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Fully indoctrinated Sai Baba type: Aravind Balasubrahmaniam

Posted by robertpriddy on June 9, 2013

A few devotees are still spreading false propaganda about the many dissidents who left Sathya Sai Baba, especially myself and Barry Pittard (though they do not name us directly but it is entirely clear that we are the targets). It is instructive to see how they live within a narrow world of  emotions and ideas, totally dominated by Sathya Sai Baba’s controlling doctrine and so being incapable of expressing any independent thought. The left hand column contains excerpts from the blog run by one Aravind Balasubrahmaniam on hubpages

Some excerpts from the blog          Some comments on the blog
“And yet, they say that he surrounded himself with the rich, the popular and the elite! Such talk only shows that people indulging in it have not bothered to visit him even once.”  This is quite simply not true! Scores of former devotees from around the world and in India have remarked in public on the fact that, as soon as he could attract them, he surrounded himself mostly with the rich, influential, famous politicians, stars of screen and stage. I observed this fact through 18 years. Poor people were a small minority in interviews; the opulent women’s saris alone indicated this. Though some poor people were admitted to his hospital, this was mostly for show; reports from some doctors made clear that rich devotees and prominent Indians were a sizeable proportion of patients (out of all ratio to rich and poor in India), but the admission figures were always keep top-secret, so no one could prove it from records”!
“And when it came to the question, “Who are you? Are you God?”, his reply always was, “Find out who you are. You will realize that you too are God.”
Yet he repeatedly also made clear that HE was God, the Deity of all Deities, the Creator of the Universe (see proof), the Father who sent Jesus. This conflicts directly with his false humility in saying everyone is God. Not one of his followers attained the same supposed god-realisation as he claimed to have, despite all his teachings and guidance! So draw the correct conclusion – he did not fulfil the requirements that God is imagined to fulfil!

“There is no difference between the detractor and devotee when it comes to his/her passion, intensity and belief. There is one major difference however. While the former quotes reports, newspapers, articles and written accounts to emphasize the criticism, the latter only speaks of deep conviction born from personal experience! And that shows why one seems to blare louder to make a point while the other seems to melt into silence when confronted. The rationale of the head never seems to gather enough momentum to overpower the conviction of the heart!”

This is pure absurdity. Some people have passionate beliefs, others have a rational and questioning attitude, also entertaining doubts so as better to sort fact from imagination and fiction. Deep conviction born from personal experience motivates many people other than religious believers. Scientists of all kinds, creators and leaders of great institutions and businesses all have deep conviction.
If anyone blared loudest, it was Sathya Sai Baba in discourses and his propagandists (countless books, films, articles, web sites and blogs) Just a few of us who left after long service are still counteracting this massive disinformation. When confronted, proselytizing devotees melt into silence as they cannot engage in serious discussion on the facts and criticisms … they have no convincing answers or counter evidence! All they do is parrot Sai Baba’s indoctrination, beyond which they cannot think. The heart has no wisdom, it is just a word for belief, emotions, hopes, dreams… not truth.

“When theory and experiment seem to clash with observation and experience, should we not go with the experience?”

This is a false dualism. Theory is the result of – and experiment is the controlling influence on – experience. What Aravind thinks of as ‘experience’ is his personal perceptions, which is to say, subjective ideas. These ideas are readily formed in advance of experience, on the basis of books, hearsay stories and indoctrination into what not to think and do (before meeting Sai Baba) , so perception tends to follow expectations and be interpreted according to what one has been told.

 7 days ago from Puttaparthi, India  Hub Author @ Hari -Swami has himself stated the reason for such ‘hatred’. He says, disappointment, anger and then, hatred, arise from the non-fulfillment of desires. As long as God grants all that is asked, He is praised and worshipped. The minute there is non-fulfillment, it turns into criticism. Both the ‘westerners’ you mention have had their disappointment in this manner and if you know what are the things they have done in the organization, you will feel nauseated. :)The Bhagwad Gita reveals that when we engage in actions with mind on their fruit, it gives rise to attachment, that in turn gives rise to desire, desire leads to anger, anger to delusion, delusion to confusion of memory and confusion of memory leads to loss of intellect. When the intellect is lost, we perish.
That is the case here… :)
Thank you for the comment.

After it became known through personal contacts that Sai Baba was not a celibate (as vehemently claimed), but a sexual abuser of boys and young men – and that he was deeply involved in the 1993 murders by police of four devotees in his own bedroom – most sensible followers left him because they had no wish whatever for him to fulfil any of their desires. Most dissidents overcame initial anger at his crimes, and it was their memories and intellects that saved them from delusion. We in the exposé are liberated from the confusions that came with Sai Baba and we have not perished, and out conscientious and truthful intellectual work is there to prove it.
Hari 7 days ago
Sai Ram Aravind,This is one thing I have been thinking about very deep this week. I have a theory about some of the prominent Sai bashers, especially 2 notable former Western devotees on have been reading a lot of Sai literature lately, and I thoroughly enjoy reading them (including your hubpages :) Sometimes though, I do get overwhelmed as the deep mystical world with Karmic laws, Dharmic duties, where truth alone is, etc seem so entirely different from the objective world which we currently live in and the people we interact with.Sometimes I do wonder if the people who actively bash Swami online with false stories and untruths, do so not because they hate Swami, but because their minds simply could not handle the magnitude of change we need to make within ourselves to win Swami’s grace. Because of this, they might actively go around bashing the truth, to hopefully submerge these feelings and convince themselves that Swami is such and such.Not because they didn’t like Swami, but because the “inconvenient truth” of life was too much to handle.

This is the standard prescription from Sai Baba; anything you perceived was wrong with him or about anything he said was a reflection of you (bad) self and your own lack of spiritual insight. What a clever ploy, and what a mendacious, self-serving and criminal deceiver he turned out to be! But we dissidents could handle it o.k.! Aravind and co. cannot see through this ploy even now… by burying their heads in the shifting sands they would ‘see only good, hear only good etc.’ at least where Sathya Sai Baba was involved. Not so, however, where dissidents are concerned! That is known as hypocrisy.
Submitted on 2013/06/09 at 4:52 pm

Thank you for pointing out, with clarity and links, the inconsistencies and propagated myths spread in the blog. He obviously has never stayed in Puttaparthi LONG TERM and seen for himself what goes on. Not that it would make him lose faith (as many of us held onto for years, though faced with so many unpleasant things) but at least he would have a more realistic picture.

Note that Eileen Weed  (‘Divya’) lived in Prashanthi Nilayam most of the period 1984 to 2005, living for years with Sai Baba’s elder sister Venkamma in her apartment in South Prashanthi. So much for aravinda’s ‘superior knowledge’ of what happened!

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