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Sathya Sai Baba’s scientific ‘knowledge base’

Posted by robertpriddy on September 30, 2013

May as well have a real good laugh again! This is the self-professed omniscient ‘saientist’ himself shuffling the words like cards as if they did not have to represent coherent facts and validified theories.

This is pseudo-science nearing its peak of improbability and absurdity… but it is enjoyed as divine wisdom by a large number of devotees still, including some (poorly?) educated Westerners too.

Sai Baba on the atom and nuclear physics

Sai Baba’s ‘saience’ – ‘scientific wisdom’

Sathya Sai Baba and cosmic ignorance

Sai Baba on magnetism – part one

Sai Baba on magnetism in humans – part two

Sai Baba on universal magnetic power

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Asaram Bapu can’t stop the wheels of the press

Posted by robertpriddy on September 25, 2013


SEE UPDATE OCTOBER 2 “Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words

25th September 2013

Asaram Bapu has tried every trick in the book to wriggle out of accountability for anything, but the tide has turned against him since his political connections have not seen fit to stand up for him this time. His super male-chauvinist attack on the dead victim of the Delhi rape case put him beyond the pale, for what decent person would want to be associated with him thereafter. He would early have loved to close down the media reports, but his political and money connections failed him this time, though he tried to achieve what Sathya Sai Baba did in virtually dominating the press through money and political power connections. Even today, Indian media avoid the elephant in the room, namely male homosexual pedophilia, known to be rife in India… ‘playing with boys’ as it is known and of which Sathya Sai Baba – friend and endorser of Asaram Bapu – was accused by many boys and young men, especially his students.

Court rejects Asaram plea seeking media gag order Last Updated: Tuesday, September 24, 2013  A local court rejected a petition of controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, seeking a direction restraining media from reporting on the issue.
His various crony accomplices, after trying to evade witnessing, have had to surrender to the courts. We shall have to see whether they are willing to risk lying to defend him.

Sexual assault case: Asaram’s close aide Shilpi surrenders  Zee Media Bureau/Himanshu Kapoor   Jodhpur: Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu’s close aide Shilpi, who was absconding for weeks after the spiritual guru’s arrest in the sexual assault case, on Wednesday surrendered in the Jodhpur session court. Shilpi, Chhindwara Gurukul Ashram hostel warden, is a co-accused in the case of alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl by the spiritual guru. Shilpi had allegedly advised the girl’s parents to take her to Asaram to “ward off evil souls” leading to the sexual assault. Police had launched a massive manhunt to get hold of Shilpi. Multiple teams raided at different places.

Two aides of Asaram Bapu surrender before court Zee Media Bureau Jodhpur: Controversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu’s two aides – Prakash and Sarat surrendered before the sessions court in Jodhpur on Friday in connection with the sexual assault case of a 16-year-old girl. Prakash, who worked as a cook of the self-styled godman is said to be present outside the room, in which Asaram allegedly sexually assaulted the minor girl. Sharat was associated at Asaram’s Chhindwara ashram where the teenager used to study.

Asaram Bapu has received an attest from none other than his own son(!), Narayan Sai, as being ‘spotless’. What an attest to come from a person who is now charged in court for his sinister misdeeds and methods, including sexual harassment, abuse and threats plus heroin use, as the following reports show:-

Asaram Bapu’s character clean, says son Narayan Sai Zee Media Bureau New Delhi: Defending his father, Narayan Sai on Tuesday night said that the character of Asaram Bapu, who is in prison for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, is spotless. Speaking exclusively with Zee Media, Sai said that no matter who says what, people’s faith in Asaram won’t be shattered despite such allegations against his father.  Asaram Bapu’s supporters own the spiritual guru as much as I do, added Sai.

Narayan Sai (left), son of Asharam Bapu (right)

Narayan Sai (left), son of Asharam Bapu (right)

Narayan Sai threatened to kill me: Asaram Bapu’s ex-personal assistant  New Delhi, Sept 20: The former personal assistant of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu on Friday said that he is aware of wrongdoings by father-son duo. In an interview to ABP news, Mahendra Chawla, who served as Asaram’s PA for four years ( from 2001 to 2005), told that Asaram used to select girls by throwing fruits or prasad at them or even by pointing torch light at them. In startling revelations, Chawla also said that Asaram is addicted to opium drug and an NRI used to supply opium to him. Although, recently, in an interview, 74-year-old Asaram’s son, Narayan Sai had confidently denied drug allegations on his father. Chawla, who was reportedly indoctrinated by Asaram in 1995, not only made disclosures on Asaram, but he also revealed that Narayan Sai is also a father of a child, although he claims to be unmarried. Chawla, the former PRO of Sai, said that once he was badly beaten up by Sai and he even forced him to sign on five blank papers, so that he could show his murder as suicide, by writing a suicide note on paper signed by Chawla. Chawla also insisted that both father and son should undergo narco test to prove their innocence. He also questioned why Asaram needs only a “female vaidya” to monitor his health. He also asserted that those who dared to speak against Asaram or his son, were made silent and even police was under their pressure (because of their political clout) and hence, no cases were ever registered against the duo. Earlier, Chawla,  a resident of Panipat, who used to look after Narayan Sai’s accounts, had accused him of forgery in land deals. After leaving Asaram’s ashram in 2005, Chawla told police that “after receiving threats, he decided to leave the ashram.” According to a report, in 2009, Chawla had also alleged that he had seen Sai performing black magic and gory rituals over corpses on at least three occasions in Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh), Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Himmatnagar (Gujarat). OneIndia News

Asaram’s son, Narayan Sai accused of molestation, forcing woman to marry his disciple A woman has lodged a case against Asaram’s son Narayan Sai. The woman alleges that in 2004, Narayan Sai fraudulently got her married to his disciple, who was already married. The woman said in her complaint that she was told that the disciple who was to be her husband was a divorcee, but it was untrue. The woman also claims that when she went to complain to Sai during a pravachan, he molested her. Sai then threatened her not to disclose this to anyone. But after Asaram was caught and jailed, the woman said she mustered courage to complain to the police. Based on the complaint filed the Indore Police have filed a case against Sai for cheating, criminal intimidation and criminal conspiracy.

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Sai Baba and extreme water scarcity in Anantapur for years

Posted by robertpriddy on September 22, 2013

Sathya Sai Baba explained the water scarcity cause (as experienced in Anantapur District and other states):-

Report from The Hindu - just before late rains came at last some days ago. A temporary relief from chronic water problems in those parts

Report from The Hindu – just before late rains came at last some days ago. A temporary relief from chronic water problems in those parts

“Why does water scarcity arise? When there is a decline in Sathya (Truth) and Dharma (Righteousness), the level of water in the earth also declines. As compassion and love have diminished in human heart, water has become scarce. This problem is not due divine fury as some people may imagine. It is because of the rise in evil qualities in man. If people strictly adhere to the path of truth and righteousness, there will never be water scarcity.” (his words from his discourse of 6th May 2000 Sanathana Sarathi, v.43, June 2000, #6, p.165)“ See Sathya Sai Baba explains water scarcity cause

Having often proclaimed himself a Supreme Incarnation of God (Purna Avatar) who is omniscient (all-knowing) and had come to save humanity, he was unable to provide enough rain to raise the sinking water table, which was the chief reason the Rayalaseema Water Project he asked his followers to carry out was such a failure. See

