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Sai Baba zealots who sustain massive lies anonymously on-line

Posted by robertpriddy on June 26, 2013

Searching for information about Sathya Sai Baba on the Internet brings up plenty of disinformation articles promoting him, plus a large number of comments with false accounts by remaining devotees, mostly written anonymously (with untraceable user names). Virtually none of the pro-Sai articles on the web ever give documented sources for their refutations of critics’ well-sourced writings. Moreover, the sites the mostly choose to use are very carefully protected against any slightest whiff of critical comment – in short, a draconian censorship). A small number – relative to the various hundreds of millions so often falsely claimed to make up his following – write comments on relatively critical articles in major newspapers on-line. One such example is highlighted here as it well represents the unfounded claims – and direct untruth – touted by so many who feel dependent on the grace of this guru (dead and decayed as he now is) is that of the anonymous ‘Saidas’. 

False claim made anonymously about Sai Baba's murder involvement

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Saidas claimed (click on thumbnail image to read his comments in the Huffington Post or find at source) “As far as murders go, I am also personal friends with one of the main people in the Indian Sai Organisation and who was close to Baba for many, many years who was there at the time and privy to everything.”

One can easily guess why this prominent friend is not named by anon. Saidas… besides which it is certain enough that absolutely no one was privy to everything, not even V.K. Narasimhan who was with Baba almost every day for years, not Anil Kumar, his translator, nor head of the ashram Chackrvathi. Sai Baba had a policy of ‘divide and rule’ among his many servitors. Both V.K. Narasimhan and ‘Divya’ (aka Eileen Weed who lived with Venkamma – the elder sister of SB – and was present with her on that fateful night) were aware that Sai Baba was himself implicated in murders, though neither could mention this in public without banishment (or worse – these were cold-blooded murders, remember).

Saidas also stated “Regarding the ‘true facts’… I haven’t time to go into all of the details, nor is this the place to do so…” Indeed! He does not go into a single detail, neither here nor elsewhere on the www. He then muses about Wikipedia and the entry on Sathya Sai Baba, as follows:-“If you know much about Wikipedia, you know that it’s content is often incorrect or even worse and isn’t tightly monitored…. The Sai Organisation used to monitor it to make sure it was factually accurate.”

Amusingly Saidas admits that Wikipedia is unreliable, but later claims that postings critical of SB wouldn’t have been stricken by Wiki if “uncorroborated or substantiated”. In short, that propagandistic and untruthful Sathya Sai organisation put in a major effort to force out critics and their inserts, even when documented fully – such as by the BBC, UNICEF, or a host of internationally reputable newspapers, very little criticism was allowed, and zealots kept deleting entries they did not like without always being disallowed by a  ‘bent’ administrator.

I had been the national leader for Norway for 18 years and struggled in vain against many of the untruths the unaccountable Organisation higher-ups propagated, but was sidelined or totally ignored. Many other founder members of Sai Organisation centres left in disgust at its totalitarian nature. If it ignored Wikipedia eventually, it was replaced by a numerous phalanx of fact-denying zealous defenders – all hiding behind anonymous user-names (!) – who constantly harassed and defamed critics who gave their full identities on Wikipedia and who repeatedly deleted many unpleasant facts and also discussion texts (even the internationally documented fact that Sai Baba was ‘a controversial guru’). The sheer numbers of pro-Sai ‘editors’ and their huge input, along with the fact that they had found a guru-worshipping administrator was very favourable to Sai Baba people and who they applied to for help to block out criticism, made it impossible for the relatively few outspoken critics who could handle Wikipedia’s arcane rules to get their facts accepted. 

Saidas virtually contradicted his own claim that he had never heard of leaders in the Sai movement by telling of his of knowing “one of the main people in the Sai Organisation” and other known facts greatly when he replied to a comment by me:-

The entire Sathya Sai Organisation was built up of a hierarchy of – inferior and superior – leaders called ‘office-bearers’, ‘Presidents’, Central Coordinators, International Chairman and Members of the over-arching ‘Prashanthi Council’.  Besides, there were books on good leadership in the organisation based on Sai Baba’s teaching on so-called ‘Mahyavakyas on Leadership’ and “Leadership Courses” for organisation members run around the world by an ex-Army officer M.L. Chibber and his wife. 

See Wikipedia Sathya Sai Baba text of 2005, when it was still a fairly well-balanced and accurate article.

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