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Asaram Bapu arrested for sexual assault, India’s worst male chauvinist guru?

Posted by robertpriddy on August 21, 2013

 ssb-asaram_babuGodman Asaram Bapu is a very controversial godman with a huge following. He has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor girl and a complaint lodged in Delhi. An FIR ( first information report) has been filed and has confirmed rape. According to reports, a teenage girl filed the FIR against Asaram Bapu accusing him of sexually assaulting her in a Jodhpur hostel in Rajasthan.He was close to another infamous sexual abuser, namely Sathya Sai Baba, (see photo on right). This is yet another crime by the fraudster criminal Asaram Bapu, who was invited to Prashanti Nilayam in 2004 by Sai Baba, where they gave speeches extolling each other publicly. 

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The Times of India and many other national news outlets reported on Asaram Bapu’s statements that the He stated at a recent rally that the gang-raped and murdered young lady ion a Delhi bus, Nirbhaya , was equally to blame for the rape and added, “Mistake is never from one side alone.” Considering the utterly horrendous treatment she received, this put him among the very worst of ignorant and unscrupulous male chauvinist gurus alive. His statements triggered a furore and there were vociferous protests against him across India. Among many others, actress Khushbhu stated: “His comments are completely baseless. No woman can be blamed for a rape. Nirbhaya is not responsible for the fatal attack as the rape has been forced on her. There is absolutely no mistake from her side. He cannot call himself a Godman after uttering such a harsh comment. After making this statement, he had no guts to face the media. He just made this statement for sheer publicity. Nobody knew who he was before this controversy. He says that he has five crore followers. After his comment, I am sure everybody will stop following him. This is just not male chauvinism, this is something beyond that.”

Asaram Bapu /Asumal Sirumalani) was listed as a fraudster in a report by
“Sant Shri Asharam Ji Bapu is endearingly known as Bapu among all the godmen and self proclaimed saints mentioned above Asaram Bapu is one of the most controversial. He is accused of land grabbing in Gujarat and various other cities and is busy settling the string of cases charged against him.”

Asaram Bapu’s turnover some years ago was listed as Rs 350 crore, which included the multicrore controversial ashram in Delhi’s Ridge area close to the Rabindra Rangashala.

Attempted murder: A former member of the Asaram ashram, Raju Chandak, claimed in an affidavit with the police that tantric rituals were being performed in the ashram, and that he had seen Asaram Bapu sexually exploiting women. In December 2009, Raju Chandak was attacked with guns by two unknown persons in the Ramnagar locality of Sabarmati. The Gujarat police filed an attempt to murder case against Asaram Bapu and two others.

Deaths of students:  A commission was set up in 2008 to probe the mysterious death of two children, whose bodies were found on the Sabarmati riverbed on July 5, 2008 after they went missing on July 3. Dipesh Vaghela, aged 10 years, and Abhishek Vaghela, aged 11, were cousins studying at Ashram’s Gurukul (residential school) at Motera. Following public outcry, the case was handed over to the CID, which after a year of probing, filed a complaint of culpable homicide and booked seven sadhaks of the ashram. The CID, in its report, alleged that the accused had failed lie detection tests regarding tantra sadhna and black magic practises at the ashram, though the CID found no direct evidence of such activities during their searches. Praful Vaghela, the father of one of the children, believes that the children were killed as consequence of tantric ritual. (see Wikipedia, Asaram Bapu)

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