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What became of Sathya Sai Baba? (up-dated corrected)

Posted by robertpriddy on June 28, 2013

An Indian writer in an article in The Huffington Post, Sreehdar Pillai,  has asked the big question on this, saying “Isn’t it really amazing how the 20th century media could make ordinary mortals into Gods and dispatch them to oblivion in the 21st century? Millions of people around the world perhaps came to believe through the modern media and the Internet that Sathya Sai Baba of India was God himself.

Saying that “Baba has virtually disappeared from the world media, and from the minds and memory of most people who came to know about him”, Pillai reflects how Buddha and Christ did not share this fate, despite thousands of years before modern communications arrived. Pillai is not taken in by the propaganda for SB, nor did he evidently like  the BBC’s version too much (“dogged by controversy including allegations, never proven, of sexual abuse and charlatanism“), nor by the cover up that Sai Baba “knew exactly what led to the massacre of several young people in his Ashram one night“.

Presumably Pillai draws his conclusion about minds and memories from the relative dearth of visitors to Puttaparthi, from Sai blogs and web sites, by far the most of which have long since closed down. Those that remain all suffer visibly from lack of any real news of interest or ways to generate it except among the totally brainwashed. It has always been impossible for Sai followers to write independently or original (that would be akin to blasphemy to the memory of his supposed total omniscience and dictates against real discussion or serious thought about anything except himself qua God ). They have been reduced to noting their confused dreams, vaguely stated memories or apparent coincidences, trying to interpret them in a Sai-friendly way giving him credit for imagined miraculous interventions in their narrow-minded lives.

 Pillai continued that one cannot but applaud the view that “Sathya Sai Baba chose to leave the earth by not leaving clear answers and an aura of suspicion and doubt in place of divinity. No God has ever survived in human memory with such questionable credentials” and his insight into the successor who inherited his immense wealth “who have done nothing to instill devotion and confidence in the Godman after his death.”

As to where Sai Baba is now… well, he has not reincarnated immediately as so many of his deranged followers were dead certain he would (some reckon he has but is in hiding. Why should he hide, though? (Good question!).

Did he go along with his visibly bloated funereal corpse to the worms, or is he reclining on His serpent boat in the Sea of Milk in Vaikuntha (Indian Paradise), surrounded by maidens (or more likely boys) and waiting to step down to India as a newborn babe near Mysore? It would be amusing if Gallup could do a world survey and see how people lean on this issue!

See the source article Whatever Happened to Sathya Sai Baba – The Man who was God?

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