“Divine resolve is always true resolve. Remember there is nothing that divine power cannot accomplish. It can transmute earth into sky and sky into earth. To doubt this is to prove that you are too weak to grasp great things, the grandeur of the universe.” (43rd birthday Discourse, 23 November 1968) 

Sai Baba was claimed to have caused it to rain – or to not rain when unwanted – and he held that prayer and sacrifice  to the appropriate deity (Indra) could bring rain. Yet he failed to provide potable water in the Puttaparthi/Rayalaseema area, though the failure was covered up by all the powers-that-be connected to him. See

As long-term devoted server – ‘Divya’ or Eileen Weed – who lived with Sai Baba’s elder sister Venkamma for years wrote (November 21):
“Those of us who lived in Parthi knew that there were serious water problems in Puttaparthi village: at least half, and usually more, of buildings on most Parthi streets were without water (I know this as a fact when I lived there 2001-2005). Due to so many hundreds of buildings built and each one having its own bore well, the ground level water went down so much that many of the bore wells ran out of water. Naturally, the owners were loath to spend money to deepen the borewells, because often there was hardly a handful of residents in each of the lavish, multi-story luxury apartments. Of course, regulations about the number of bore wells were totally ignored due to generous bribes to officials. While I was living there, on the rare occasions that some Parthi villager would, in hushed whispers, speak out to me (in Telugu) about the water projects, they scoffed at it as nearly non-existent, at least as for as they were concerned.
Looks like giving inflated hope to the masses works better than making one’s own small Parthi town livable with water aplenty for its residents – even without water, who in the outside world will come to know? Because no one will speak out.” see Sri Satya Sai 87th birthday new water project

On the desperate water situation in Puttaparthi area:
Karuna Society at Enumulapalli, some miles from Puttaparthi,  wrote: “Our bore well in Karunapalli (Ahimsa Farm) has run dry. Very little water for the animals …!! Narendra has decided to bore a new well. The situation is very critical. There has been a little rain so the salad didnt dry up. The rain is causing different problems with the feeding of the maize grass to the cattle.”
Update  “Thursday…. The new bore well has not enough water. We are trying one more place. Village people objected, gave complaint to the office. we have a severe water shortage in the area. Most water pumps in the villages have run dry. The municipality is providing drinking water through tankers.  Since a few days there is little rain but not sufficient to fill the water level in the soil. As long as I am in India we have not experienced such a long spell of drought.” Update Friday: “The third bore no water. We have to make do with the first boring which will provide little water. If more rain will come then it will fill up.”

Deccan Chronicle 2013-03-22: Anantapur: The groundwater table has plummeted alarmingly in Anantapur district due to scanty rainfall and excess extraction of water. The government has banned the drilling of new borewells in 271 villages keeping in view the poor groundwater levels.

The Times of India 2013-07-20: BANGALORE: Bountiful rain over the past two weeks has filled all major dams, brought down power consumption and eased the tension between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over water-sharing. But it has failed to mitigate the all-important drinking water crisis. The reason for this is the overexploitation of groundwater that has led to drastic depletion of the water table in the state, prompting scientists to sound a danger signal.

Deccan Chronicle 2013-09-13: Anantapur: Heavy rains, filled most of the irrigation tanks in the drought hit Anantapur district. Many big tanks received huge inflows due to overflowing of canals and small rivers in the district. Already more than 100 villages were facing drinking water crisis, since one-and-a-half years, because of rain deficit in the district. The incessant rainfall is the only hope in increasing the groundwater table.

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Asaram Bapu’s mafia exposed – by

Posted by robertpriddy on September 21, 2013

SEE UPDATE OCTOBER 2 “Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ZOOM IN to whole article

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ZOOM IN to whole article

The whistle has been blowing on Asaram Bapu for some considerable time, but it took one courageous young lady to speak out and bring him to book and, despite threats, mendacious counter-accusations and harassment of her family from the cohorts of aggressive followers of the ‘godman’ and attempts to bribe the police, she has not stood down. These active devotees are either blind believers or calculating wrongdoers. The trail of crimes following Asaram Bapu is considerable, as exposed, as seen in the excerpt from their article here (CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL IMAGE TO READ IT)
Source article is at

See also large dossier on the many alleged crimes of Asaram Bapu:  Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

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‘Trinadi shool’ and a new world-wide disease: chronic attraction between women and men?

Posted by robertpriddy on September 17, 2013

SEE UPDATE OCTOBER 2 “Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words

See also up-dates:-    Asaram Bapu can’t stop the wheels of the press   and    Asaram Bapu’s mafia exposed – by



In yet another bizarre and scandalous development, the 90 year old lawyer who defends Asaram Bapu has not only attacked the plaintiff (young girl) but claims she is mentally unstable and suffers from a disease which he has apparently invented for the occasion. This he characterises quite simply as “a chronic disease which draws a woman to a man”!

Sexual assault case: Victim is mentally unstable, says Asaram’s lawyer Ram Jethmalani

The counsel for the girl today claimed to have received threats from followers of the self-styled godman. Lawyer of the victim, Manish Vyas, claimed that the threat was issued to a friend of the victim’s father asking him to withdraw the statements of her daughter against Asaram. Referring to an audio clip, Vyas said the girl and her family continue to receive threats from Asaram’s followers. “I have urged the police to ensure adequate security to the family,” Vyas said.

Asaram case: Girl suffering from disease that draws her to man, says Jethmalani                   (see scanned excerpts – left &  right)

disease-draws-girl-to-menWere the charge not so serious and blatant an attempt to blacken, humiliate and undermine the witness, it would be most laughable. Since no further explanation was offered by the ageing defence lawyer, the illness can only refer to sexual attraction, which is therefore a chronic illness affecting the vast majority of humanity, men and women! Perhaps this crooked lawyer will dig up some ancient defunct Indian medicinal wisdom.. it would fit with the puritan values and twisted sexual repression in parts of ancient Hindu religious culture and the male chauvinist suppression of women.

As to Asaram Bapu’s alleged “neurological disorder” which he claims is “trinadi shool rog’, which allegedly prevents him from sleeping at night and required the ministrations of a “female doctor”, one might suggest that it is the result of fighting to suppress a very bad conscience. One must wonder if  his lawyer does not sleep at night… the kind of lawyer who sells out and tries to lie on one side, then on the other. Being sick (‘rog’) Asaram Bapu seems to have taken the  advice of his mutual endorser, Sathya Sai Baba, ‘bhoga leads to roga, not yoga‘ (i.e. indulgence leads to illness, not divine union).

Read some comments on this  by Indians on First.Post India.

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Materialization of vibuti, lingams, laddu sweets… now easy to learn!

Posted by robertpriddy on September 17, 2013

The Magic Academy teaches swamis to defraud and deceive

The Magic Academy teaches swamis to defraud and deceive

India is experiencing a most welcome insight into the tricks of so-called ‘godmen’ who pretend to materialise “holy” objects. These tricks can now be learned in a school for frauds (at a price). Only problem is that it will most likely also mean a proliferation of cynically false swamis (and India has had a glut of them already).

Swami School! Learn Tricks of the Trade to materialize holy ash, linga and laddu, out of thin Air! 

Magic lends godmen divine halo T S Sreenivasa Raghavan | TNN Nilambur (Malappuram):

Taking to sanyas once meant renouncing all that is worldly. But, these days, it’s being seen as a sure passport to prosperity. And where else would aspiring self-styled godmen head for but Nilambur in Malappuram district, which produces the largest number of magicians in the country.

