan. Page 87

scan of Venkamma’s bland ‘evidence’ from the book ‘Love is My Form’ by R. Padmanabhan. Page 87

The next blog (below) shows what Venkamma really thought of her younger brother’s claim about eternal life!

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Venkamma, Sai Baba’s elder sister in focus

Posted by robertpriddy on May 15, 2013

Sathya Sai Baba's elder sister Venkamma profiled

‘Divya’ (Eileen Weed) with Venkamma in 1993

Sathya Sai Baba’s elder sister Venkamma, who knew him from birth, lived in Prashanthi Nilayam along with other family members. The young US lady devotee known as ‘Divya’ (Eileen Weed) did long and arduous service to the sisters, especially Venkamma with whom she stayed and served in her small household in a standard apartment in South Prashanthi. Fortunately, Divya preserved her thoughts throughout the period of her stay in India (altogether 1984 to 2005) in the form of letters to her parents (also devotees until the sex allegations broke in 1999 when they left and soon created an exposé website ( Divya made many of these letters available in full on-line (see here). Some excerpts from those letters and Divya’s e-mails follow:-

About Venkamma’s letters to Divya:
I dug out the letters she wrote and reread them. Funny thing I notice: no matter how serious something is, mum’s the word. Is it any wonder I never heard anything about unsavory things going on in PN? We would all silently observe, and know, but speak not – and especially not in letters! Of course there was the other side of it too, the endless gossip about other family members. But rarely would a negative word be raised in connection with sb. Venkamma would never allow talk against her brother. (The only time I can recall offhand, was during her last illness when she declared to me, in utter seriousness, that there was no god and elders only declared there was such a thing as god to put fear into young children.) 

When I went to Anandashram in Aug 1988 due to office hassles (one of the numerous times I was overstayed and chucked out), it happens that sb fell down (first time?) and broke his hip just a few days after I left, and didn’t give darshan for weeks. Though Venkamma wrote me two letters at that time, she didn’t mention anything about his fall! She mentioned how Onam went well and the cows came for Krishnashtami. In letters she wrote me from Whitefield where she had been taken in a near-death state (her first illness leading to several more over the next few years), she wrote that all tests were done and all was OK.

I got Typhoid in 1992 (no one told me – I had stolen my own medical chart when the nurses were not around and read my test results and diagnosis) and was stuck at the General Hospital for 10 days. In the attached letter, Venkamma wrote (sending it with a Seva Dal to deliver to me) saying she talked to the doc and I had “nothing”. Next line was about how I can’t come home because I was contagious! Haha! Since it was me who was slaving day and night, she let me know that the office assigned a Seva Dal (actually, several of them who exchanged shifts, because Venkamma always needed something or the other 24 hours a day!!) Here’s the translation of the attached letter: 

Scan of letter to Divya (Eileen Weed) by Venkamma, Sai Baba's elder sister


1 April 1992
Dear one, to Divya,

I am fine. Yesterday they did all tests and found you don’t have anything. Dr. Shantamma said you must take a few more days of rest. She said there’s a danger that your disease could spread to others. Because of this, take a few days rest.
Whatever you want, I will send. This girl (Seva-Dal) is with me only. I have no trouble.

The original letter in Telugu written in Venkamma’s own hand is scanned here (click on thumbnail to enlarge). Telling Divya that she was healthy while she knew she had typhoid can hardly be correct behaviour? Adding that she could be contagious (and had a disease) seems like an April Fools trick. I consider that this well shows the naive but tricky mentality that prevailed in SB’s family, not uncommonly among Parthi villagers too.

To learn the conditions under which Venkamma was left to die by SB, with only Divya to attend her, read the letter written by Divya to her parents at the time.

See some very revealing excerpts about Venkamma scanned here from Eileen’s letters.

