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Divine Downfall of Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on June 29, 2013

Sai Baba ended up in a veritable 'golden cage'

Sathya Sai Baba Golden Life

Sathya Sai Baba sat on many thrones and was worshipped by several million visitors during his life, he wanted for absolutely nothing, as he was from way back surrounded by a host of willing servants and providers. Soon, no one was let near him who could challenge him or even inform him independently for only worshippers were allowed near him to fill him with praise (and even accept his sexual advances). In  short, he had everything, yet he was as much a prisoner of his own indoctrinated court as any bird trapped in a golden cage. As he aged and became semi-senile and his speech was slurred, he lost control of his servitors and had to rely on stimulants and depressants, he was rolled out like a puppet before the demanding crowds seeking boons from this poor man who was ‘not all there’, boons he could not deliver. At last, suffering a heart attack, he was carted away by his minders to ‘his own’ hospital and cried out to devotees for help!

The world knows that Sathya Sai Baba was admitted to his hospital where he underwent month-long organ failures, heart surgery, being on a lung ventilator, on kidney dialysis, then failure of his liver, falling unconscious, and losing the power of speech before finally being put out of his misery on a pre-planned disconnection from his life support system to coincide with the day Jesus supposedly ascended – Easter Sunday! Many questions about how he was maltreated remain unanswered to this day. One prominent Indian ex-Minister claimed he was murdered. The pre-planning was evident from the arrangements for a casket long before he was declared dead and from the arrangements made for the funeral and visiting dignitaries well before his death was announced! No death certificate or medical records were released and one must suspect that his extreme weight loss and known habits caused he to contract AIDS. (see Sai Baba: hospitalization, death, funeral and aftermath)

Sathya Sai Baba’s death and inscrutability The once well-respected Director of Sathya Sai Super-speciality Hospital, Dr. Safaya, resigned his post stating that he could not condone some of what was done. At one point the Sai Trust seriously discussed in public whether to bury him alive! Later a huge amount of riches were discovered in Sai Baba’s huge bed and apartment, a real proof that he was no sannyasin and was actually a miserly hoarder. Remaining admires of this known pedophile no doubt rationalize all that along with the many hundreds of documented untruths and broken promises, deceits, fraudulent ‘materializations’, bogus ‘diamonds’, simple but fanciful teachings plus the mad lunar age theory and much more.

The first to refer to his  ‘Divine Downfall’ was Mick Brown of  the Daily Telegraph whose researched article exposed the dreadful sexual activities of the God Incarnate – see here (or else original source article on wayback machine here)

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What became of Sathya Sai Baba? (up-dated corrected)

Posted by robertpriddy on June 28, 2013

An Indian writer in an article in The Huffington Post, Sreehdar Pillai,  has asked the big question on this, saying “Isn’t it really amazing how the 20th century media could make ordinary mortals into Gods and dispatch them to oblivion in the 21st century? Millions of people around the world perhaps came to believe through the modern media and the Internet that Sathya Sai Baba of India was God himself.

Saying that “Baba has virtually disappeared from the world media, and from the minds and memory of most people who came to know about him”, Pillai reflects how Buddha and Christ did not share this fate, despite thousands of years before modern communications arrived. Pillai is not taken in by the propaganda for SB, nor did he evidently like  the BBC’s version too much (“dogged by controversy including allegations, never proven, of sexual abuse and charlatanism“), nor by the cover up that Sai Baba “knew exactly what led to the massacre of several young people in his Ashram one night“.

Presumably Pillai draws his conclusion about minds and memories from the relative dearth of visitors to Puttaparthi, from Sai blogs and web sites, by far the most of which have long since closed down. Those that remain all suffer visibly from lack of any real news of interest or ways to generate it except among the totally brainwashed. It has always been impossible for Sai followers to write independently or original (that would be akin to blasphemy to the memory of his supposed total omniscience and dictates against real discussion or serious thought about anything except himself qua God ). They have been reduced to noting their confused dreams, vaguely stated memories or apparent coincidences, trying to interpret them in a Sai-friendly way giving him credit for imagined miraculous interventions in their narrow-minded lives.

 Pillai continued that one cannot but applaud the view that “Sathya Sai Baba chose to leave the earth by not leaving clear answers and an aura of suspicion and doubt in place of divinity. No God has ever survived in human memory with such questionable credentials” and his insight into the successor who inherited his immense wealth “who have done nothing to instill devotion and confidence in the Godman after his death.”

As to where Sai Baba is now… well, he has not reincarnated immediately as so many of his deranged followers were dead certain he would (some reckon he has but is in hiding. Why should he hide, though? (Good question!).

Did he go along with his visibly bloated funereal corpse to the worms, or is he reclining on His serpent boat in the Sea of Milk in Vaikuntha (Indian Paradise), surrounded by maidens (or more likely boys) and waiting to step down to India as a newborn babe near Mysore? It would be amusing if Gallup could do a world survey and see how people lean on this issue!

See the source article Whatever Happened to Sathya Sai Baba – The Man who was God?

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Sai Baba zealots who sustain massive lies anonymously on-line

Posted by robertpriddy on June 26, 2013

Searching for information about Sathya Sai Baba on the Internet brings up plenty of disinformation articles promoting him, plus a large number of comments with false accounts by remaining devotees, mostly written anonymously (with untraceable user names). Virtually none of the pro-Sai articles on the web ever give documented sources for their refutations of critics’ well-sourced writings. Moreover, the sites the mostly choose to use are very carefully protected against any slightest whiff of critical comment – in short, a draconian censorship). A small number – relative to the various hundreds of millions so often falsely claimed to make up his following – write comments on relatively critical articles in major newspapers on-line. One such example is highlighted here as it well represents the unfounded claims – and direct untruth – touted by so many who feel dependent on the grace of this guru (dead and decayed as he now is) is that of the anonymous ‘Saidas’. 

False claim made anonymously about Sai Baba's murder involvement

click to zoom in

Saidas claimed (click on thumbnail image to read his comments in the Huffington Post or find at source) “As far as murders go, I am also personal friends with one of the main people in the Indian Sai Organisation and who was close to Baba for many, many years who was there at the time and privy to everything.”