Here, students, mostly aspiring godmen, sit in classes for their favourite subject called the ‘materialisation act’ or producing objects, preferably holy ash, siva linga and laddu, out of thin air.
Small time, upcoming godmen from Tamil Nadu and even Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are thronging Nilambur to take magic lessons from professional magicians here.

Kerala’s most famous magician R K Malayath, who caused a sensation teaching magic to superstar Mohanlal, told The Times of India that the trend of godmen coming to Kerala to learn the tricks of the trade started a few years ago. Malayath gets his ‘holy’ customers from Thanjavur, Madurai, Vellore, Erode and Coimbatore districts.
‘They’re regular visitors. Initially, I didn’t entertain them. But anyway they are being taught magic by others,’’ he said. It is learnt that magicians here charge Rs 5,000 per session that often lasts four days.
“They are only interested in the materialization act. Their idea is to astound their devotees by producing ‘bhasmam’ (holy ash), siva linga or laddu out of thin air,’’ Malayath said.

Another magician from Nilambur who has trained a dozen ‘sanyasis’ in the last four years said he now charges about Rs 15,000 per session. “They have lots of money,’’

<em>chuckled the magician, who did not wish to reveal his identity. “The students stay in a lodge here during the course. Classes begin at 6.00 a.m. It doesn’t take long to teach the tricks. But, we make them rehearse several times. Otherwise, the act will look clumsy,’’ said Malayath.

Advising people not to believe in the supernatural powers of godmen, Malayath said it’s not possible to create something which doesn’t exist.

“We employ various tricks to materialize things. In our parlance we call it ‘loading.’ When godmen produce holy ash from thin air, you should know it’s already ‘loaded’ within his reach,’’ he explained.
Malayath claimed he was divulging such information since the atrocities of fake Godmen were on the rise in the country. “I may lose some money because of this. But, I don’t mind. It is for a good cause,’’ he said.


This enterprise is another fitting comment on the newly-revised book ‘Modern Miracles’ by Professor Erlendur Haraldsson, which has long  been widely referenced in order to promote the miracles attributed to Sathya Sai Baba.  Read a first account of this book here  Professor Haraldssons Final Verdict on Sathya Sai Baba and his Western Critics by psychologist Chris Dokter.

For an extensive critical overview of Haraldsson’s flawed and amoral writings on Sathya Sai Baba see also

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What did God Incarnate Sai Baba achieve in India?

Posted by robertpriddy on September 15, 2013

That Sathya Sai Baba is hailed by his blind followers as a social worker who provided free education, health care and water schemes is a truth with many modifications: the colleges bearing his name but financed and run by others were his hunting ground for sex victims, his hospitals were private and secretive, famously unhygenic but served a nominal number of genuinely poor people and an unknown number of foreign and Indian followers who supported him. The much-flaunted Rayalaseema water project donated by followers turned out to be an almost total wash-out leaving Puttaparthi and region almost waterless (see latest report No end to Water Woes in Anantapur). Little wonder that those who work to uplift the poor and suffering of India scorn Sathya Sai Baba’s false pretences, gold chariots, luxury apartments, cars and wasteful museum and other costly projects to honour himself. As self-proclaimed God Almighty and Creator of the Universe, Sai Baba did not achieve much at all really… the following blog (uplift certainly put the finger on him:-

Sai Baba and Sqaundering Indian Poor People’s Money worth 5.5 Billion Euro? 

Telegraph UK “ Sathya Sai Baba had built his empire on the myth that he was the reincarnation of an earlier – and much loved – Indian saint of the same name Photo: EPA”
Upliftthem Urges some right minded people of India to Take away those 5.5 Billion Euro, demolish all the Ashram of Sai Baba and so on, give that money to 1000 villages of India, build the village infrastructure and help the poor villages to get better livelihood. Stop this Swami mania, let the suffering people live better with this 5.5 Billion callously Huge amount came out of barbaric, mythical and other means of cheating?

In India, everything is god and every thing is incarnation of god like piece of cow dung is a god, a tree, river, stones, a stick, mud and shit everything is god and worshiped nationwide. If that is not shocking to you, just wait, the Swami’s, there are hundreds, thousands and even more Swami’s in India. Almost all the time, Swami’s are revered and showered with money, ornaments, gold/silver, lands and just anything valuable will be showered freely on to the pockets of Swamiji’s, because for the ignorant educated and uneducated Indians collectively Swamijis represent greatness. The reality sucks, 100% of the Swami’s came up to totally enjoy the ignorance of India. Not just money, The Sex, the Wealth, The Paraphernalia and wonderful buildings, houses and 1000s of acres of land and lavishness and so on.

Indian Swamiji’s enjoy “limitless” luxuries, while half of the Billion odd Indians suffer in poverty, so unfortunate that the Poor people of India shower more money and other things to these Swamiji’s in the name of worship and donation. Time and again, hindu Swamiji’s Squandered Indians hard earned money, so many Scandalized Swami’s came and gone, but there is no stopping, scandles after scandles, rape after rape involvement of Swami’s, nothing can stop these Parasites and blood suckers of Indian society to Cease to Exist?. The politicians and Ruling governments succesively worked hand in glove with Swamiji’s as the political parties get their own cut from the Earnings of the Swami’s. Why would not they enjoy this Opportunity.

Thus came Satya Sai Baba, one of the most celebrated and pampered Swami’s in India and abroad, there are probably temples for him and there are even International centers and people who procrastinate non stop to this Rapist, liar and betrayer of ordinary people in the name of power, god and religious stupidity, he is a Day light roberer who squandered 5.5 Billion Euro, where did this amount come from when India is suffering from world’s worst poverty, like all the corporates and Billionaires who squander poor people’s money and build their Billion Dollar/Billion Euro Empires on top of the Poor people’s blood and sweat, Satya Sai Baba is not an exception. It is a Great land for robbing people of their basic rights, of their hard earned money and their livelihood and enslaved them, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for those Poor Indians.

Upliftthem Urges some right minded people of India to Take away those 5.5 Billion Euro, demolish all the Ashram of Sai Baba and so on, give that money to 1000 villages of India, build the village infrastructure and help the poor villages to get better livelihood. Stop this Swami mania, let the suffering people live better with this 5.5 Billion callously Huge amount came out of barbaric, mythical and other means of cheating?.
(Posted 24th April 2011 by  from

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Asaram Bapu news and exposures

Posted by robertpriddy on September 12, 2013


Asaram Bapu responsible for all attacks against witnesses according to his own reported words in  court. If he was trying to be sarcastic, it backfired as his dossier supports the notion that ‘many a true word is said in jest’. Who, apart from blindly believing dolts in denial, can doubt he has done criminal things?

The bogus ‘godman’ admits in court that he is responsible for all attacks on the numerous witnesses, several of whom were murdered!

Asaram Bapu case: CBI inquiry called for and Narayen Sai bail modified April 28 2015

Narayan Sai – repeated absconder – granted bail!
Read more at:

Asaram Bapu bid to use ministers March, 2015. Read more at

September 23, 2014 SC rejects jailed godman Asaram Bapu’s bail plea The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected the bail plea of selfstyled godman Asaram Bapu. Justice TS Thakur said that the ground cited by Asaram was not of such urgency to grant him bail. The court also said that unless the critical witnesses in the case are examined, he would not be set free on bail.

August 19, 2014 SC directs constitution of board to medically examine Asaram Bapu The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the constitution of a medical board to examine self-styled godman Asaram Bapu for trigeminal neuralgia.