Comment on the very revealing letters: After reading Divya’s accounts of life with Parvatamma, Venkamma and the female side of Sai Baba’s family on her Wattpad letters, one must conclude, that life with them was far from being one of light, love and ‘supreme peace’ (Prashanthi), as one would have been led to expect by all the hype in the biographies and accounts put out under Sai Baba’s supervision. That Divya was able to countenance this after having been brought up to believe in the highest ideals of Indian spirituality without losing faith in this family and its ruler (SB) is remarkable . To stay and contend with the many most unpleasant challenges and frequent very hard words that were thrown at her by Venkamma, to persist in serving her selflessly and putting up with diverse accusations by this demanding woman, can only be understood on the basis of the indoctrination that all SB followers have to adopt and extend to themselves if they wish to remain aspirants for salvation from all the ills of the world. It says a lot about the tolerant attitude of Eileen Weed, her determination to do good, strength of purpose and truthfulness. These qualities have no doubt been important in her being able to overcome the entire spiritual fraud involved and ‘bounce back’ without falling into depression or another guru’s clutches.

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Sai Baba sexual activities reported again

Posted by robertpriddy on May 14, 2013

Unless the many testimonies of sexual abuse are repeatedly brought forth, people do not easily find them. They brought great and utter shame both on SB and the entire Indian elite in government, the judiciary, the police who backed the cover-up against better knowledge, and including most residents in Prashanthi Nilayam! The world-wide sworn accounts have never been successfully refuted in any way by Sai Baba or his followers, nor did anyone dare to prosecute any of them for false accusations!  At least 30 young men have testified to one or another form of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba, from handling of genitals to masturbation and oral sex:

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Easwaramma – the chosen mother in poverty, scorned by her husband!

Posted by robertpriddy on May 10, 2013

The Westerner with the absolutely most privileged access to the family of Sathya Sai Baba, who lived for years in Prashanthi Nilayam with his sister Venkamma and tended her on her deathbed, ‘Divya’ (Eileen Weed) has told what she knew about Sai Baba’s mother, Easwaramma. Her information shows how the glorified presentation of the fate of this poor woman was falsified. Known as “the Chosen Mother”, Eashwaramma had died in 1972 – long before Divya came to India. Divya has written:

I only know stories the family told me. Such as, how much she suffered disgrace when her husband Pedda Venkappa Raju left her to live with his concubine!  Easwaramma had to deal with sb joking about her “sister” (the concubine) and sending her the same silk saris he sent Easwaramma! 



Easwaramma had to suffer a lot of tragedy when her children underwent troubles, too. Like when her daughter Venkamma’s baby daughter died only 10 days after being born, and how her other daughter Parvatamma accidentally dropped her newborn son and he died several days later, from head injuries. Or when Venkamma’s husband died young of rabies due to a dog bite, and Parvatamma’s husband died young of cancer. Parvatamma had told me of how blood came out of all the openings in his body – gruesome! Parvatamma’s son lost his hearing due to a childhood disease and had to be sent away, at age 7, to Madras to a school for the deaf & dumb.

Easwaramma also must have suffered a lot when her son Janakiram got TB as a teenager and had to stay for a year in an Anantapur hospital, losing a lung in the process. His sister Venkamma nursed him back to health but it is not clear to me why Easwaramma wasn’t the one staying there. All this, not to mention all the long and ongoing stories of ill-health and tragedy in the family. Hospital stays of someone or the other were always going on.

If the family members had been spared from so much awful tragedy, we could have said it was the blessings of God. But no opportunity to say that. However, that means nothing to devotees! Everything is a blessing, and sb must have taken away all their karma so they don’t have to be reborn again!”

Shamefully, these facts about the tribulations and separation in family of the ‘full avatar’ and the ‘mother of God’ etc. have all been carefully buried in all the Sai literature so that the mythology seems perfect. In another mail, Divya (Eileen Weed) replied to a linked page I sent her about the possibility investigated by an ex-devotee psychologist from Sweden that Easwaramma lost some babies through infanticide, as follows:-

Re: the first link you sent, “Abortive pregnancies or Sathya Sai Baba’s missing sisters?

“Since I knew that Indians regularly call miscarriages “abortions,” I didn’t think much of Easwaramma’s four failed pregnancies, except to wonder how she easily had three children but then four miscarriages in a row? Odd! However, after reading this article it suddenly struck me – yes, there is a possibility of girl children being born but then “disposed of”. Everything that Asa Samsioe wrote of regarding the preference of girl children and many people outright murdering girl babies, is completely true. Girls are a burden and if one after another was born, there is tremendous pressure from other family members to quietly dispose of them. I do not recall Venkamma saying anything specific about it, though, other than the four failed pregnancies – she was probably still quite young and unaware of what was going on.