One can easily guess why this prominent friend is not named by anon. Saidas… besides which it is certain enough that absolutely no one was privy to everything, not even V.K. Narasimhan who was with Baba almost every day for years, not Anil Kumar, his translator, nor head of the ashram Chackrvathi. Sai Baba had a policy of ‘divide and rule’ among his many servitors. Both V.K. Narasimhan and ‘Divya’ (aka Eileen Weed who lived with Venkamma – the elder sister of SB – and was present with her on that fateful night) were aware that Sai Baba was himself implicated in murders, though neither could mention this in public without banishment (or worse – these were cold-blooded murders, remember).

Saidas also stated “Regarding the ‘true facts’… I haven’t time to go into all of the details, nor is this the place to do so…” Indeed! He does not go into a single detail, neither here nor elsewhere on the www. He then muses about Wikipedia and the entry on Sathya Sai Baba, as follows:-“If you know much about Wikipedia, you know that it’s content is often incorrect or even worse and isn’t tightly monitored…. The Sai Organisation used to monitor it to make sure it was factually accurate.”

Amusingly Saidas admits that Wikipedia is unreliable, but later claims that postings critical of SB wouldn’t have been stricken by Wiki if “uncorroborated or substantiated”. In short, that propagandistic and untruthful Sathya Sai organisation put in a major effort to force out critics and their inserts, even when documented fully – such as by the BBC, UNICEF, or a host of internationally reputable newspapers, very little criticism was allowed, and zealots kept deleting entries they did not like without always being disallowed by a  ‘bent’ administrator.

I had been the national leader for Norway for 18 years and struggled in vain against many of the untruths the unaccountable Organisation higher-ups propagated, but was sidelined or totally ignored. Many other founder members of Sai Organisation centres left in disgust at its totalitarian nature. If it ignored Wikipedia eventually, it was replaced by a numerous phalanx of fact-denying zealous defenders – all hiding behind anonymous user-names (!) – who constantly harassed and defamed critics who gave their full identities on Wikipedia and who repeatedly deleted many unpleasant facts and also discussion texts (even the internationally documented fact that Sai Baba was ‘a controversial guru’). The sheer numbers of pro-Sai ‘editors’ and their huge input, along with the fact that they had found a guru-worshipping administrator was very favourable to Sai Baba people and who they applied to for help to block out criticism, made it impossible for the relatively few outspoken critics who could handle Wikipedia’s arcane rules to get their facts accepted. 

Saidas virtually contradicted his own claim that he had never heard of leaders in the Sai movement by telling of his of knowing “one of the main people in the Sai Organisation” and other known facts greatly when he replied to a comment by me:-

The entire Sathya Sai Organisation was built up of a hierarchy of – inferior and superior – leaders called ‘office-bearers’, ‘Presidents’, Central Coordinators, International Chairman and Members of the over-arching ‘Prashanthi Council’.  Besides, there were books on good leadership in the organisation based on Sai Baba’s teaching on so-called ‘Mahyavakyas on Leadership’ and “Leadership Courses” for organisation members run around the world by an ex-Army officer M.L. Chibber and his wife. 

See Wikipedia Sathya Sai Baba text of 2005, when it was still a fairly well-balanced and accurate article.

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Sai Baba birth date controversy overview

Posted by robertpriddy on June 24, 2013

For years a controversy about the date of Sathya Sai Baba’s birth has been discussed, especially among dissidents. No complete proof deciding the matter finally has proved possible, not least since there was no birth register in Puttaparthi in those days. School records did exist, and these record his age indicating a much later date for his birth (October 20, 1940). There are several likely reasons why the birth date was decided many years later and fixed as 23 November 1926 instead of the actual date, though these are not conclusive. However, his elder sister told that no birth dates were recoded in her family, though when the question of her younger brother Sathya’s birth arose she followed the ‘party line’, being altogether very unwilling to go against him (he had full power over the fate of all of his family, of course). 

All aspects of this controversy – including new circumstantial evidence – are covered in a careful up-dated analysis at Sathya Sai Baba’s Birth Date is contested as well as his school records

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Sathya Sai Baba in Encyclopedia Britannica

Posted by robertpriddy on June 21, 2013

The Encyclopedia Britannica’s entry on Sathya Sai Baba is up-to-date enough to note his death and accurate enough to recognise the controversy about his sexual abuses and murders in his bedroom, but ends with a vague statement that is not supported by fact. It is simple an unfounded belief (as propagated by some of his most deluded followers) that his crimes have not having deterred his ‘millions of followers’. These crimes have led to a huge loss of followers, especially in the West and other rich and civilised countries, while countless subsequently left him because of his wrongly-predicted death and, above all, the manner in which it happened (massive organ failures but without a legal death certificate or inquest after evident disconnection from life support by his minders on a chosen day, Easter Sunday! Nor did the researcher research his birth date, which is very controversial, his documented school records having recorded dates which conflict entirely with his claims (by about 3 years).  The reasons for fixing his birth date on 23 November 1926 were almost certainly part of a plan of deception, including the claim that it was predicted as Krishna’s descent by Sri Aurobindo.

Vague statement about SB's crimes not having deterred his millions of followers, while countless left him both because of his sexual abuses and his wrongly-predicted death and its causes.

Rather outdated entry in the most serious of encyclopedias

See also some of those who left Sai baba due to the sex abuses etc.  PROMINENT EX-FOLLOWERS OF SATHYA SAI BABA

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Sai Baba Divine magnetic golden lingam (light version)

Posted by robertpriddy on June 19, 2013

No face, no legs! 

Linga signifies a symbol. It means a representation.” (Swami shows the golden Linga materialized by His circling Hand during the beginning of this discourse) “It has no eyes, face or mouth. It is not possible to say that either here is the head or here are the legs.” (Swami turns the Linga around.) “It may be said to be on this side or on that side. Where is the head and where are the legs? Therefore, this that has no form is called Linga.