HC issues notice to Gujarat govt over Narayan Sai`s bail petition  Last Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 00:23  Gujarat High Court on Monday issued notice to the Gujarat government over the bail petition filed by controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s son Narayan Sai, currently lodged at Surat jail on the charges of rape and conspiring to bribe officials to weaken the case against him.


February  17 Asaram Bapu’s terrorist thugs threatening family of slain witness for the prosecution in this infamous case

January 8, 2015 Asaram Bapu bail pleas fails yet again He remains in prison despite his countless pleas for bail and attempts to bribe his way out etc. A medical board of All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS) in the national capital examined Asaram in connection with his bail application in the Jodhpur rape case and found no medical ground for his claims.

September 23, 2014 SC rejects jailed godman Asaram Bapu’s bail plea The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected the bail plea of selfstyled godman Asaram Bapu. Justice TS Thakur said that the ground cited by Asaram was not of such urgency to grant him bail. The court also said that unless the critical witnesses in the case are examined, he would not be set free on bail.

August 19, 2014 SC directs constitution of board to medically examine Asaram Bapu The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the constitution of a medical board to examine self-styled godman Asaram Bapu for trigeminal neuralgia.

HC issues notice to Gujarat govt over Narayan Sai`s bail petition  Last Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 00:23  Gujarat High Court on Monday issued notice to the Gujarat government over the bail petition filed by controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s son Narayan Sai, currently lodged at Surat jail on the charges of rape and conspiring to bribe officials to weaken the case against him.

Boys` death at Asaram ashram: Court rejects plea for CBI probe  Last Updated: Tuesday, August 05, 2014, 15:58  A local court Tuesday rejected a plea seeking CBI probe in the 2008 death case of two cousins staying at self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s city-based ashram.

Asaram`s health deteriorates, rushed to hospital  Last Updated: Friday, August 01, 2014, 15:45  Spiritual leader Asaram Bapu, who is locked in Jodhpur Central Jail and is accused of rape, was rushed to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital after his health deteriorated.

Sevadar at Asaram`s ashram in MP found dead  Last Updated: Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 19:25  A sevadar working at the ashram of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu here was found dead under suspicious circumstances with his family members suspecting a foul play.

Asaram`s ashram made certain violations on central ridge: Govt Last Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 21:00  An official committee has found that the ashram of controversial godman Asaram Bapu on the ecologically sensitive central ridge of Delhi has made “certain violations”, Lok Sabha was informed today.

NEWS JUNE 16, 2014 Asaram Bapu sex – very compromising photo On Asaram’s sex games with girls aged 16-25 and death of witness following an attack on him.

Asaram Bapu latest: February 10, 2014 – High Court rejects bail for Asaram Bapu

 JANUARY 23, 2014  Conspiracy theory about “International Conspiracy against Indian ‘saints'” –  The charges against Asaram were made in India by Indians and the Indian police arrested him and his son. No international influence could have caused all the charges brought against them.  So Asaram and gang are clearly getting more than desperate when they have to accuse foreign sources to try to divert attention from the crimes with which they are so formidably charged! Their attempts to bribe the police with huge sums did not work, so they can only have a vain hope that Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minister and may quash the charges against them, as Narasimha Rao and S. B. Chavan did for Sathya Sai Baba – see documentation.

NEWS as of JAN 10, 2014 Asaram Bapu and Co. on trial at last!

Asaram and Sai: politics their only hope of their salvation? The pivotal case against rich and powerful bogus godmen-rapists  yet to be staged in India is underway.

The Asaram Bapu exposé continues. This discredited claimant to holiness shows his true face more and more.  He has performed mental, verbal and moral acrobatics in his various contrived attempts to stop the evidence emerging. Though the police are under scrutiny from treating Asaram Bapu more carefully than they would normally do with any non-guru or religiously neutral person, it is remarkable that the demand for a blood test even arose, considering the massive cover-up at all levels in which the entire Indian political, legal and police system conspired in regarding the far, far more extensive register of evidence of (unpunished) crimes by Sathya Sai Baba. It is a hopeful sign. The following recent developments are widely reported in the Indian press:-

Death of boy at Asaram ashram & Narayan Sai exposed by his wife

Asaram’s son Narayan Sai wanted group sex

Asaram Bapu’s mafia exposed – by

 “Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words October 2, 2013

Asaram Bapu accused of pedophilia and murders by his bodyguard!

APRIL 9, 2014: Asaram Bapu case still in abeyance on April 9, 2014?

Trial in sexual assault case against Asaram from Mar 19 “We submitted the list of 58 witnesses in the court today for evidence. The trial will begin from March 19,” Public Prosecutor RL Meena said. Laxmi, the Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) of the police station at New Delhi where the victim had filed her FIR will be the first to depose before the court on March 19, Meena said. “This will be followed by another ASI of the same police station and the doctors who had examined the victim,” said Meena, adding that the victim girl will depose on March 25.

See also large dossier on the many alleged crimes of Asaram Bapu:  
Human Rights Violations – Victims of Asaram Bapu from Newspapers & TV clippings & Real court documents

Asaram Bapu fight-back eschews no means

“Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words

Asaram sexual abuse case: Victim’s father demands Narco test

Updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013,  Bareilly: The father of the 16-year-old girl, allegedly sexually assaulted by self-styled godman Asaram, has demanded that a Narco test be conducted on the religious preacher.
Talking to reporters at his residence in neighbouring Shahjahanpur district Tuesday night, the father expressed reservation over the support pouring in from the “blind followers” of 72-year-old Asaram Bapu and said that if they are so sure of his innocence why does the godman not face the polygraph and brain mapping tests.
“These tests would bring out the truth before the people and the world,” he said.  The girl’s father said that his family is prepared for every inquiry.  Stressing on a CBI inquiry, he said that those who are supporting Asaram should also demand a probe by the agency so that the truth could come out.

PIL demands CBI probe into Asaram Bapu case
Updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013,  Jodhpur: A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was on Wednesday filed in Rajasthan High Court seeking a CBI probe into the allegations of sexual exploitation against self- styled godman Asaram Bapu. New Delhi-resident Ajay Gautam filed the plea today saying there were question marks over the ongoing police probe into the case. Gautam alleged that despite constant threats to the victim’s family, police was going slow in its probe. “Had it been a common man, police would have first arrested him and then proceeded with the investigation. But Asaram was given an unreasonable amount of time before his arrest,” the petitioner said.
Hearing the petitioner, a division bench of Chief Justice Amitav Roy and Justice Arun Bhansali deferred the hearing by two weeks.

Sexual assault case: Asaram fears officials would inject him with harmful medicines
Updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Jodhpur: Controversial godman Asaram Bapu, who is accused of sexually assaulting a minor girl at his ashram, is not ready to give his blood samples for tests. The self-styled spiritual guru was on Wednesday taken to the MDM hospital for a test but he refused to cooperate with the authorities there.  Asaram even questioned the motive behind the test and alleged that the officials would inject him with some harmful medicines.

Part of Asaram Bapu’s ashram razed
12 Sep, 2013 BHILWARA: District administration today razed a part of self-styled godman Asaram’s ashram here which was illegally built on government land.  The ashram had encroached over 4 ‘bighas’ of government land near Harni Khurd area.

