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Sai devotee’s ‘unprecedented’ feat already outclassed long since

Posted by robertpriddy on May 28, 2013



Nothing much happens these days in the mini-sphere of Sathya Sai Baba followers. Some Buddha Purnima celebrations on May 25 (Yawn, yawn). Then, they had a feature about the 6th year death anniversary of Sai Geetha (What the heck… celebrating an elephant’s death as a religious event!).

Instead, therefore all attention among these deluded people has been focused on Devidas, a devotee who rolled bodily 1727 kms along roads to Prashanthi Nilayam as a penance and to “have his “Dream Darshan” upon arrival. That this is seen as the biggest deal was blazoned by the Prashanthi Reporter as “AN UNPRECEDENTED DEVOTIONAL FEAT”. The Sai propagandists were evidently either totally unaware of the fact that the feat they describe was long since SURPASSED BY FAR by India’s famous Mohan Das, the ‘rolling saint’ (Lotan Baba), who holds a Guinness record for longest rolling at about 9,846 miles (15,846 km)… or they chose to ignore it in the hope no devotees knew this? Further, before rolling away, Mohan Das also once stood on one spot for seven years eating grass! Later he rolled through London and other places in his sustained efforts to get his Guinness Record (itself a very saintly achievement…or perhaps a worldly calculation?)

So what is the fuss about, and what is the difference between these two hare-brained achievers? The famous and original Rolling Saint, Mohan Das, claimed he carried out his penances to bring about world peace (without noticeable results, one may remark), while the Sai devotee apparently had no other aim than his own self-satisfaction, as well as the acclaim of Sai followers after having got support of the ashram and Trust authorities from the start (they badly need more publicity and donations, so a chariot pumping out bhajans followed him, as well as an entourage of Sai devotees).

In both cases, however, the uselessness of these would-be saints’ efforts towards any real purpose placed them firmly in the realm of the surreal. Or perhaps their aims also had a more worldly aspect too… to get famous and benefit from it all? 

India’s famous Mohan Das, the ‘rolling saint’ (Lotan Baba) is confirmed by a Guinness record for rolling the farthest, at about 9,846 miles (15,846 km). In the 1990s, after previous marathon long ‘rolls’, he undertook a 1,700- mile roll from his native village of Ratlam to the famous Hindu shrine of Vaishno-Devi in the Himalayan foothills. He rolled – at a smart pace – across Rajasthan’s burning deserts and survived Delhi’s surreal traffic. He splashed along roads oozing with monsoon rain and mud, and, finally, ground himself into a low rolling gear for the uphill ascent to Vaishno-Devi.’When I was rolling, I felt that each turn of my body was like the earth revolving in the universe,’ said the holy man, who has long hair, a beard and whose forehead is caked with white and red paste.After his holy rolling, Lotan Baba was often kept awake trying to heal sick villagers who believed his extreme devotion had given him mystical powers.

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