(Excerpt above from the full translation of Sai Baba’s Divine Discourse 13/3/2002 on the Premsai website made by eager students in many languages, which were later suppressed by the ashram and Organization authorities (these verbatim complete transcripts and translations are often too revealing of Sai Baba’s many howlers which are mostly – but not always – edited out by the Sai censors)



 CARPENTER The time has come, the swami said
to speak of many things
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
of cabbages and kings
and why the sea is boiling hot
And whether pigs have wings
Or why a lingam has no face
And lacks both head and legs…
(apologies to Charles Ludwidge Dodgeson aka Lewis Carroll)

Curioser and Curioser

The subject of Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘Divine’ discourse on Sivarathri, March 13, 2002, was magnetism with a capital M. It is Divine magnetism’ is ‘embodied’ in the golden lingam. (How the formless can have an elliptical form is a heavy poser, though). The lingam he produced was an ellipsoid, allegedly made of pure gold from his body’s store, and which he claimed was formed in his stomach (he called it his’ golden womb’ which he then ejected through his mouth annually on Shivarathri days. (The regurgitation of egg-shaped objects was invented by Houdini and copied widely by magicians and also Indian fakirs)

“In science, they feel that it is pieces of magnet They call it materialistic magnet. This is shining in every single human being. Where does this power which shines come from? All comes from oneself only. There is gold in every single human being. There is iron in every human being. This means that there are all metals. These metals are not that which come from outside. All metals are contained inside (man).”
“… this Lingodbhava (the emergence of the Linga) is not something which comes separately (from somewhere else). God is Hiranyagarbha. His garbha (womb) is full of hiranya (gold). So, this gold which is rasa (essence) churns, churns, churns, churns and churns, and all the essence draws that gold together. They call that Linga.”

“…there is light in magnetism. There is power. There is taste. There is audition. There is sight. All is its effect. (All senses are the effect of the magnetism in the body.) It is circulating in the body as gold.”

Speaking of gold as being magnetic ( which it is not, of course) he went on to include other metals in the body – as well as flowers, food, and temples which store worshippers’ devotion and exert magnetic attraction, while the human body is itself a ‘magnetic temple!  Further, it is essentially love, ‘the magnet of love’. Moreover, he said it is “also a kind of ‘animal magnetism”. 

Sai Baba’s revealed himself still to have a semi-literate villager mind, holding discourses which even surpassed in ignorance his ideas of atomic physics and geology. It is clear that he held divine magnetism only attracts. However, every schoolboy knows that magnets can repulse too (depending on polarity), so he was confused in his identifying divine magnetism as also being physical magnetism. Probably knowing that the earth has a magnetic field, he claimed for over a year that his body was attracting the earth so strongly that he stumbled and could hardly life his feet! (Later, his hip joint finally collapsed, invaliding him permanently).

Because he fancifully conflated and mixed up ideas, not keeping incompatible matters separate from one another the result was his glorious confusion! His pseudo-spiritual ramble where ‘God is everything and everything is God’ led him and his followers into all manner of mental pitfalls, semantic minefields and a great delusive meltdown. The applause that greeted some of the weirdest statements would have been from all the local uneducated villagers, yet later his discourse was hailed as illumining by various people who should know better, including an American professor. So much for the universality of his “universal spiritual teaching” (bodha).

Read the ‘heavier’- i.e. ‘serious’ version here


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Michael J. Hollander’s Sathya Sai Baba credentials

Posted by robertpriddy on June 17, 2013

Michael J. Hollander has sent hate mails to me numerous times using extreme language to attack me for criticising Sai Baba. In his most recent outburst (see at foot of this blog) he called me worse than a moron, an evil-doer and wrote “you are just a filthy spineless coward”. In so doing he firmly demonstrates his total failure as a devotee of Sai Baba who always repeatedly insisted that devotees should never criticise others:-

“Criticism of others is a very great sin. Criticism of other is like a great disease… Criticism of others is like cancer. You should free yourself from criticising others. Do not criticise, comment or make remarks about others at any time.” Prashanthi Nilayam, 21/11/1987 (publ. as pamphlet 2 of the series ‘Advaita Through Seva’, p.10 SSSB & Publ. Trust.)

“Do not ridicule or criticise anyone” p.125 Sanathana Sarathi 5-1999  “None have the right to criticise others” p. 146 Sanathana Sarathi June 1995 and p. 145f Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 28

michael_j_hollander1Although I personally reject Sai Baba’s view on criticism as not only impracticable but dangerous for society, Michael Hollander could not, since he is an entirely gullible believer that Sathya Sai Baba was God incarnate, omnipotent and infallible. His language just shows what is in his heart. However, his revealing diatribes against me (and also against his former room-mate at the ashram, Barry Pittard) are useful in helping to illustrate again how morally deficient Sai devotees, even those who rose in the ranks of office-bearers often are.   Hollander is clearly very disturbed by the information about Sai Baba that I have released, witness his repeated attempts in which he (in vain) tries in excessive terms to intimidate me with his misplaced belief in the afterlife and a reincarnation that Sai Baba promised everyone he reckoned not to love him enough, a suffering where one’s ‘karma’ would catch up with one. But there is not a shred of reliable proof of karma or incarnation, only indoctrinated persons who lack real knowledge of evolution and like to live in a cocoon of groundless hopes believe in it. That Hollander is a pompous and foul-mouthed religious bigot is indisputable, by now he is probably permanently trapped in self-indoctrination and overwrought perceptions, a self-willed neural gridlock. He never met me but he characterises me as a moronic selfish ego and other parroted abuses that Sai Baba used against almost everyone, only showing that Hollander has no independent thoughts and not a thread of probity either. Hollander claims I lied about him, but cannot even state one of the ‘filthy lies’ he pretends I made. No, I  only exposed his hateful fanaticism and delusions, and no one can find anything I have ever written about him that asserts anything other than responses to what he himself wrote, in sort, only opinions of his e-mail rantings. He showed that he is incapable of pointing out a single untruth that I have written about Sai Baba, not least because I am able to defend and, where relevant, document every statement I have made (always carefully precise and defensible). 

