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Venkamma; her lost writings, an anti-climax

Posted by robertpriddy on May 26, 2013

Eileen Weed wrote:



“One would think that the older sister of sb would have many thrilling stories of miracles and teachings, right? I wrote the full chapter (below) when I was still a devotee, but it could be edited to convey the basic facts: that though Venkamma wrote on and on, the final finished product said almost nothing about any miraculous stories of her brother.

One story she recounted repeatedly, however, was the time when sb underwent the exorcism, mentioning his extraordinary forbearance when being tortured. That wouldn’t be unusual, however, for young children in India in those old days, because they are regularly beaten into submission and passivity. Another story was about sb dressing as a girl and catching a ride in the bullock cart, and no one recognizing it was him at first. Another story Venkamma recounted was when he dressed as a girl and did the dance with the needle.

Most of Venkamma’s stories she wrote down were pretty much useless. For instance, several stories were about their visit to various temples with sb, where she described in detail about the bus journey, walking on this or that street, the meals on the way, the thrilling sight of the temple, etc. Nothing about anything miraculous that sb did. One can only admire sb’s elder brother, who saw him as he was from the beginning! How useful interviews with him would have been!”

That the writings existed is confirmed by R. Padmanabhan, the devotee author of ‘Love is My Form’ (Sai Towers Publications) where he quotes (see scan below) from what he identified as “Venkamma Meesaraganda, Unpublished Notes, not paginated. Translated from the original Telugu”

scan from the book Love is My Form by Padmanabhan. Page 87

scan of Venkamma’s bland ‘evidence’ from the book ‘Love is My Form’ by R. Padmanabhan. Page 87

The next blog (below) shows what Venkamma really thought of her younger brother’s claim about eternal life!

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