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Sai Trust to print more books, says obscurantist Anil Kumar

Posted by robertpriddy on May 7, 2013


The bombastic former interpreter for Sai Baba, Anil Kumar  is living on the memory of Sai Baba, and – with his small band of servile helpers – obtaining monies from lecturing to the remaining flock of devotees around the land. He is known to have kept a foreign mistress, while married and serving his Lord and Master, who insisted on one wife and maximum celibacy even then (though Sai Baba was never bothered by celibacy himself). Having elevated himself to the role of the dead guru’s presenter now, he capitalizes on his former prominence as translator of Sai Baba’s rambling, repetitive and increasingly absurd and confused discourses.

Kumar is hoping that the University Grants Commission will help him start a pompously named “Sathya Sai Advanced Research Centre (SACRED)” – one which will be so ‘advanced’ as strictly to avoid every remotely negative fact about the subject, as the well-founded researches  of the exposé are providing. Is he succeeds, it will be another proof that the standard of Indian research in the humanities is at intellectual rock-bottom, promoting the ‘teachings’ of a person who was a risible ignoramus about the sciences, the humanities and especially historical facts about famous figures like Jesus and religions, to name by a few of Sai Baba’s many anti-achievements.

The ‘professor’ is in demonstrably in very big time denial about the number of visitors to Puttaparthi, which is huge and has been reported by practically every Indian news outlet in the last couple of years!  He also tried to rationalize away the hoarding of huge wealth under his bed and in his private rooms by Sai Baba, who never gave away diamonds or anything very valuable to his followers, but stashed them away in his private rooms.

The former translator from Telugu to English of Sathya Sai Baba discourses for an international major group, disillusioned ‘Divya’ (aka Eileen Weed) wrote to me: “Who’s going to be around to read all these new brainwashing propaganda books anyway, rehashed from old books that weren’t even the words of their guru, who just repeated the same old simplicities and incorrect facts? One wonders if all those old numbers will be changed or removed now that the Internet makes research so much easier. To increase followers, next thing we know, they will be like ISKON and be handing them out at airports!”

The University Grants Commission? How far can Indian universities sink? The Sathya Sai University is totally off the map on all world surveys of good universities, and with good reason. Those who graduate (and still admire Sai Baba) are trained in rote learning and incapable of thinking for themselves, just like Anil Kumar himself.

Interesting to have complete confirmation that the vastly publicised Sathya Sai Rayalaseema Water Project for hundreds of villages around Puttaparthi failed miserably, as I have documented time and again without a word of recognition of the facts by the Sai Baba authorities or even the Indian press. The proof of the pudding came in the announcements about a new drinking water project (to cost 80 crores) to be implemented for villages near Puttaparthi. Prashanthi Nilayam will be the main beneficiary, as will Parthi village, as it has long been in a water crisis!

Water projects in Rayalaseema and for Chennai – Sathya Sai Baba

One Response to “Sai Trust to print more books, says obscurantist Anil Kumar”

  1. Indians themselves – instead of leaving exposure of Sathya Sai Baba and his cult up to major media like the BBC, DR, SBS, Times of London, Telegraph, Guardian, etc., etc. – will need to expose the insidiousness of the Sathya Sai Cult. Now that so much work has been done, it should make their job easier. Because until more recently, when there has, at last, been widespread Indian media exposure of the Sathya Sai Central Trust’s corruption, the going would have been extremely uphill, leading to job loss, threats to life and limb, upheaval in the extended families, etc. It has been tremendously hard for overseas former devotees and other critics, requiring huge amounts of work and personal sacrifice. Nevertheless, it is a very sad commentary that only a few in India like Basava Premanand and Hari Sampath have had the courage to stand up and speak out.

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