Michael Hollander x hollandermh@msn.com68.196.149.79
Cleared by Akismet
Submitted on 2013/06/15 at 7:16 am
Priddy – Yes – even as the sun will rise and set – your own choice to cast severe abuse on the Avatar is your own karma– lets see how it all unfolds- one day you will see the consequence of your own words- you will see it was only your own selfishness and and ego – this is obvious to call you a moron would not be enough – it is all your own karma why you fail so miserably in your abuse will be known to you the evil you have done is known only by God Himself – I promise you this – the wrong you have done here – will all come out even as the TRUTH always comes out how you could have been so so stupid will also come out you have also lied about me – remember the evil you have done will come around / just dont be surprised – you have written the contents of your own karma – why is it you fail to mention the Immeasurable Good done by Sri Sathya Sai ? why is this ? because your intent was to slander and cast abuse – all your own ego / it is so obvious because of your filthy lies about me – I will leave it to God to deal with you – Remember God The Supreme TRUTH Knows everything – there is no escaping this Truth or are you against GOD HIMSELF ? not only are you a fool you have disgraced your own self -Karma has its way to find the individual when you see it was all your own ego and nothing more you will see the negative karma you have caused / and you will not be able to blame anyone – for it was your own choice to lie about me -you are just a filthy spineless coward – still all your own karma you have only increased my own faith in Lord Sri Sathya Sai -God Himself
Laughably enough, Hollander ‘promises‘ me that what he considers ‘the wrong I have done’ will all come out… because he believes in karma. I think he overestimates what promises he can fulfil! He thinks he will be able to “see how it unfolds” – presumably he imagines himself somehow with a privileged place (maybe on the ashram veranda in Sai Baba’s heaven like MH enjoyed earlier here on earth), observing my karmic punishments while the clouds and the cuckoos wander by.

As to the alleged ‘Immeasurable Good’ SB did… it cannot be reliably measured any more than the good any of us do. Many did good on his behalf, however… and he took all the credit. If SB really did do much good (which is becoming more and questionable as new facts and testimonies emerge), he certainly negated it totally by all his huge deceptions, sexual abuses, murder involvements, not to mention his break of faith with so many, wilful disruption of so many families and the uncaring self-interest he so often showed too… just study what one of the most revered US devotees ‘Divya’ (Eileen Weed) has written… she knew the inside story being close to SB’s family and mastered Telugu.

Meanwhile, Hollander was an ignorant outsider in a clique of self-important people in Sai Baba’s organisation who were deprived of all hidden information and who lived on rumours and bogus stories about what was really going on. I was deceived myself for too long until I was made cognisant of the terrible facts and began to investigate assiduously thereafter.

Eileen Weed read the above reply from Hollander, which I sent her. She told me a number of very revealing facts about Mr. Hollander’s behaviour while at the ashram, which I do not publicise, however she also commented:-
“Geeze, he has not tired of being foul-mouthed and is still bugging you with his long, rambling venom without a shred of fact or truth or specific argument? Disturbing. Thanks for mentioning me, though. I hope he is thinking it was “swami’s will and grace” that inspired him to buy my plane ticket back to USA (after I helped proofread his book in late 2004/early 2005, though I was keeping secret that I had basically lost my faith by then), thus leading the way for me to share what I know.”

Michael J. Hollander, bigot preacher of preposterous, untested beliefs
Sai mini-VIP’ Michael J. Hollander – vile language abuses of Priddy et al.

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The Avatar’s magnetic power of attraction

Posted by robertpriddy on June 15, 2013

“Today I want to tell you something very significant. This body of Mine is filled with attraction power from top to toe. It is the divine magnetic power. From Sivarathri onwards it has been increasing day by day though it was present in Me always. Worldly magnets attract only iron filings whereas this divine magnet attracts the entire world.”  (Sathya Sai Baba Discourse, reported in Sanathana Sarathi, April 2003, p.122)

During his life, Sathya Sai Baba certainly did attract a very large  number of people (and material wealth) from many places but very far from “the entire world”. The power of attraction and charisma are by no means exclusive or dependent on anything like ‘divine magnetism’. His claim that this was his unparalleled Divine power of magnetic attraction appears as vastly exaggerated when compared, for example, with the attraction exerted on countless millions by many other figures. Some brief examples; Ayatollah Khomeni was welcomed back to Iran by up to 5 million, as also did the funeral of Nasser in Egypt. Rod Stewart attracted estimated 4.2 million to a concert in Rio. The Pope has regularly attracted more than 1 million people in many venues with World Press coverage (four times more than the biggest crowd ever visiting Satya Sai Baba). The Woodstock Festival once attracted over a million persons. Over a million Shia Muslims recently gathered at Kerbala, Iraq. Over three million pilgrims visited Mecca in 2012, as seen as a truly gigantic mass of people on TV worldwide. The 12-yearly Kumbha Mela at Allahabad has regularly attracted vast crowds, the last one over 13 million. And so on… (see List of largest peaceful gatherings in history Sai Baba is not on it.)

 Early in 2002 it was noticed that Sathya Sai Baba was occasionally stumbling or staggering rather than easily strolling around to give darsan. On Mahashivarathri day, March 13, 2002, when he would ‘regurgitate’ one or more egg-shaped golden lingams, he gave a discourse in which he explained the following’:-

In order to facilitate the formation of these Lingas, My body has turned into a powerful magnet. it is for this reason that I was finding it difficult to walk for the last three days. My feet were getting stuck to the ground because of the magnetic pull of My body. Likewise, whatever objects I touched were getting stuck to My hands. It was not a trouble for Me. It is but natural because My whole body became magnetic. Such power of attraction cannot be experienced by all. It is only in Divinity that you find such highly powerful magnetic force.” (Discourse on Shivarathri Day, 13 March 2002. See Sanathana Sarathi – April 2002, p. 125 or

Again, over a year later, he said, Today I want to tell you something very significant. This body of Mine is filled with attraction power from top to toe. It is the divine magnetic power. From Sivarathri onwards it has been increasing day by day though it was present in Me always. Worldly magnets attract only iron filings whereas this divine magnet attracts the entire world.

You are under the mistaken notion that Swami is having pain in His legs and therefore He is unable to walk comfortably. I have absolutely no pain whatsoever. If I put one foot forward it is being pulled by the other as there is immense attraction power in My feet. As you are aware, even the earth is endowed with attraction power. It only attracts and does not cause any pain. Swami has no pain at all. This attraction power in Me is increasing day by day. Whatever I touch with My hand, gets stuck to it. Such magnetic power is present in every man.” (“Divine Discourse” of March 16, 2003

However, the explanation of his hobbling was bound up with the fact that he was already suffering from an old hip-joint fracture in 9/8/1988 when he slipped on the soap in his bathroom. His hip weakness evidently led to a worsening condition. The magnetism got so powerful on June 4th, 2003 that it pulled him hard down on his slippery bathroom floor and broke his (probably osteo-arthritic) hip-joint. So his Divine Will (i.e. ‘sankalpa’) was not enough to counteract the alleged ‘earth magnet’. He had to be operated by doctors in hospital. (see Sai Baba believed the earth was animated, calling it Bhoomidev (Earth Mother). So one might then ask if Mother Earth was so much attracted by his magnetic love that she inadvertently crushed his hip-joint?

