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Nityananda severely beating, brainwashing children secretly?

Posted by robertpriddy on October 30, 2013

Nityananda accused of torture, brainwashin and abuse of followers' children in illegal guru school

Swami Nityananda, tantric charlatan and seducer of adults and children

Once again, the discredited ‘godman’ Swami Nityananda – the hypocritical ‘celibate swami’ who was exposed as secretly exercised tantric sex practices on devotees – is accused of abuse, torture, manipulation and complete brainwashing of children of his followers.  Nityananda denied the Child Welfare Department access to his ashram, so this should be a matter for the police, but so far he is free to continue this as no authority with real power is willing to take up the matter. In short, heinous swamis are still able to flout all law and human decency in India due to excessive respect for religious charlatans. 

TRANSCRIPT over news report:

“Known for causing controversy, Nityananda’s ashram is under the scanner. Questions (are) being raised over the safety of 47 children holed up in a school illegally by the controversial godman…. Human rights activists were denied access when they wanted to check on the welfare of the kids and whatever Nityananda is trying to hide.”

Two witnesses gave their testimonies to the presenter: “Nityananda did have the habit of beating those who did not complete the task given to them – beating them with a stick, and quite vilely actually, because I have witnessed some of it.” This chilling account coming from and insider who was once self-styled Nityananda’s godman’s devotee.

“‘Abused, tortured, manipulated and completely brainwashed’ – that is what parents complain their children go through in this ‘gurukul(i.e. traditional religious school run by gurus). Next witness:- “Nityananda claims that he is a god… O.K.? and he always takes children with young hearts when they don’t know anything, tells all of them that ‘I will make you a god’. So once any kid goes there for one week and spends their time there, they don’t think anything else but they just want to become God.”
After receiving several complaints the Child Welfare Department reaching the gurukul to access the situation, but shockingly they were denied access. They went to the gates of the ashram and they were stopped there by enquiries with harsh words and they didn’t allow them to do their duty.” Authorities are not taking a stand.”



 In 2011, the self-styled celibate Swami Nityananda was under extreme media scrutiny for fornication, which was proven by video etc., so he caused a furore among Sai devotes (see photo on left) when he attended the funeral of Sathya Sai Baba, who was widely known for his (unpunished) serial sexual abuses of boys, students and young foreign male followers as well as for complicity in four brutal police executions of devotees in June, 1993. 

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Asaram Bapu accused of pedophilia and murders by his bodyguard!

Posted by robertpriddy on October 29, 2013


HC issues notice to Gujarat govt over Narayan Sai`s bail petition  Last Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 00:23  Gujarat High Court on Monday issued notice to the Gujarat government over the bail petition filed by controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s son Narayan Sai, currently lodged at Surat jail on the charges of rape and conspiring to bribe officials to weaken the case against him.

Boys` death at Asaram ashram: Court rejects plea for CBI probe  Last Updated: Tuesday, August 05, 2014, 15:58  A local court Tuesday rejected a plea seeking CBI probe in the 2008 death case of two cousins staying at self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s city-based ashram.

Asaram`s health deteriorates, rushed to hospital  Last Updated: Friday, August 01, 2014, 15:45  Spiritual leader Asaram Bapu, who is locked in Jodhpur Central Jail and is accused of rape, was rushed to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital after his health deteriorated.

Sevadar at Asaram`s ashram in MP found dead  Last Updated: Tuesday, July 29, 2014, 19:25  A sevadar working at the ashram of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu here was found dead under suspicious circumstances with his family members suspecting a foul play.

Asaram`s ashram made certain violations on central ridge: Govt Last Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 21:00  An official committee has found that the ashram of controversial godman Asaram Bapu on the ecologically sensitive central ridge of Delhi has made “certain violations”, Lok Sabha was informed today.

Asaram Bapu male chauvinist rapist

JUNE 16, 2014 
ASARAM BAPU SEX – VERY COMPROMISING PHOTO On Asaram’s sex games with girls aged 16-25 and death of witness following an attack on him.
The following text is reposted from Ahmedabad: Not only rape, Asaram Bapu charged with unnatural sex too. It is not just the allegations of rape that self-styled godman Asaram faces. In the charge sheet filed against him before the chief judicial magistrate in Gandhinagar on January 9, he has been charged with having unnatural sex in the form of oral sex (under section 377 of Indian Penal Code) with the Surat-based victim (who lodged the case) and six other girls.



Asaram Bapu fails to evade justice (LATEST NEWS- May 2, 2014)
Asaram Bapu: documentation of crimes
Asaram Bapu and Sai: politics their only hope of salvation?

October 29, 2013. Asaram Bapu was an associate of Sathya Sai Baba, they held discourses together and endorsed each other. Now the famous ‘elephant in India’s room’ – the regular and officially-reported extremely widespread homosexual use of underage boys (“playing with boys” as it is known to virtually everyone there) has shown its ugly head in the Asaram case too. Yet Asaram cannot match the feats of cover-up, murders, bribery, male pedophilia and sexual abuses! At last, however, one of his closest associates, his bodyguard Devendra Prajapati, has spoken out, as the oneindia news article (see on right) has published :-




Zeenews and diverse other Indian media report that Asaram’s judicial custody is extended till November 6. A charge sheet is soon going to be filed, apparently.

We also read in the Indian news that “A portion of an ashram of self-styled god-man Asaram Bapu was torched by some unidentified people in Pardi village of Valsad district in south Gujarat on Monday.” The unpopularity of this despicable Sai Baba-supported ‘godman’ is clearly on the rise, despite the massive campaign by his deluded and self-interested followers to threaten, bribe and disrupt proceedings against this extreme male chauvinist power manipulator and proven land thief, among many other reported and credible accusations of criminal wrong-doings.