NOTE: One of the most devastating exposures of mysterious deaths at the ashram of Asaram Bapu and of the land-grabbing and intimidations by gang of criminals was posted by back in 2008 and is well worth reading. At last he is getting his comeuppance. Of God And Other Demons

Another special prosecutor to be sought for Asaram case: SIT
AHMEDABAD: Chief of the special investigation team (SIT) investigating the sexual assault case against self-styled godman Asaram, said here on Tuesday that it would request Gujarat government to provide another special prosecutor to make a water-tight case against him. “Looking at the sensitivity of the case, we will request the state government for another special prosecutor to assist us in the case against Asaram,” joint commissioner of police (JCP) (Sector-I) JK Bhatt told reporters here, when asked whether the SIT would ask for more legal assistance. — “Naturally, no accused co-operates during police investigation, especially when the case is such a sensitive one, but we are ensuring that no loopholes are left in our probe,” the JCP said, when asked if the godman is co-operating with the SIT.
excerpt from: The Indian Express October7, 2013 AND  The Times of India October 15, 2013  AND ZeeNews October 15, 2013.

Asaram`s cook agrees to turn approver: Reports
Surat: In yet another blow to self-styled godman Asaram, his longtime cook has reportedly agreed to turn approver against him, Surat police claimed on Monday. According to reports, Surat police is likely to record Asaram’s cook Akhil’s statement today. The Gujarat police hope that Akhil’s statement might act as concrete evidence and can help it in strengthening the case against Asaram. The development came hours after Supreme Court refused to restrain media from reporting cases of sexual assault filed against him and his absconding son Narayan Sai. However, the apex court cautioned the media to responsibly report criminal cases involving the godman and his son. The apex court also directed the media to avoid sensationalising and present facts related to the cases involving the godman and his family members. The apex court passed the order in response to a plea moved by the godman seeking a Supreme Court ban on media reporting cases against him and his son.
from October 21, 2013

Asaram Bapu admits ‘touching’ Surat-based woman 
Ahmedabad, Oct 18: The self-styled godman Asaram Bapu on Wednesday confessed to have ‘touched’ the woman who has complained of being sexually assaulted by him. According to reports, fearing the lie-detector test, Asaram Bapu told the interrogating team of Ahmedabad police that he had ‘touched’ the girl in his personal room at the ashram but he was giving her mantra deeksha. — The 33-year-old victim, who is married stays in Surat and was brought to Ahmedabad on Wednesday. Police sources said that Asaram’s face turned pale with fear, the moment he saw the victim, approaching towards him. During interrogation, the woman revealed at least 17 new names, who will be now questioned by the police. She also disclosed names of two female attendants- Nirmala alias Dhel and Meera alias Bagl, who used to ‘trap’ or ‘arrange’ women for Asaram. She also alleged that Asaram’s daughter Bharti and his wife Laxmi, used to send girls to him at his room.
October 18 from OneIndia:

Did Asaram Bapu force victims to undergo abortions in ashram?
Ahmedabad, Oct 20: With each passing day, the trouble is getting more deeper for the controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu. According to reports, Ahmedabad police will now investigate about the hospital in question and the doctors involved in a serious crime. Another report said that Asaram’s Ahmedabad ashram’s administrator Dhruviben (one of the accused in the FIR) used to take rape victims to a hospital for abortions purpose. However, Asaram’s lawyer B M Gupta refuted charges of abortions as false allegations and said that his client (Asaram) was not involved directly. Another media report even said that Asaram’s ashram had an “abortion centre” where rape victims underwent operations. — It was reported that during hearing, Asaram, ‘threw tantrums’ and told the court that he did not mind being sent to ten days police custody as he was absolutely sure that he is innocent.
From One India October 20, 2013

Sexual assault case: Ahmedabad police question Asaram’s wife, daughter
Asaram Bapu’s wife and daughter were questioned on Sunday by police in Ahmedabad in connection with the sexual assault case filed against him by a Surat-based woman. The victim’s younger sister has levelled similar allegations against Asaram’s son Narayan Sai. from ibnlive October 20, 2013

Sexual assault case: Delhi Police arrests Asaram’s aide 
The Delhi Police has arrested an aide of sexual assault case accused Asaram for providing shelter to Narayan Sai. Police said Dharmesh provided shelter to Sai, who is co-accused in the assault case filed by two Surat based sisters. Sai had filed for an anticipatory bail in a Surat court on Tuesday which was adjourned after the prosecution sought time to submit a detailed reply on it. Earlier on Wednesday, a joint team of Surat and Delhi police conducted raids across the city to gather evidence against Narayan Sai. The joint team conducted raids at Asaram’s ashrams at Rohini, Najafgarh, Jafarpur Kalan and on Ridge Road.   from ibnlive October 19, 2013

Exposed: Aide who supplied women to Asaram’s son Narayan Sai
Mohit Bhojwani, an aide of Sai, was arrested in connection with the rape cases filed by two Surat-based sisters. According to sources, police found contact numbers of Delhi-based Monica Agarwal who allegedly had arranged women at several occasions at different places for Sai. Another man, who has been identified as Hanuman, a native of Bihar, has also been accused of pressurising many women to go to Sai who later allegedly had exploited them sexually.   from OneIndia October 17, 2013.

Authorities to slap notice on manager of Asaram’s ashram
Agra: The Agra district administration has decided to slap a notice on the manager of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu’s ashram in Sikandra for alleged encroachment on government land, an official said on Monday. “Preliminary investigations showed that the gate of the ashram, the hospital and the toilets were built on government land,” SDM, Agra (tehsil), Rajesh Kumar, said. The SDM said prima facie it was found that about half a bigha of government land had been illegally occupied by the ashram.  Meanwhile, the fugitive son of Asaram, Narain Sai, had reportedly stayed in Agra for a night and left soon after, a day before Gujarat Police team reached here looking for him.
from October 21, 2013

Comment: Where the smoke is so chokingly dense, there is sure to be plenty of fire!

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India’s corrupt elite vs. the main populace

Posted by robertpriddy on September 11, 2013

This is a report which shows that the reputation of most of the rich and powerful politicians and businessmen of India has fallen to al all-time low. Foreign investment in India and GDP growth have fallen considerably, as has the India rupee… signs that the message about Indian corruption and crime is getting through to the rest of the world. It is not the majority of Indians who are responsible for any of this, they are the victims of the unfair system upheld by the powers-that-be.

India’s never had it so bad
by Mohan Murti
The German press has savaged India’s misgovernance.

The Brussels-based European Commission Standing Committee on Global Foreign Direct Investments last week listed the top 20 destinations the EU 27 will target for the next five years. Sadly, but for well-known reasons, India does not figure in the list. Stocks of European Union direct investments to the rest of the world amounted to €5.6 trillion at the end of 2012 and the EU continues to have a fixation with China. As for India, senior EU officials noted with quite a bit of scepticism: “India is probably getting there, but not quite arrived”.

An editorial in the highly circulated German national newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine screamed: “India has never had it so bad. Stealing in government has never been this brazen. Government officials are now so audacious in their corrupt practices that they do not give a damn about who is watching”.

“Supreme Court directives are routinely flouted. Crime rates are up and security of life including women’s safety, which is the first responsibility of every government, is at its lowest ebb. India must then be more than qualified to be called a failed state.” In the Manager magazine, one of Germany’s leading glossy business journals, an article said: “Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has a natural inclination to be a follower, not a leader. ”
Despair and Hopelessness

The article states, “India is a country where merit and integrity have no value and the country continues to sink beneath the suffocating weight of mediocrity and unrestrained, rampant greed. The majority of citizens feel excluded and disrespected at all levels of their daily lives. The youth of the country that make majority of the populace clearly feel helpless and many are pushed to take to misdemeanour and crime.”
Failure of Governance

Der Spiegel wrote in an edit article recently: “While the main functions of the parliament are to make laws and hold the executive accountable through oversight, Indian lawmakers make very few laws, pass incompetent motions and engage in rampant disruption of the proceedings.” The German business newspaper Handelsblatt wrote: “For India, it seems clear that the hope of becoming one of the best twenty economies in the world will only remain a daydream. Corruption is the bane of the society. The Government knows this and the crusade against corruption is being handled with kid gloves.”