As to pain, my wife and I were at the first interview 9/8/1988 he gave after his fall where he sustained a hairline hip fracture (a VERY painful event, he told us himself!). That he said he had no pain was clearly to deceive his devotees for he has also said “When I fractured My hip, it was not possible to even move My leg. The slightest movement caused excruciating pain like that of an electric shock. I told the doctors, ‘This is not My body. This is yours. You may do whatever you deem fit.’ One who has given up body consciousness will have no suffering at all.” (published discourse 13-July-2003 (as in Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 36 2003 found at How then did he experience excruciating pain in the first place? See disclaimer



If divine magnetism attracts the entire world why have no scientists ever been able to register any such phenomenon? He did not explain why that ‘attraction power’ was increasing then, nor how it is present in every man. Its effects are not ‘common occurrences’! The force that attracted his body to the earth was gravity, not magnetism.  How can he or anyone know or measure the magnitude and increase in that supposed power? He was particularly confused about gravitational force and magnetic force, the latter being also equally capable of repelling as attracting. This again showed his simplistic lack of scientific understanding. That he has always refused any genuine scientists who wished to study his miraculous powers is a very significant fact. Had any of his materialisation or other miracles been confirmed, his messages about miracles and divinity would have had an enormous impact and almost inevitable created faith in countless millions of people. As it is, believer in his alleged powers have never exceeded a few millions at best, and the number has diminished very considerable, especially among people with access to the Internet.

That he said the gold in his body ‘churning and churning’ (to produce the golden lingam) had caused him to have hugely increased magnetic power. He is also quoted saying that magnets attract nothing but iron filings! This all shows he imagined gold to be magnetic. Had he not thrown away his school book so early on, he might have learned that gold and various other metals do not magnetize.

He had surely heard that the earth has a magnetic field with North and South magnetic poles? He apparently thought that the earth’s magnetism dragged on his feet, or else vice-versa. See excerpt from his discourse (right hand) Had this been so, then why did the ‘magnetic’ food not stick in his gullet and throughout his body? He also said that when he lifted one foot by his ‘divine will (sankalpa)’ despite the massive force, the other one stuck to the ground. (Amusingly, this suggests he even may have been trying to lift both feet simultaneously). During Mahashivarathri 2002 he held that the magnetic power is only in Divinity (meaning in himself before all others), but then a year later (16/3/2003) he contradicted this stating this power is in everyone and, as seen above, even in flowers and fruit.

All this was entertaining to those few followers who did not believe it. Even some VIP professors defended it as deep wisdom surpassing science. Some surely hoped he would shut up about things he knows relatively very little about… as it was an embarrassment to any intelligent or properly educated person.
(See disclaimer)

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Divine Number Nine and Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on June 11, 2013

Briefly, here are a number of undeniable traits that showed that Sathya Sai Baba was far from being superhumanly divine and utterly exceptional, as he always claimed to be.

1) Wanting to be conspicuous – hair, orange robe, opulent thrones (see photos), ensuring he was always the centre of attention. Making all wait for his primadonna entrance.

2) Pretence that his superficial and often highly erroneous teachings were divine, true and universal – eg. wrote his slapdash ‘5 human values‘ on back of envelope … literally when Kasturi asked him a question about values.

3) Repeated chickanery against people in general – scholars, politicians, scientists, most other gurus and even sometimes all his devotees. Everyone else well below par both as to knowledge and morals.

4) Use of trickery and deception to attain donations, giving small gifts (but never genuine gemstones though he claims they are) so as to get back major donations from those feeling they have been ‘blessed by God himself’.

5) Being very vain, both as to his physical traits, various abilities and personality. False humility covering ultimate the conceit that he alone was perfect in every way and boasting about his name and fame (while despising anyone else who does so)

6) Promoting himself at the most excessive levels through constant discourses explaining his superior divine nature (as creator of the universe no less)

7) Making false promises to many people, making many false, even absurd, predictions (which failed) and endorsing false prophesies about himself

8) No candour, zero personal accountability to anyone for anything. Hence no probity.

9) Pretence of being all things to all people – which is the hallmark of narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths.

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Fully indoctrinated Sai Baba type: Aravind Balasubrahmaniam

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A few devotees are still spreading false propaganda about the many dissidents who left Sathya Sai Baba, especially myself and Barry Pittard (though they do not name us directly but it is entirely clear that we are the targets). It is instructive to see how they live within a narrow world of  emotions and ideas, totally dominated by Sathya Sai Baba’s controlling doctrine and so being incapable of expressing any independent thought. The left hand column contains excerpts from the blog run by one Aravind Balasubrahmaniam on hubpages

Some excerpts from the blog          Some comments on the blog
“And yet, they say that he surrounded himself with the rich, the popular and the elite! Such talk only shows that people indulging in it have not bothered to visit him even once.”  This is quite simply not true! Scores of former devotees from around the world and in India have remarked in public on the fact that, as soon as he could attract them, he surrounded himself mostly with the rich, influential, famous politicians, stars of screen and stage. I observed this fact through 18 years. Poor people were a small minority in interviews; the opulent women’s saris alone indicated this. Though some poor people were admitted to his hospital, this was mostly for show; reports from some doctors made clear that rich devotees and prominent Indians were a sizeable proportion of patients (out of all ratio to rich and poor in India), but the admission figures were always keep top-secret, so no one could prove it from records”!
“And when it came to the question, “Who are you? Are you God?”, his reply always was, “Find out who you are. You will realize that you too are God.”
Yet he repeatedly also made clear that HE was God, the Deity of all Deities, the Creator of the Universe (see proof), the Father who sent Jesus. This conflicts directly with his false humility in saying everyone is God. Not one of his followers attained the same supposed god-realisation as he claimed to have, despite all his teachings and guidance! So draw the correct conclusion – he did not fulfil the requirements that God is imagined to fulfil!

