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‘Trinadi shool’ and a new world-wide disease: chronic attraction between women and men?

Posted by robertpriddy on September 17, 2013

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In yet another bizarre and scandalous development, the 90 year old lawyer who defends Asaram Bapu has not only attacked the plaintiff (young girl) but claims she is mentally unstable and suffers from a disease which he has apparently invented for the occasion. This he characterises quite simply as “a chronic disease which draws a woman to a man”!

Sexual assault case: Victim is mentally unstable, says Asaram’s lawyer Ram Jethmalani

The counsel for the girl today claimed to have received threats from followers of the self-styled godman. Lawyer of the victim, Manish Vyas, claimed that the threat was issued to a friend of the victim’s father asking him to withdraw the statements of her daughter against Asaram. Referring to an audio clip, Vyas said the girl and her family continue to receive threats from Asaram’s followers. “I have urged the police to ensure adequate security to the family,” Vyas said.

Asaram case: Girl suffering from disease that draws her to man, says Jethmalani                   (see scanned excerpts – left &  right)

disease-draws-girl-to-menWere the charge not so serious and blatant an attempt to blacken, humiliate and undermine the witness, it would be most laughable. Since no further explanation was offered by the ageing defence lawyer, the illness can only refer to sexual attraction, which is therefore a chronic illness affecting the vast majority of humanity, men and women! Perhaps this crooked lawyer will dig up some ancient defunct Indian medicinal wisdom.. it would fit with the puritan values and twisted sexual repression in parts of ancient Hindu religious culture and the male chauvinist suppression of women.

As to Asaram Bapu’s alleged “neurological disorder” which he claims is “trinadi shool rog’, which allegedly prevents him from sleeping at night and required the ministrations of a “female doctor”, one might suggest that it is the result of fighting to suppress a very bad conscience. One must wonder if  his lawyer does not sleep at night… the kind of lawyer who sells out and tries to lie on one side, then on the other. Being sick (‘rog’) Asaram Bapu seems to have taken the  advice of his mutual endorser, Sathya Sai Baba, ‘bhoga leads to roga, not yoga‘ (i.e. indulgence leads to illness, not divine union).

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