Besides that, Sai Baba’s father was already settled down with his “keep” (I think he had children with her also) and struggling financially so, it is entirely plausible that he would not want more girl children. Venkamma told me many times that now and then Easwaramma would send her to the keep’s house, to beg her father for clothes, as they had no money. Venkamma said she would stand at the door crying and crying, being very young, and asking for money to buy clothes. And even when sb made it big and sent them over frequent baskets of produce and money,  I think it is a well-known ‘open secret’ that sb’s father (Venkappa Raju) died in the keep’s house, and the body had to be quickly brought to Easwaramma’s house, where he had not been living for years, before his death was announced. Venkamma also complained bitterly to me how, after sb became better known, he would send lavish silk saris and other items to the keep, along with sending them to the rest of the family! He would even merrily laugh and give an extra one to Easwaramma saying, “Give this to your husband’s wife,” or some such thing. (I wonder what happened to the keep’s family? I never inquired about it – the subject would make Venkamma tooooo mad!

After years in India mingling with Telugu villagers, I never got over the shock that it was widely practised for men to have one or more keeps besides their wives. Here in the West, people may have affairs and often go their separate ways. But if married men “ruin” a women in an Indian village, they often have to take care of her for life! Especially because since their reputation is ruined, their families don’t want them to live at home any more (and of course, they can never get married!) I’ve met women who were wives and keeps – and sometimes they have to live together in the same house (which gets really, really ugly – but what the man says, goes!), sometimes in a separate house, and sometimes in a tent in some field, depending upon the man’s financial capabilities – but it is understood that the guy just can’t walk away from his indiscretion.”

Sai Baba's sisters who Eileen knew so well

Sai Baba’s sisters who Eileen knew so well

Venkamma: There’s also the terrible thing that happened to Venkamma’s son (her only child) – after three children were born, when the youngest, a girl baby, was only 3 months old, her mother (Venkamma’s daughter-in-law) died. The three young children were instantly without a mother and Venkamma took them all in and raised them (her son later remarried and had an additional three children). That was several years before Easwaramma died so she would have seen the awful tragedy up close.”
“I posted a letter recently where I describe Venkamma getting ill, first sai says, “It’s nothing, it will get better” and he doesn’t give permission for her to go to the hospital – until it gets much worse (and docs probably convince him she has to be sent there, or die!). Just another aspect of how he was so often so, so wrong. He played with people’s lives and they STILL continued to have faith – awful! Everything was met with the assurance, “He is God – he knows what he is doing!”

One wonders how much sb was supplicated by his relatives, begging for blessings? However as his sisters told me time and time again, ‘”It was never useful to tell Swami anything. Swami always just laughed at us and our problems, and would answer, “What can I do?”

Many close devotees have reported about sb’s lack of compassion. I might have written before about once in darshan when an elderly lady in front of me cried out prayerfully that her eyesight was failing. The answer from sb? “What is there in this world to see?” Said with a self-confident smirk and a chuckle as he walked by. Ultimately, he got his karma I guess, if all that crying in the later days means anything.”
And not least his calling out to devotees ‘Save me’ when he was taken away by his minders to the hospital, then his sufferings, gradual destruction of his organs and disconnection from ‘life support’!
See also Venkamma Passes Away – Sept 1993

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Sai Trust: Ratnakar alleged violence and embezzlement

Posted by robertpriddy on May 9, 2013



It has long been known that Sathya Sai Baba’s nephew has a very bad personal reputation among many SB devotees, including much of Sai Baba’s family. The present news report tells its own story. The news broke on a Telugu news channel, where Sai Baba’s relative, Ganapati Raju, also said that it was Ratnakar’s bad luck that those 30 lakhs were seized (ed. note: This refers to Ratnakar’s involvement in the massive money theft from Sai Baba’s rooms (as found by the police in a taxi. The Trust then said that was for some project but they couldn’t prove where the money came from and so the tax board kept all the money – probably went into the hands of officials!). In 6 months, how did Ratnakar amass 20 crores of property? I have photos, I have evidence. If anyone wants proof, I am ready to give it. I am ready to provide all details.”