(The author is former Europe Director, CII, and lives in Cologne, Germany.) (This article was published on September 4, 2013)

Lord Gulam Noon, 'Curry King' of the U.K.

Lord Gulam Noon, ‘Curry King’ of the U.K.

The above is no isolated instance of deep criticism of India’s corrupt and self-serving ruling classes, it is echoed in many articles around the world, not least in the UK where most successful Indian immigrants like Lord Gulam Noon have warned against investment or starting businesses in India due to bribery, corruption and government-backed cover-ups of crimes flourish. There are many diaspora Indians who would never return to India other than for holidays or possibly old age retirement. Sir Gulam Noon, President of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) who made a fortune out of Britain’s appetite for Indian food, is one such. In the tabloid press he is known simply as the Curry King. Interviewed on Hard Talk by Stephen Sackur, he was asked if he thought investing in India would be an option for him, considering the credit crunch and the relative immunity of the Indian economy to its effects. In his reply, he made clear his view that – though he visits often and has involvements in India, not least in his charitable institutions, the country is still ruled by criminally-corrupt politicians. This is a major indictment by a diaspora Indian of such notability. Sir Gulam Noon MBE talked to Stephen Sackur of BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ series.

See also on this subject :-

BBC on India’s anti-corruption activists & Anna Hazare
Why India is not cleaned up & the Dalai Lama
India’s President’s corruption cover-up and Sai Baba endorser
Flood problems hit India’s poor but not the rich
Sai Baba’s minion former Chief Justice Bhagwati showed total disrespect for justice
Corruption India: Sai Baba cult hoard plunder by Trustees?
India’s parlous state and Sathya Sai Baba’s promises
Corruption in India – Sathyam Computer Services
Sai Baba on the Indian Government
Indian police get away with murder – outrage in India
India’s state, Hindu nationalism and prayer
Indians donate to crooks, then hold them up as paragons says Atanu Dey
Beatings, torture and killings by Police in India
Failings in Indian Justice – by ex-Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Seshan



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Gloom and despondency hit the Sathya Sai Organisation

Posted by robertpriddy on September 10, 2013

The following e-mail demonstrates the rapidly disappearing support for Sathya Sai Baba and his organisations in Kerala, once a stronghold of Sai Baba devotees. What is meant by ‘The Agony of Time’ is anyone’s guess. From: pn

Date: 3 September 2013 17:33
Subject: The Agony of Time
To: undisclosed recipients
Dear Youth Brigades,
I am pained to know that many of our devotees ( including very experienced ) are now a days seeking Asylum at the feet of ” Fraud Avthars ” such as ” Sai Rajarajeswari Amma”  , ” Swami Sunilji” etc  who uses  our Beloved Swami’s Name & Form for selfish motives , fame & business.  Many others started to Visit Other Living Gods. My heart is totally pained to know this. This is TOTAL INGRATITUDE to SAI  AVATHAR.
Many of our youngsters who does not have spiritual background blindly follow these so called experienced (ill Experienced)  thinking that they would get recognition quickly and they would be benifitted physically.
As the Sai Brigades for the future  you have the Great Task of  Educating the Sai youth to continue the Unflinching faith in our beloved Lord in Our Selected SAI Form & Name. Our expression of devotion would be  such that our thought word & deed should be only to SAI Form & Name and NOTHING  ELSE.
You leaders must get topics for Discussions such as “One Form  –  One Name ” . Take excerpts from Swami’s Speech , Scriptures etc. This is the Need of the Hour.I can  help you in this Task. If we fail in this we are failing in our MISSION that Avathar has bestowed on us.
Let us Work together for this Divine Mission. Wherever you find Such tendancies among Sai Youth  , try to educate them , SAVE them from DANGER.
In Sai Seva
State Vice President
Sri Sathy Sai Seva Organisation

That the former Sai-VIPs are failing in their mission is a foregone conclusion. Once extremely pushy propaganda shows and promotional meetings worldwide was the norm, but since the death of Sai Baba, dissolution and despondency seem to have closed down all such activities… these credulous devotees have to deal with the facts they cannot avoid like the failed prediction of his life span by SB, the nature of his death and his calls for help while being taken away, the claims that he was murdered (made by an ex-minister), the false death certificate, the revelations of his massive hoarding of massive wealth under his 3 by 3 metre bed and through his secret apartments. All that even apart from the recent indisputable revelation of his massive bribery, his constant sexual abuses and the huge cover-up of his role in the execution of four devotees in his own bedroom.

“One Form – One Name” somehow rather echoes another famous slogan “Ein Reich – Ein Führer”

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Asaram Bapu – it gets worse and worse

Posted by robertpriddy on September 8, 2013

This visit to Sathya Sai Baba by Asaram Bapu underlined their mutual endorsement

This visit to Sathya Sai Baba by Asaram Bapu underlined their mutual endorsement – only later did Asaram Bapu enrage people by

Asaram & son Narayan Sai – latest news

Asaram Bapu to be in the dock

Update on Asaram Bapu’s mafia exposed – by 

Asaram Bapu is in very deep water. As is par for the guru course in India, he flatly denies everything and – in his latest futile ploy – he tries to cast the blame on “foreign NGOs using the media to blame me” reports: …a foreign NGO was running a campaign to defame him and other religious leaders using money power and media. “(In exchange) of money being given by a foreign NGO, the media is spreading absurd stories (about spiritual leaders)”, Bapu told reporters here. Talking to reporters today, Bapu, however, denied having made those remarks and claimed that those involved in distorting his words were all associated with a foreign NGO which he did not name.

Having been unable after intensive searches to find a shred of evidence that nay foreign NGO is running such a campaign, though I wish there were some who did) I am wondering if he is referring to my blog and web sites, since I am certainly the most prominent on-line blogger exposing the sins and crimes of Sathya Sai Baba together with Asaram Bapu. Typically he did not name anyone, so his claims are sheer lies, and he would not wish to draw attention to my site in any way, that’s for sure, but he hopes, no doubt, that numerous Sai Baba worshippers in the judiciary and government may sympathise with him and get him a lenient treatment. This routine counter accusation has been used by leading officials of the Sathya Sai clique against those ex-devotee sites exposing Sai Baba, but all of them are run by unpaid individuals who aim to bring out the truth. Just to be exact, I have no connection whatever to any NGO and I finance all my sites out of my University pension.

Death of boys from Asaram`s ashram: Charge-framing adjourned  Last Updated: Saturday, September 07, 2013, 23:08  A local court, which was to frame charges against 7 disciples of Asaram Bapu in connection with the death of two boys, adjourned it to October 5.

Remove Asaram`s name from Indore square, say protestants  Last Updated: Sunday, September 08, 2013, 12:54 Various organisations have demanded that a square located in front of Crystal IT Park, which is named after him, be rechristened.