“There is no difference between the detractor and devotee when it comes to his/her passion, intensity and belief. There is one major difference however. While the former quotes reports, newspapers, articles and written accounts to emphasize the criticism, the latter only speaks of deep conviction born from personal experience! And that shows why one seems to blare louder to make a point while the other seems to melt into silence when confronted. The rationale of the head never seems to gather enough momentum to overpower the conviction of the heart!”

This is pure absurdity. Some people have passionate beliefs, others have a rational and questioning attitude, also entertaining doubts so as better to sort fact from imagination and fiction. Deep conviction born from personal experience motivates many people other than religious believers. Scientists of all kinds, creators and leaders of great institutions and businesses all have deep conviction.
If anyone blared loudest, it was Sathya Sai Baba in discourses and his propagandists (countless books, films, articles, web sites and blogs) Just a few of us who left after long service are still counteracting this massive disinformation. When confronted, proselytizing devotees melt into silence as they cannot engage in serious discussion on the facts and criticisms … they have no convincing answers or counter evidence! All they do is parrot Sai Baba’s indoctrination, beyond which they cannot think. The heart has no wisdom, it is just a word for belief, emotions, hopes, dreams… not truth.

“When theory and experiment seem to clash with observation and experience, should we not go with the experience?”

This is a false dualism. Theory is the result of – and experiment is the controlling influence on – experience. What Aravind thinks of as ‘experience’ is his personal perceptions, which is to say, subjective ideas. These ideas are readily formed in advance of experience, on the basis of books, hearsay stories and indoctrination into what not to think and do (before meeting Sai Baba) , so perception tends to follow expectations and be interpreted according to what one has been told.

 7 days ago from Puttaparthi, India  Hub Author @ Hari -Swami has himself stated the reason for such ‘hatred’. He says, disappointment, anger and then, hatred, arise from the non-fulfillment of desires. As long as God grants all that is asked, He is praised and worshipped. The minute there is non-fulfillment, it turns into criticism. Both the ‘westerners’ you mention have had their disappointment in this manner and if you know what are the things they have done in the organization, you will feel nauseated. :)The Bhagwad Gita reveals that when we engage in actions with mind on their fruit, it gives rise to attachment, that in turn gives rise to desire, desire leads to anger, anger to delusion, delusion to confusion of memory and confusion of memory leads to loss of intellect. When the intellect is lost, we perish.
That is the case here… :)
Thank you for the comment.

After it became known through personal contacts that Sai Baba was not a celibate (as vehemently claimed), but a sexual abuser of boys and young men – and that he was deeply involved in the 1993 murders by police of four devotees in his own bedroom – most sensible followers left him because they had no wish whatever for him to fulfil any of their desires. Most dissidents overcame initial anger at his crimes, and it was their memories and intellects that saved them from delusion. We in the exposé are liberated from the confusions that came with Sai Baba and we have not perished, and out conscientious and truthful intellectual work is there to prove it.
Hari 7 days ago
Sai Ram Aravind,This is one thing I have been thinking about very deep this week. I have a theory about some of the prominent Sai bashers, especially 2 notable former Western devotees on have been reading a lot of Sai literature lately, and I thoroughly enjoy reading them (including your hubpages :) Sometimes though, I do get overwhelmed as the deep mystical world with Karmic laws, Dharmic duties, where truth alone is, etc seem so entirely different from the objective world which we currently live in and the people we interact with.Sometimes I do wonder if the people who actively bash Swami online with false stories and untruths, do so not because they hate Swami, but because their minds simply could not handle the magnitude of change we need to make within ourselves to win Swami’s grace. Because of this, they might actively go around bashing the truth, to hopefully submerge these feelings and convince themselves that Swami is such and such.Not because they didn’t like Swami, but because the “inconvenient truth” of life was too much to handle.

This is the standard prescription from Sai Baba; anything you perceived was wrong with him or about anything he said was a reflection of you (bad) self and your own lack of spiritual insight. What a clever ploy, and what a mendacious, self-serving and criminal deceiver he turned out to be! But we dissidents could handle it o.k.! Aravind and co. cannot see through this ploy even now… by burying their heads in the shifting sands they would ‘see only good, hear only good etc.’ at least where Sathya Sai Baba was involved. Not so, however, where dissidents are concerned! That is known as hypocrisy.
Submitted on 2013/06/09 at 4:52 pm

Thank you for pointing out, with clarity and links, the inconsistencies and propagated myths spread in the blog. He obviously has never stayed in Puttaparthi LONG TERM and seen for himself what goes on. Not that it would make him lose faith (as many of us held onto for years, though faced with so many unpleasant things) but at least he would have a more realistic picture.

Note that Eileen Weed  (‘Divya’) lived in Prashanthi Nilayam most of the period 1984 to 2005, living for years with Sai Baba’s elder sister Venkamma in her apartment in South Prashanthi. So much for aravinda’s ‘superior knowledge’ of what happened!

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Sai Baba’s lunar miracle

Posted by robertpriddy on June 7, 2013

Few incidents are more telling against Sathya Sai Baba and his devotees than the “darshan on the moon” incident, which received enormous coverage, both in the Indian press and the naive websites which promote Sathya Sai Baba at all costs, always without a single breath of questioning or critical thinking and never a link to any dissident articles, websites or blogs. A truly ‘lunatic’ episode!

in October 2007 the Indian website Andhra Café ( reported that a major miracle was announced in advance by Sai Baba’s servitor and Central Trust director (Professor Anil Kumar). He asked devotees to go to the Sathya Sai Airport (strangely enough) that evening to see a major ‘vishvarup darsan‘ miracle i.e. the true form of Sai Baba appearing on the moon for devotees. The ensuing scenes were chaotic with Puttaparthi villagers and devotees in thousands chanting Sai Baba’s name and blocking the airport. Similar reports were published by Sify News, Indian Muslims, and (see them here).

“Thousands of people gathered at the airport here Thursday night after word spread that controversial godman Satya Sai Baba would be “sighted” on the moon – but returned disappointed when the “miracle” did not happen. The 81-year-old Sai Baba was also present at the airport and later returned to his ‘Prshanti Nilayam’ ashram”

It all started when an official of the Sai Trust announced that the godman would make a “moon appearance” 6-7 p.m., and asked devotees to proceed towards the airport.
Thousands of the Baba’s devotees from neighbouring villages rushed to the airport but were disappointed as a cloud cover hid the moon. They waited for an hour before dispersing. There was no word from Sai Trust as to why the “miracle” failed to materialise.
His devotees believed that the clouds played spoilsport while rationalists termed it an attempt by Sai Trust to revive the Baba’s waning popularity.”