Screen captures from Telugu video report

The authorities in Andhra Pradesh did not carry through on the investigations of the 30 lakhs and other  as issues and nothing more has been heard of the court procedures etc. that were launched. One can only conclude that the usual was involved… bribery of all and sundry using the huge reserves of money over which the Sai Trust, especially Ratnakar, have complete an unaccountable control. It is noteworthy that one of the greatest and most successful Indian authors of the 20th Century, the polymath Bengali Chaudhuri wrote: “An Indian’s faith in bribes is infinite and unshakeable. Not only is bribing believed to be an infallible remedy for all workaday inconveniences – a belief justified by experience – it is also regarded as an equally effective means of managing high affairs of state…” (Autobiography of an Unknown Indian p. 117).”

There is much evidence to show that this was the cultural background of the entire Sathya Sai movement. In this connection it is worth bearing in mind that it is known definitively that Sai Baba used large sums of money on bribery to cover up various criminal affairs, including bribing his own extended family after the 1993 murders. See here).

The Telugu report  went on: “Puttaparthi is a place of devotion, with a Super Specialty hospital and educational institutions; this is a place that not only had water projects, but has done so many other service activities. That was in the past. Now, people are asking about the wealth. The diamonds and jewels given with devotion by devotees, the throne (simha asana) made for Baba and so dear to him, the bundles of cash – where did they all go to,” such questions and accusations are increasing.”  Interestingly the Telugu Channel also shows photos of part of the huge stash of valuables hidden by Sai Baba in his rooms, under his 3 by 3 meter bed etc. and included a photo (see above left) taken from my book ‘Source of the Dream’ of what Sai Baba confirmed was a ‘diamond’ (actually a green synthetic sapphire). The stone was a cheap imitation with silver foil behind it to enhance its brilliance. All this was fully confirmed by Mr. Hertz, the Queen of Denmark’s personal jeweller’s assay, as can be seen here.

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Sai Trust to print more books, says obscurantist Anil Kumar

Posted by robertpriddy on May 7, 2013


The bombastic former interpreter for Sai Baba, Anil Kumar  is living on the memory of Sai Baba, and – with his small band of servile helpers – obtaining monies from lecturing to the remaining flock of devotees around the land. He is known to have kept a foreign mistress, while married and serving his Lord and Master, who insisted on one wife and maximum celibacy even then (though Sai Baba was never bothered by celibacy himself). Having elevated himself to the role of the dead guru’s presenter now, he capitalizes on his former prominence as translator of Sai Baba’s rambling, repetitive and increasingly absurd and confused discourses.

Kumar is hoping that the University Grants Commission will help him start a pompously named “Sathya Sai Advanced Research Centre (SACRED)” – one which will be so ‘advanced’ as strictly to avoid every remotely negative fact about the subject, as the well-founded researches  of the exposé are providing. Is he succeeds, it will be another proof that the standard of Indian research in the humanities is at intellectual rock-bottom, promoting the ‘teachings’ of a person who was a risible ignoramus about the sciences, the humanities and especially historical facts about famous figures like Jesus and religions, to name by a few of Sai Baba’s many anti-achievements.

The ‘professor’ is in demonstrably in very big time denial about the number of visitors to Puttaparthi, which is huge and has been reported by practically every Indian news outlet in the last couple of years!  He also tried to rationalize away the hoarding of huge wealth under his bed and in his private rooms by Sai Baba, who never gave away diamonds or anything very valuable to his followers, but stashed them away in his private rooms.

The former translator from Telugu to English of Sathya Sai Baba discourses for an international major group, disillusioned ‘Divya’ (aka Eileen Weed) wrote to me: “Who’s going to be around to read all these new brainwashing propaganda books anyway, rehashed from old books that weren’t even the words of their guru, who just repeated the same old simplicities and incorrect facts? One wonders if all those old numbers will be changed or removed now that the Internet makes research so much easier. To increase followers, next thing we know, they will be like ISKON and be handing them out at airports!”

The University Grants Commission? How far can Indian universities sink? The Sathya Sai University is totally off the map on all world surveys of good universities, and with good reason. Those who graduate (and still admire Sai Baba) are trained in rote learning and incapable of thinking for themselves, just like Anil Kumar himself.