Asaram’s photographs removed from temple premises in Gujarat TOI 6 hrs ago  …Residents of Tajpor village and neighbouring villages near Bardoli of Surat district removed photographs of Asaram Bapu from a Lord Shiva Temple on Saturday. Few supporters of Asaram were also pushed out of the temple, who allegedly attempted to encroach the…

Asaram Bapu’s Delhi ashram likely to be shut soon 

07 Sep 2013 New Delhi: Controversial godman Asaram Bapu, who is currently in jail in an alleged sexual molestation case, may face more fire in coming days. It has been learnt that preparations are on the way to bring the self-styled godman’s Delhi operations to an end.

Indore woman accuses Asaram Bapu’s son Narayan Sai of cheating Sep 06, 2013  The woman has lodged a case against Narayan Sai in a local court alleging he got her married to an already wedded man by presenting him as a divorcee and thus cheated her.

Remember how he attacked the bus rape victim who died of her injuries for  responsible for the fatal attack as the rape has been forced on her. He stated at a recent rally that Nirbhaya was equally to blame for the rape and added, “Mistake is never from one side alone.”
On January 8: NEW DELHI: “Congress today hit out at spiritual leader Asaram Bapu for his controversial remarks against the Delhi gang rape victim and then against the media saying they “reflect a very sick and unhealthy mind. Party spokesperson P C Chacko rued that at a time when the whole nation is outraged over this heinous crime, these “so-called spiritual leaders” are “aggravating the problem” with such utterances, which no civilised society can endorse.”

See also The Dark Side of very prominent Indian gurus
and Satya Sai Baba and HARAMKHOR asaram bapu exchanging tips to fool people

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Asaram Bapu not a ‘saint’?

Posted by robertpriddy on September 7, 2013

asaram_bapu-mountebankA selection of reports from Indian news outlets (September 7th, 2013):-

According to reports in Hindi newspapers, Asaram used to make the CDs of him with his female devotees in the hut in order to blackmail them.

Jodhpur: In another scandalous revelation, it has been reported that police have recovered a video clip of controversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu in which the self-styled godman is shown rubbing his hand on a woman’s body. According to a news channel, Shiva, the caretaker of Asaram, had recorded the video. The aide has reportedly made a CD of a number of obscene video clips of Asaram.

Indore: Madhya Pradesh Urban Development Minister Babulal Gaur on Friday said that the controversial godman Asaram Bapu was paying the the price for his past deeds. “Asaram is not a saint, only a preacher,” Gaur said “Jo Jaisa Karega, Vaisa hi Bhugtega (as you sow, so shall you reap),” the minister said, when asked by reporters to comment on Asaram, arrested from here by Jodhpur police for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor girl.

Asaram Bapu`s ashram in Delhi has been slapped with a notice by North Delhi Municipal Corporation for alleged non-payment of property tax since 2004, a top civic body official said on Friday.

The controversial godman has appealed to the judge, saying that he suffers from ‘Trinadi Shool Rog’ and the ‘vaidya’ who used to treat him at his ashram should be allowed to visit him in jail daily for two hours for treatment.

Jodhpur police has said that it has received fresh complaints against Asaram. Many victims have started coming forward with their complaints against Asaram, police said without disclosing the nature of the complaint or the identity of the alleged victims. They have also offered to help the police in its investigation.

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu was fit for trial in a fast-track court, Additional Advocate General (AAG) Anand Purohit said on Thursday. Talking to reporters here, Purohit said the prosecution may also consider making one of Asaram’s associates, Shiva or Shilpi, a government witness. While Shiva, an aide of Asaram’s, is in police custody, Shilpi, the warden at the Chhindwara Gurukul where the girl was a student, is still absconding. Jodhpur police said they have established a strong link in connection with the case between and Shiva and Shilpi. “Shilpi is a vital link in the investigation… Shiva was the mediator between Shilpi and Asaram,” DCP Ajay Pal Lamba told reporters here. “It is Shilpi who planned to send the girl to Asaram by convincing her that she was under the spell of evil spirits and only Bapu could save her,” the DCP added.

Asaram Bapu`s aide sent to jail  Last Updated: Saturday, September 07, 2013, 21:58   Key witness and aide of incarcerated self-styled godman Asaram Bapu was today remanded to nine-day judicial custody by a local court here.

Police recover obscene video clip of Asaram Bapu

Last Updated: Saturday, September 07, 2013, 11:48Police have recovered a video clip of controversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu in which the self-styled godman is shown rubbing his hand on a woman`s body.

Police rubbish reports on relations between Asaram Bapu, Shilpi Last Updated: Saturday, September 07, 2013, 09:29  Police sources have rubbished the media reports that Asaram Bapu and Chhindwara Gurukul Ashram hostel warden Shilpi had a physical relations, stating that nothing like this has come to light during the investigation.

Asaram is paying price for his deeds: Madhya Pradesh minister Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013, 23:56 Madhya Pradesh Urban Development Minister Babulal Gaur on Friday said that the controversial godman Asaram Bapu was paying the the price for his past deeds.

Asaram seeks media gag order from court  Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013, 22:40 Asaram Bapu, who has been arrested for sexually assaulting a minor, has moved a court here Friday seeking a direction restraining media from reporting on the issue.

Asaram`s ashram slapped with notice over property tax dues Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013, 20:43 Asaram Bapu`s ashram in Delhi has been slapped with a notice by North Delhi Municipal Corporation for alleged non-payment of property tax since 2004, a top civic body official said on Friday.

Asaram wants ‘female vaidya’ in jail daily for two hours  Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013, 15:48 Asaram, who was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor girl is currently lodged in Jodhpur Central Jail after a court on Monday sent him to 14-day judicial custody.

Fresh complaints against Asaram Bapu, cops visit ashram Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013, 15:16As fresh complaints came against Asaram Bapu, a team of Jodhpur police on Friday visited his ashram in Ahmedabad where they scanned documents.

Asaram Bapu: Shiva’s phone and the secrets it holds Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013, 09:05Earlier, it was reported that Shiva possessed CDs featuring the controversial preacher with his female followers in his dhyan ki kutiya (meditation hut).

Asaram supporters take out silent march Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013, 00:13 Supporters of jailed religious preacher Asaram Bapu on Thursday took out a silent march here to protest his arrest and express solidarity with him.




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Sai Baba’s second coming and the future of Puttaparthi

Posted by robertpriddy on September 7, 2013

One rubs one eyes and wonders if it is still possible, after all the failed predictions of Sathya Sai Baba, all the cover-ups, lies and absurdities he promoted, that any literate person could write such totally alienated fantasy as in the following writing by some ultra-gullible believer found on the Internet. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO ENLARGE IT:-

Second Coming of Sathya Sai- future of Puttaparthi - predictions in Sai-fantasy. FOUND AT

Second Coming of Sathya Sai- future of Puttaparthi –
predictions in Sai-fantasy.

To study the possibilities further, see Prema Sai predicted and expected in future
Sai Baba (Baa-Baa) and the ‘Second Coming’

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Asaram Bapu case gets yet wilder

Posted by robertpriddy on September 5, 2013

The latest shenanigans by the somewhat raving guru, Asaram Bapu, his aggressive supporters, and the can of worms that is spilling more and more contents make instructive reading as well as causing both revulsion and belly-laughter. Asaram Bapu might do worse than follow the example of the “UP seer” (What does he see now… other than his chopped-off genitals!) This is all priceless stuff that we could not invent!

TofI-AsaramBapuTOI 02 Sep 2013,18:41  police looking for two other aides of Asaram Bapu.

TOI 02 Sep 2013,18:40 Asaram Bapu’s aide Shiva arrested.