Later, however, Sathya Sai Trust officials stated that the ‘Vishvarupa Darshanam’ ceremony had to be “postponed” because of “non-cooperation of devotees and the cloudy weather”.

Various websites created transparently faked Photoshop images purporting to show Sathya Sai Baba’s face on the moon.  See  What has become the main Sai Baba website for devotee news and extreme, exclusively positive propaganda – – still has its mendaciously manipulated image of Sai Baba superimposed absurdly across the entire face of the moon. It claims this was seen all over the world. However no astronomical community nor NASA reported the phenomenon, which would have been a world sensation had it happened other than in the minds of those who wanted to believe they saw it. 

All manner of mental contortion was tried to avoid the reality, one fanatical apologist – Gerald Moreno, who was himself nowhere near India at the time – blogged to claim that Sai Baba never even said he would appear on the moon even set out to prove that no such things were even promised! He did not explain, however, why hundreds of thousands flocked to the airport? Or why so many others claim that Sai Baba actually did appear on the moon’s face! If it was not announced from the veranda by Sai Baba’s very close servitor and translator Anil Kumar, why then was it later also officially announced as having been “postponed” and why did Anil Kumar also state:- 

“The near stampede at the aerodrome compelled the ashram trustees and the Seva Dal volunteers to shift his vehicle to a remote corner and form a security cordon around it. But the devotees kept chasing Saibaba’s vehicle wherever his car moved …. A vexed Saibaba and his entourage them decided to get back to his abode of Prashanti Nilayam. Even that was difficult as the entire road and the highway out of Puttaparthi was clogged with vehicles, said Anil Kumar”  (according to
The numbers present were variously estimated to have been from 14,000 to 20,000.

In one of the popular Indian pseudo-biographical books about him, Baba: Sathya Sai in two volumes by Ra. Ganapati of Madras, Baba is reported as doing many literally incredible miracles like ‘bringing down the moon to earth’. These accounts defy all reason and common sense, and the claims obviously cannot be checked, any more than can the stories in ‘Sindbad the Sailor’ or ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’.

“Ganapati wrote that on 8/12/1973 on a stop with Sathya Sai between Prashanthi Nilayam and Brindavan devotees threw stones at a wood-apple tree and brought down one unripe fruit:-
“Svami bent down and picked it up. Holding it between the thumb and forefinger He said, “Here is the moon”! When He closed His palm over the piece for an instant and opened it again, the fruit was no longer found. Instead an unusual article was in his hand.
It was a translucent sphere. The sunlight was gorgeously reflected out of its surface.
Though as a whole it was luminiscent there were several dim and even dark spots inside. Multi-hued veins of minerals could also be seen. Superficially smooth-surfaced, it revealed elevations and depressions inside.
“The mini-moon, made up of all the ingredients of the moon”, observed Baba.
Only a few days before, the newspapers had carried photographs of both sides of the moon transmitted by spacecraft. All their features could be precisely perceived in this three-D-mini-moon. More than that, it was refracting the spectrum of colours in sunshine.
The party enjoyed the picnic in the glades. Svami held up the mini-moon finally to sunlight. The solar rays glancing off the outer rim sprayed gold. “Do you see the moon rise?” asked Sai, as pleasing as the moon itself.
With one more folding and unfolding of His hand, the mini-moon set! It had returned to its old wood-apple birth! (Baba: Sathya Sai by Ra. Ganapati, p. 83f).

No astronomically trained adult was on hand to examine the wood-apple moon and state that all the features of the moon photos could be perceived “precisely” in the mini-moon? How it could have “sprayed gold” and “refracted the spectrum of colours” is anyone’s guess as the actual moon can hardly be said to do that, whatever it may mean more exactly. Perhaps is was it just a cleverly palmed mottled glass sphere depicting the moon, such as has been widely on sale in the past? The comparison of Sai Baba to the moon – “pleasing as the moon itself” – aptly cuts both ways – the moon may look romantic but it is in fact barren, inhospitable, and in essence VERY cold!

Need one point out that there is no other account anywhere by a witness of this lunatic affair, so presumably no one considered this supposed ‘miracle’ even worth recording, or telling other Sai Baba writers like Prof. Kasturi about it.

The explanation of this story could easily lie in the extreme power of suggestion to create perceptive hallucination (whether one may call it ‘hypnosis’ or ‘trance’ or simply powerful suggestion. All devotees are easily prone to suggestion through much previous indoctrination through books, films and hearsay about miracles and Sai Baba’s omnipotence. An impressive exponent of similar deceptions – done to entertain and educated the public – is British Derren Brown, some of whose many extraordinary and ‘genuine’ illusions can be seen on YouTube.

The following comment was received on the above:-

mantish x

I remember that time when we were told ‘He’ would appear on the moon. I went out and spent around 15 minutes watching the moon and there was nothing uncommon about it. But being a devotee at that time, I concluded that it was my own lack of spiritual insight that forbade me from seeing him there. I cajoled myself by remarking that the moon was ‘especially’ beautiful that night. haha

Comment from Robert:
Amusing. That was the standard prescription from Sai Baba, anything you perceive is wrong is a reflection of you (bad) self. What a clever ploy, what a mendacious and criminal deceiver he turned out to be!

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Unholy alliance between politicians and ‘godmen’ like Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on June 6, 2013

On the 'unholy alliance' between Indian politicians and super-rich 'godmen' such as Sathya Sai Baba

Excerpt from ndtv article on Sai Baba

On the other day we could read: “Srikakulam, June 3: Union Minister Killi Kruprani has stated that a commemorative postage stamp will be released in honour of Puttaparthi Sri Satya Sai Baba on his birth anniversary this year.”

This is yet another example of the ‘unholy alliance’ between politicians and gurus.. the more absurd because Sathya Sai Baba claimed to be God the Creator of the Entire Universe, and the more reprehensible because he stood very credibly accused of serial sexual abuses against young male followers and of deep involvement in the murder by police of four of his followers in his bedroom in 1993. This collusion between politicians and the former mega-rich power broker, Sathya Sai Baba, will eventually go down in history as a massive indictment of the Indian elite who worshipped him uncritically and tried to draw benefits from his popularity, which depended largely on bogus manifestations of purported holy objects such as ‘diamonds’ (which were all synthetic gems provided by local jewelers) for devotees, who thankfully donated vast sums to him in return for these trinkets.