Interesting to have complete confirmation that the vastly publicised Sathya Sai Rayalaseema Water Project for hundreds of villages around Puttaparthi failed miserably, as I have documented time and again without a word of recognition of the facts by the Sai Baba authorities or even the Indian press. The proof of the pudding came in the announcements about a new drinking water project (to cost 80 crores) to be implemented for villages near Puttaparthi. Prashanthi Nilayam will be the main beneficiary, as will Parthi village, as it has long been in a water crisis!

Water projects in Rayalaseema and for Chennai – Sathya Sai Baba

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Powers of the avatar, Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on May 5, 2013


Indian mythology contains many claims about the so-called ‘avatars’, especially the powers which these descended incarnations of the Godhead supposedly possess. Some avatars are supposedly not ‘full’ avatars (or ‘poorna avatara‘) and do not possess all the sixteen distinctive marks (kalas) of a full avatar. Many are the times Sathya Sai Baba claimed that he was the omnipotent creator of the universe and that he was a full avatar with all the powers possible. He proclaimed, in what has been called ‘The Milestone Speech‘, that: “There is nothing that divine power cannot accomplish. It can transmute earth into sky and sky into earth“. The powers as described by interpreters of the scriptures are, in a concise summary:-

1) The power to fulfil desires (of anyone) 2) bestowing the power of reasoning 3) removal of ego-sense (egoism) 4) to master the power of sound (to enchant etc.) 5) power of divine healing and sin-removing touch 6) power of attraction through divine radiance 7) attraction through sweetness, attractiveness 8) removal of karmic memories and consequences 9) the power of divine fragrance 10) indomitable self-confidence and courage 11) powerful memory of everything 12) transformative power of his name 13) creative power over all impulses among living beings 14) soul-power attraction 15) immortality through control of the elixir of life. 16) the totality of the other 15.The 16th is specific only to the totally realised being, becoming the all-knowing Supreme Being (‘Paramatma‘). (See>)

It is hardly possible to control what some of these named ‘powers’ actually are, how they might operate and whether they have any credibility. However, his claims in respect of the most important of these powers have been shown definitively to be false, especially clearly as regards omnipotence and omniscience, which serve as important examples:-

Failed omnipotence: One small example: V.K. Narasimhan (VKN) had remarked to Sai Baba that inviting the Indian President to his 70th birthday celebrations in 1995 was unnecessary for it always caused major problems. The special force, the Black Berets, made devotees suffer huge, life-threatening crushes and endless delays due to their insensitive and heavy-handed security arrangements. Sathya Sai Baba had replied that there was nothing he could do about it! The Indian President himself had decided to visit and he could not be stopped! He also told VKN another thing, “one thing I cannot do is to make a person choose to do good.” So much for Unfailing Divine Will and Omnipower! Sai Baba made many far-ranging promises of what his ‘advent’ as Sathya would achieve, especially in the total regeneration of India (i.e. immoralism, corruption, poverty, injustices etc.) and thereafter save the whole world. Enough said!

Failed omniscience: Professor Dale Beyerstein has pointed out thatTo be omniscient is to be all knowing. Such a claim is impossible to confirm with certainty, for it would involve testing the person’s knowledge about absolutely everything! But it is very easy to refute if it is a false claim. All that is required is to show that the person making the claim lacks some knowledge that it is possible for a person to have. For example, one who is omniscient will know all the human languages of the world. But Sai Baba, by his own admission and that of his followers, only knows two or three Indian languages fluently. And in a country where vast numbers of people speak fluent English, Sai Baba’s English is too broken and unsteady for use in public discourses! In his letters to devotees, Sai Baba makes no pretences about this, and, for instance, excuses himself to one disciple for not having written earlier, explaining that he had no translator about so he could not get his letter translated” (see here)

One of the first comments I heard V.K. Narasimhan make in a lecture he gave for foreigners in 1988 surprised me: he said that all the talk of  Sai Baba  as omniscient was exaggerated! Afterwards he shocked me further in private by saying that talk about Sathya Sai Baba being all-knowing or omnipotent was sheer absurdity! He embroidered this theme with some examples, even though he saw that I already believed in this. However, I already saw that no one could actually know about omniscience – not without themselves being able to check all of his knowledge (thus also being omniscient). Yet at that time I eventually managed somehow to reason how the facts I learned from VKN did not disprove the claim of omniscience, for SB could have been concealing his knowledge of the many things which he appeared not to know or to be mistaken about. The more I got to know about him, however, the more difficult it became to maintain these rationalisations.