UP seer chops off own genitals TOI 6 hrs ago…off his genitals at Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, in an apparent protest against the alleged sexual assault on a girl by godman Asaram Bapu, police said on Thursday. Profusely bleeding Baba Premdas was late Wednesday admitted to a medical facility in Amethi, about…

Asaram’s bail plea rejected; lawyers claim cops getting threats TOI 14 hrs ago…Controversial preacher Asaram Bapu, who was arrested for sexually assaulting the 16-year-old daughter of his follower, will continue to languish in a jail as a court here on Wednesday rejected his bail application. The district and sessions judge took into…

Asaram’s lawyers move court seeking facilities in jail
 TOI 14 hrs ago…The decision of the court to reject bail has not gone well with Asaram Bapu, who is lodged in Jodhpur Central jail. After learning about the bail rejection, he started behaving erratically with the jail staff. He also chanted “Om Om” to everyone passing by…

Asaram-ruckusAsaram’s demand for special facilities in jail rejected ET 16 hrs ago…Forced into the confinement of jail after his bail plea was rejected, self-styled godman Asaram Bapu today sought for his routine diet, gangajal and a special bed besides other facilities which were denied by the jail administration. His counsel Pradeep Choudhary…

Seeking VVIP status lands Delhi CBI judge in hot water
 TOI 2013-09-04 05:02:00…indirectly refers to Asaram The Supreme Court on Tuesday appeared to make an indirect reference to the arrest of godman Asaram Bapu for alleged rape charges when it said people with ill-gotten wealth either choose politics or religion, and then grab land to…

Police fumble Asaram case as deadline for filing chargesheet ends
 TOI 2013-09-04 04:28:00…even a fortnight after a minor girl registered a complaint of rape and sexual assault against controversial preacher Asaram Bapu. The deadline for filing the chargesheet against Asaram Bapu ended on Tuesday as the girl had lodged a complaint with a police…

Asaram accomplice sent to one-day police custody
 TOI 2013-09-04 04:22:00…One of the three accused in the Asaram Bapu case, Shiva, was remanded to one-day police custody after he was produced in the district and sessions court in Jodhpur on Tuesday evening. Shiva had appeared before DCP Ajay Pal Lamba on Saturday with his lawyer…

Supreme Court’s dig at hordes of security personnel guarding Asaram Bapu TOI 2013-09-03 22:11:00…DELHI: In a veiled dig at the security for arrested self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, the Supreme Court today said the hordes of armed personnel are not needed to guard an accused. “For last four-five days, the electronic media is showing that hordes of security…

Surely, any guru worth his salt would not be so dependent on external circumstances, lack of accustomed food, the buzzing and biting of mosquitoes and would have peace of mind, detachment and love of everyone. This just shows what a miscreant this ‘guru’ is, quite apart from his mutual Sathya Sai Baba-endorsement, the hallmark of the serial pedophile.

The following comment is shown here as it is highly relevant to the issue:- 


Asaram should remain in prison, but cutting off his own genitals was a good idea in my opinion (hopefully others will follow his example). Also, the quote in another of the above articles offers excellent insight:
“The Supreme Court on Tuesday appeared to make an indirect reference to the arrest of godman Asaram Bapu for alleged rape charges when it said people with ill-gotten wealth either choose politics or religion, and then grab land to become more powerful and end up doing heinous crimes.”
Though sometimes, as in sai baba’s case, the path is chosen first, which then leads to the wealth and then the heinous crimes. SO wonderful that the press in India is starting to publicly cover, even endorse, the fall of such ‘holymen’! The staunch devotees are becoming the minority!

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Sathya Sai Baba on judging others

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Just select almost any paragraph from the 2003 Guru Purnima discourse, as edited down in Sanathana Sarathi (August 2003, p. 229). For example:-

“Those who have true love in their heart will not indulge in tall talk. They demonstrate their love in action”

However, Sathya Sai Baba made himself the ultimate hero in speech after speech, the ‘tallest talker’ of the century! His own personal actions were observable, walking about, smiling to be admired and loved, putting his hand on things and on people (and also privately in unexpected places!). Is not his having boasted that no one anywhere is doing “even one thousandth” of the work he does (Xmas 2000 discourse) tall talk? His repeated self-praise is spread on thick in virtually all he said and did. Moreover, there are many forms of loving action… and too many of Sai Baba’s “loving actions’ have been described by many young men on the Internet and in TV interviews

He continually pointed out that he was the only really true and total selfless server of humanity, boasting of what he had done. Yet he did little or nothing one could really call hard work which was all done by those who believed in him, instead he went around accepting adulation. Believers were indoctrinated to think this was all an expression of his love and that it was very hard work!

“People are heroes in speech but zeroes in action. Today the world is being duped by such people

Which people did he refer to, one wonders, all people? As to himself, his self-claimed heroic actions boiled down to very little done by himself. He spent his days holding discourses, then  claiming he was materializing and giving away “diamonds” (all faked – cheap synthetic gems) and imported watches, trinkets (mostly showing – and promoting – his own image). What kind of ‘heroism’ involves telling lies (many documented from his published talk), making self-contradictory and false statements and countless promises which he never kept! 

“Today people speak a lot without translating their speech into action.

How many hundreds of millions of words did he not pour forth… shelves buckle under books containing only a fraction of his discourses, and even they are but excerpts. His words were never matched by any similar volume of ‘selfless service’. It was his deceived and kindly followers who did over 99% of all the actions he claimed to his sole credit.

“Such people verily are thieves”

No, those who collect donations under false pretences, using sleight of hand, giving away objects of little value – or even apartments that others had paid for – knowing full well that the grateful recipient will donate large sums in gratitude! and many other deceits are the thieves, not those who criticise the culprits!  Theft was involved when he pretended that no donated sum (not a single paisa) was ever wasted, despite his having bribed five of his officials – Dr. G. Venkataraman. K. Chackravathi, Kondal Rao, A. Ramakrishna & K.R. Paramahamsa – with free new Japanese cars. Or when he bribed at least 30 family members with Rs. 50,000.- in cash just after the murders were committed in his own bedroom while he was nearby and agreed to the executions forced on the police! He set himself up as the judge of five of his devotees, saying ‘Kill them!’!

In the same discourse we got the following surgical howlers from Sai Baba, which have the character either of sheer medical ignorance or direct lies:

“You may not believe it but the doctors have seen the extent of injury to My hip. For anybody else, it would have taken at least two to three years to walk normally. The ball in the hip-joint got separated. There were no muscles for support. My bones are as strong as diamonds. It was not possible to join them together. Hence, they performed surgery and put a rod. After undergoing such a complicated surgery, it takes a number of years to walk normally. Without caring for all this, I started walking.

But people are having hip replacements all the time these days and are walking in very short periods of time! Did SSB think we were all as ignorant of medicine as the Indian peasants who visited him? ‘Bones as strong as diamonds’ would be a massive hindrance to anyone… and diamonds are brittle, one sharp blow can split them! (Or are his bones really like cheap synthetic diamonds?). In the event, Sai Baba never walked straight again, soon becoming confined to his various wheel chairs, converted golf buggies and invalid thrones. So what happened to the absent divine muscles? Was that some dematerialization leela or a new degenerative illness? Who could say? The end game showed that all these words were false judgements of his own condition – his ignominious illness and death in 2011. 

How Sai Baba could have packed so much untruth into one talk and still dupe his audience is almost ‘mind boggling’ (but not so for the discerning mind). This mendacious and also confused discourse has been further analysed incisively here

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