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Gloom and despondency hit the Sathya Sai Organisation

Posted by robertpriddy on September 10, 2013

The following e-mail demonstrates the rapidly disappearing support for Sathya Sai Baba and his organisations in Kerala, once a stronghold of Sai Baba devotees. What is meant by ‘The Agony of Time’ is anyone’s guess. From: pn

Date: 3 September 2013 17:33
Subject: The Agony of Time
To: undisclosed recipients
Dear Youth Brigades,
I am pained to know that many of our devotees ( including very experienced ) are now a days seeking Asylum at the feet of ” Fraud Avthars ” such as ” Sai Rajarajeswari Amma”  , ” Swami Sunilji” etc  who uses  our Beloved Swami’s Name & Form for selfish motives , fame & business.  Many others started to Visit Other Living Gods. My heart is totally pained to know this. This is TOTAL INGRATITUDE to SAI  AVATHAR.
Many of our youngsters who does not have spiritual background blindly follow these so called experienced (ill Experienced)  thinking that they would get recognition quickly and they would be benifitted physically.
As the Sai Brigades for the future  you have the Great Task of  Educating the Sai youth to continue the Unflinching faith in our beloved Lord in Our Selected SAI Form & Name. Our expression of devotion would be  such that our thought word & deed should be only to SAI Form & Name and NOTHING  ELSE.
You leaders must get topics for Discussions such as “One Form  –  One Name ” . Take excerpts from Swami’s Speech , Scriptures etc. This is the Need of the Hour.I can  help you in this Task. If we fail in this we are failing in our MISSION that Avathar has bestowed on us.
Let us Work together for this Divine Mission. Wherever you find Such tendancies among Sai Youth  , try to educate them , SAVE them from DANGER.
In Sai Seva
State Vice President
Sri Sathy Sai Seva Organisation

That the former Sai-VIPs are failing in their mission is a foregone conclusion. Once extremely pushy propaganda shows and promotional meetings worldwide was the norm, but since the death of Sai Baba, dissolution and despondency seem to have closed down all such activities… these credulous devotees have to deal with the facts they cannot avoid like the failed prediction of his life span by SB, the nature of his death and his calls for help while being taken away, the claims that he was murdered (made by an ex-minister), the false death certificate, the revelations of his massive hoarding of massive wealth under his 3 by 3 metre bed and through his secret apartments. All that even apart from the recent indisputable revelation of his massive bribery, his constant sexual abuses and the huge cover-up of his role in the execution of four devotees in his own bedroom.

“One Form – One Name” somehow rather echoes another famous slogan “Ein Reich – Ein Führer”

3 Responses to “Gloom and despondency hit the Sathya Sai Organisation”

  1. do read your blog for some interesting facts. but dont agree with you at all about Sai. just unable to get why you bother to denounce Baba. each devotee has faith in Baba based on experience. and these things cannot be debated about right ?

    Reply from Robert:
    Experience can most certainly be debated about – it is a tricky thing… it is based on perception, which itself is a combination of objective input and subjective interpretation of that input. When you have had 18 years of experiences, as I did, then experience that things were not at all as told or humbly believed in trust and good faith, then the scene changes. It is easier for a foreigner – however well versed in all the aspects of Hinduism, gurus, seers, shaktis and so on ad. inf.- to break free of the ancient mythology which SB wound around himself to such a degree (Rama whose money friend bore a mountain aloft to Sri Lanka (priceless joke), Krishna who would soon lift a mountain range (bu Sai never did), Vishnu returned to save India and the whole of humanity and so on bla, bla, bla.)

    If the experienced input is of the kind designed to deceive, indoctrinate, manipulate and cover up the fact, the experience is thereby invalidated. That this is the case with Sai Baba is shown not least by the hundreds who have written how the penetrated the layers of his calculating ‘illusions’, false promises, and claims that surpass anything any mere human had ever made before. For instance, the case of long-time and very devoted and service-minded devotee Conny Larsson shows how he interpreted Sai Baba’s masturbating him and his attempts at oral sex as some kind of healind. This was because he later realised that he had been homosexually abused very badly as a young boy by his father’s friend. When other Swedish boys told him what they had gone through, and made clear to him that he was in denial and delusion, he began to go through a deep transformation and entered therapy to deal with his childhood traumas. Further, he had taken boys from his major State-recognised service project (they would otherwise have been in prison rather than working with horses in a mentally reconvalescent setting), but he found out that they had been sexually abused by Sai baba, and one ended up taking his life because of the shock it caused him. This is but one of many, many similar incidents of suicides, deaths in the ashram and surrounding, murders by blackmail of the police and so on. You may not have experienced any of this, but that does not mean that it cannot be investigated and proved, as I have done.

    I denounce Sai Baba for much of the adharma he really and truly did. He was a narcissist and psychopath using people to enhance himself and deceiving them with tricks learned from his childhood (his tantric uncle etc.), and with the help of cronies, building up a huge myth into which people could project all their beliefs and longings. If he did any good, which almost no one could avoid doing in their lifetime, all the better, but it was his crimes that mattered because they led so many people into massive life problems, whatever the Indian devotees say (at PN they mostly live miserable repetitive lives, I know and have searched for any who broke the mould – very few).

  2. Oho!!!! So now those deluded Sai devotees are against others using Sathya Sai Baba’s name eh???? Such hypocrites they are, they blindly accepted Sathya Sai Baba’s misuse of the great Shirdi Sai Baba’s name. Isn’t Sathya Sai Baba’s claim of being the “incarnation” of Shirdi Sai Baba a TOTAL INGRATITUDE to SHIRDI SAI BABA AND HIS DEVOTEES?

  3. eileenweed said

    Excellent points you make! I was also wondering what is meant by “The Agony of Time”. The email is wonderful to show the absolute despondency, as you pointed out. The words “ONE FORM – ONE NAME” struck me like a thunderbolt. HAHA! What is a poor devotee to do? All are one yet they must reject all but one form! That is NOT happening. Devotees are flocking for some physical being, because that is what they wanted in the first place from ‘sai avatar’ which he is not able to give any more.

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