‘Immortality through control of the elixir of life’: This is of course utterly laughable. Sai Baba died many years before his own  predictions and died from multiple organ failures (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, brain) as is unquestionably the case, repeatedly reported by most  Indian news outlets. See chronicle over his illness, death etc.

Power of divine healing: Though many person have written books, articles and testified to amazing instances of divine healing connected to Sai Baba, there is no published reliable medical proof of this, while some of his closest servitors and followers have denied that they have ever seen anyone healed by Sai Baba, especially VKN who was his daily attendant through many years. See also Sai Baba: Healings and Rescues  and Faith Healing, self-suggestion and Sri Saibaba

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Innernet or Internet – Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on May 1, 2013

In a 2000 public discourse, Sathya Sai Baba said,
Today people are ready to believe all that they see on television and internet but do not repose their faith in the Vedic declarations. Internet is like a waste paper basket. Follow the ‘innernet,’ not the internet.

The Vancouver Sun in 2001 reported that Sathya Sai Baba told his adherents not to browse the Internet due to allegations rapidly circulating on various Internet websites and in a few newspapers. He wanted to hide of all the deceptions and crimes of which he stands accused on the Internet, such as the many credible accusations of his sex abuses, and also his fraudulent ‘manifestations’ and involvement in murders.

So he warned his followers to stick to the ‘innernet’ of the subjective mind, which meant they should not take in any new knowledge, but recycle ones indoctrination! That he advised always to shun both computers and the internet fits very badly with the way he soon began to promote Sai computers, the Sai computer centre at Puttaparhti, the SSO official web pages (for propaganda about himself).

By the ‘innernet’ he obviously meant what the inward-turned mind conceives. He had already spoken of the ‘inner voice’ as a way to contact divinity, superior to getting the much desired ‘interviews’ he gave. This doctrine of meditation or inward prayer also served as justification for a large number of zealous followers who claimed to hear his voice inwardly, often writing down long tracts which they claimed were his own words. Such ‘channeling’ of the supposed thoughts of apparent incorporeal entities is an especial fad of New Age proponents, while modern neurological researches have shown that the brain can creates such voices when there are no sound waves, firing neurons which interfere with the perceptual system. Brain hyperactivity in the temporal lobe (where speech sounds are processed) is seen by magnetic imaging when no external sounds are present, as also seen during hallucinations and when schizophrenics ‘hear voices’.

So Sai Baba held that his interviews were a worldly meeting, while the ‘innerview’, is the real encounter at a supra-mundane level. Thus he stuck with the famous dualism between the profane and the divine, where the profane has to be reinterpreted in terms of the divine. Despite all the talk of unity, oneness etc., strict dualism between body and mind, or body and spirit etc. is the basis of all spirituality (also of the avatar concept itself – Sai Baba as divine but also human).

Sai Baba preached that one must find the true self – eternal divine existence – through meditation, prayer and inner worship. However, all that actually only leads one to restrict oneself to a solipsist cocoon, cut off from all reality, because meditation activates what is already in the conscious and unconscious mind and, just as the mind also works in dreaming, imagining and ‘hallucinating’. Inwardness produces all manner of weird and wonderful fantasy combinations, voices, visions. The meditator usually takes these subjective experiences to be true insight or knowledge relevant to ‘self-realisation’. Yet to withdraw too much from the world into meditation, silent prayer is to isolate oneself in a cocoon of mental solipsism (if not physically in a dark cave). Nonetheless, meditation need not have any religious content whatever – and it has been scientifically proven to have effect in reducing stress levels, which are very widespread in the world and are a major cause of a range of illnesses. Thus, meditation has even been shown to have an effect on recovery from a range of physical illnesses and some research also shows that it also affects considerable changes in the genetic code.)

Had the mind been able to discover new knowledge of itself alone (i.e. through concentration, meditation, imagination etc.), and had it been able to gain access to the supposed fund of divine knowledge (jnana), then the ancient rishis and gurus of India would have discovered what science has taught us. But these ancients mostly only taught about how to assuage through prayer and hymns etc. an imaginary realm of divine beings and places the existence of which is totally unproven in any reasonable way.

See Kushwant Singh on prayer and meditation

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