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Sai Trust: Ratnakar alleged violence and embezzlement

Posted by robertpriddy on May 9, 2013



It has long been known that Sathya Sai Baba’s nephew has a very bad personal reputation among many SB devotees, including much of Sai Baba’s family. The present news report tells its own story. The news broke on a Telugu news channel, where Sai Baba’s relative, Ganapati Raju, also said that it was Ratnakar’s bad luck that those 30 lakhs were seized (ed. note: This refers to Ratnakar’s involvement in the massive money theft from Sai Baba’s rooms (as found by the police in a taxi. The Trust then said that was for some project but they couldn’t prove where the money came from and so the tax board kept all the money – probably went into the hands of officials!). In 6 months, how did Ratnakar amass 20 crores of property? I have photos, I have evidence. If anyone wants proof, I am ready to give it. I am ready to provide all details.”

Screen captures from Telugu video report

The authorities in Andhra Pradesh did not carry through on the investigations of the 30 lakhs and other  as issues and nothing more has been heard of the court procedures etc. that were launched. One can only conclude that the usual was involved… bribery of all and sundry using the huge reserves of money over which the Sai Trust, especially Ratnakar, have complete an unaccountable control. It is noteworthy that one of the greatest and most successful Indian authors of the 20th Century, the polymath Bengali Chaudhuri wrote: “An Indian’s faith in bribes is infinite and unshakeable. Not only is bribing believed to be an infallible remedy for all workaday inconveniences – a belief justified by experience – it is also regarded as an equally effective means of managing high affairs of state…” (Autobiography of an Unknown Indian p. 117).”

There is much evidence to show that this was the cultural background of the entire Sathya Sai movement. In this connection it is worth bearing in mind that it is known definitively that Sai Baba used large sums of money on bribery to cover up various criminal affairs, including bribing his own extended family after the 1993 murders. See here).

The Telugu report  went on: “Puttaparthi is a place of devotion, with a Super Specialty hospital and educational institutions; this is a place that not only had water projects, but has done so many other service activities. That was in the past. Now, people are asking about the wealth. The diamonds and jewels given with devotion by devotees, the throne (simha asana) made for Baba and so dear to him, the bundles of cash – where did they all go to,” such questions and accusations are increasing.”  Interestingly the Telugu Channel also shows photos of part of the huge stash of valuables hidden by Sai Baba in his rooms, under his 3 by 3 meter bed etc. and included a photo (see above left) taken from my book ‘Source of the Dream’ of what Sai Baba confirmed was a ‘diamond’ (actually a green synthetic sapphire). The stone was a cheap imitation with silver foil behind it to enhance its brilliance. All this was fully confirmed by Mr. Hertz, the Queen of Denmark’s personal jeweller’s assay, as can be seen here.

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