The ‘Unholy’ nexus between bogus ‘godmen’ and politicians was aptly described by a writer for ndtv some years ago, as seen in the scanned excerpt from his article on the right. 

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Sathya Sai Baba as the Saviour of Islam – Mehdi Moud

Posted by robertpriddy on June 3, 2013

Sathya Sai Baba was heralded as the Islamic messiah, the Mahdi (or Mehdi Moud, also known as the Expected Messiah, Imam Al Zaman), a claim which was propagated in various books about him.   A text was first published in a book in Farsi by an Iranian devotee known as ‘Irani Ma’ where she claimed to have been mysteriously led to find a volume in a Middle Eastern covered market entitled ‘The Universe of Light’ (said to be the 14th edition of the Discourses of Mahommed in 25 volumes). In that volume, its contents having been collected some 700 years after the death of Mohammed, she found a set of predictions of the coming of the Mehdi Mou’d. (see inset text below). I met the Iranian lady once in ndia in 1987, but she could not speak much English. Incidentally, she also wore an alleged ‘green diamond’ ring, exactly like the one Sai Baba gave me in 1986 – (which proved to be a cheap synthetic sapphire set in an 18 carat gold ring). An early full version of the claims was published by the South African Robert Lowenberg, who had met Irani Ma. Peggy Mason in UK also later regurgitated the whole story uncritically in her Sai Baba magazine.



Here is an excerpt from a popular version of this story published by Lowenberg:-

“The disciples of Mahomed asked how they would find this great teacher. Mahomed first gave “The Great Guide” five names. He called Him “The Master of the World”, “Master of Time”, “God’s President”, “A Great Part of God on the Ground” and “God speaking and advising.” He then went on to say to his disciples, “You can never find him, because at that time you will be so bad that you cannot recognise Him. Only a handful will find Him.”

Mahomed allegedly continued by giving about 300 signs that would clearly refer to Sathya Sai Baba, his appearance, habits, actions etc. and said this master would live until 95 to 96 years of age. Then he went on, “In the last twenty years of his life, He will be the “King of the whole world”, “but at that time only two thirds of the people of the world will believe in Him. Mussalmans will only recognise Him nine years before his passing from the world.”

“Christians and other people of other religions will see Him, but Mussalmans will be so bad that they will not find him. The people of those religions will collect under a great tree, and they will have a spot on their foreheads.” Of the physical signs she mentions: “His hair will be profuse. His forehead will be large and concave. … His body will be small in size, but His stomach will be large. His legs will be like those of a young girl … He will give everyone gifts that are light in weight. … He will wear two robes. … He will live 95 or 96 years on earth. … Mussalmans will only recognise Him nine years before His passing from the world. … So as not to be deceived, you should know that the Master of the World will bring things out of His body, through His mouth.” (‘The Heart of Sai’ by R. Lowenberg, India Book House PVT. Ltd. BOMBAY- 1981, p 122), pp. 122-3)  See disclaimer

One can already note that the prophesy was flawed in that Sathya Sai Baba was not recognised by more than a tiny handful of Muslims nine years before his death and, besides, did not live to anywhere near 96 years. He died in his 85th year, aged 84.  It is quite clear from study of the issue that most of the signs Mahomet supposedly gave according to Lowenberg and other Sai believers, that the signs have been concocted post facto to fit with Sai Baba’s person and habits.

The Islamic messianic belief has existed for ages throughout much of the Muslim world, being as widely held as that of the Second Coming of Christ and the Judgement Day of the Book of Revelations by some Christian sects. In 2006 and again in 2007, “President Ahmadinejad of Iran was at the U.N. General Assembly on September 26, 2007 where he both times prayed in public to Allah to “hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi…. the promised one,” who “will fill this world with justice and peace.” Ahmadinejad tried to garner favor with a university audience in New York by telling that he was an academic himself and still teaches university students. One commentator wrote: “Ahmadi-nezhad broke new theological ground, even within Shia Islam, by claiming that not only would the Mahdi come, but that Allah himself will arrive with Moses and Christ and Muhammad to rule the world.” (see

A few excerpts from reports on Ahmadinejad’s “vision” at the U.N. are amusing:- “On the last day when I was speaking, one of our group told me that when I started to say ‘Bismillah Muhammad,’ he saw a green light come from around me, and I was placed inside this aura,” he says. “I felt it myself. I felt that the atmosphere suddenly changed, and for those 27 or 28 minutes, all the leaders of the world did not blink. When I say they didn’t move an eyelid, I’m not exaggerating. They were looking as if a hand was holding them there, and had just opened their eyes – Alhamdulillah!”

Mrs. Zeba Bashiruddin, who asked Sathya Sai Baba if he was the Mehdi, which he let her believe, though he did not give her asked permission for printing the claim (wise, considering the repercussions it could have involved from fanatical Islamists). He did, of course, virtually claim to be Allah since he pronounced he was God, the Creator of the Universe, the Father who sent Jesus and the Deity of all Deities. Bashiruddin eventually accepted Sai Baba as the Mehdi of Islam, writing in the official Sai Baba magazine, Sanathana Sarathi (pp. 298-300) as seen in the scan on the right (click to enlarge)

The most thorough research into the entire issue of Sai Baba as the Mahdi of Islam by academic Brian Steel clearly shows the falsity of the claims. In a visit to Prashanthi Nilayam after 2000 he also even found the display of a faked translation of Persian prophetic texts in Sai Baba’s self-glorifying Chaitanya Jyoti museum at Prashanthi Nilayam.

“Page 49 of the glossy SSSO publication Chaitanya Jyoti offers the following version of the alleged prophecy by the Prophet Muhammad, enshrined for posterity in the Puttaparthi Museum of the same name. “Mahdi Mou’d”.” ( Steel shows correct professional translation of the displayed text to be entirely discrepant from the translation given by the Sai propagandists!

Brian Steel’s researches detail the various phases in which the rumours were made and propagated by Sai Baba devotees. See Sai Baba as the Islamic messiah, the Mahdi: and

See also


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