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Dr Pal Dhall, Chairman of the Education Committee, Sathya Sai World Foundation

Posted by robertpriddy on October 27, 2013


 DhallsDr. Pal Dhall is reportedly a brain surgeon, involved as an adjunct professor in bioethics at the Australian National University, but he has never qualified in any field of education, pedagogy or educational psychology. His motivation to try to become an educator was his blind faith in the claimed all-knowingness and Pure Embodied Divinity of the self-proclaimed Godhead and Creator of the Universe, Sathya Sai Baba, who has through decades constantly exposed himself as an ignoramus regarding modern education, the physical sciences, psychology and pedagogy, history (other than that in the Indian scriptures) and much more besides. Pal Dhall has no original ideas on Education in Human Values because new ideas are not permitted in any Sathya Sai related matters, the guru being regarded as infallible and as having said everything that need be known about true value education and everything else besides. Thus Pal Dhall – and equally so his wife Mrs. Teheseen Dhall – are limited to repeating – in one form or another – only what Sathya Sai Baba has pronounced on education, character, human values and other related matters – all marked by a puritan and obscurantist hodgepodge of religious doctrines that Sai Baba has cooked together to try to gain acceptance as “THE Universal Teacher”…. though it is all mainly based in the teachings and stories of ancient Hindu scripture. In short, not education in any secular or contemporary sense. Of course, in countries where educational standards are controlled and monitored nationally, the Sathya Sai schools and programmes have had to be supplemented by the national curriculum or other standards if they are to gain legality or hope to receive any governmental financial support (excluding India, where the authorities are still often Sai Baba worshippers).

Dr. Pal Dhall & his wife Tahaseen

Dr. Pal Dhall & his wife Tahaseen

Pal Dhall is but one of a considerable number of equally unqualified would-be moralising educators of the young, though among them are a few qualified teachers from various educational systems around the world – all being complete believers in Sathya Sai Baba and his supposed ‘eternal wisdom’. If any of them were to diverge in any notable way from the Sai Baba doctrine, they would find themselves side-lined, and if persisting, consigned to oblivion as far as Sathya Sai institutions are concerned.

As Director of the Institute of Sathya Sai Education Canberra, Pal Dhall spoke with parents and staff at the Sathya Sai Primary School in Murwillumbah NSW on the 21st September, 2006. Among many simplistic statements he summed up the problem of schooling in Australia with the vague false dichotomy from Sai Baba’s “…the economic agenda has skewed education making ‘what we do’ more important than ‘who we are’.” His view was that it is only through bringing out the inherent spirituality of every child that empowers them through ‘unfolding their divinity’.

One informant from Canberra mailed me about Pal Dhall, including the following: “He is the owner of a lucrative Persian rug import company. He is also involved in Real Estate and is a self-made man (filthy rich and prepared to spend, spend, spend for the org.)  He is a hindu from India and his wife is a muslim from Pakistan. Pal is a very boooring speaker and if given 20min. for a talk, always goes overtime at least by one hour or more. His knowledge is good though. He fails to practice what he preaches in human values by not considering those who must give talks after him.See disclaimer.  In short, an Indian of the well-known self-important male brand. 

This is the key of his entire view on child education, as parroted from Sathya Sai Baba’s weird and wonderful world of puritanical ‘Hindu religious spirituality’. Many genuine Hindu scholars have reject ed Sathya Sai Baba’s teaching – and not least many of his actions – as not conforming to the true Hindu code of sanathana dharma (the way of goodness and truth). 

At the launch of the ‘Spiritual Transformation Plan’, Melbourne, 21-6-08, he preached:-
“There are four phases in the phenomena of spirituality and religion. The first is a local, tribal, limited phase. The next phase is canonical in nature, with scriptures, rigidity, maintenance of guilt and conformance. The next phase is a critical rational phase, which is axial in nature. The final phase is a global phase, where we have many metaphors for the same spiritual reality. We are living, experiencing this reality. It is characterised by an attitude of love and experience of the Divine.

The Avatar’s Mission

The mission of the Sai Avatar is to uplift consciousness and create a global spirituality. He does this through two aspects, firstly the physical aspect, His physical presence in Puttaparthi. The other aspect is the Cosmic Sai Baba, the Universal Formless presence, the antarayamin, the inner resident within all.”

This is the accepted ideological fundament of the Sathya Sai Schools, wherever they are, including at the Sathya Sai School, Leicester, which has been demonstrated as not acting upon this moral code of ‘truth and goodness’. This religious basis is pompously promoted in pompous moralising and ‘preaching not teaching’ by Pal Dhall and all those like him in the Sai Baba mini-world of would-be educators of the young.

A video (image on right) showed Pal Dhall’s stumbling but opinionated talk by Dr. Pal Dhall full of self-evident and trivial facts about the difference of religious cultures – full of references to ‘Swami’ and what he says, such as the simplistic view that spirituality is the same for all religions. Though he says things like “mainstream research on spirituality shows there are 5 elements” which he tried to list but in a halting and un-pedagogical manner taking refuge in references to Sai Baba’s(inconsistent) ideas about “going beyond the ego” and suchlike. About the children who attended EHV classes, he admits that they said they were bored with having one teacher and wanted a variety instead. But he emphasises that “They were thrilled with having, No. . Baba’s teaching…

Nowhere in his voluminous verbose output of words will one find Mr. Dhall referring to any genuine professional or scientific authority on religions, education, child development, psychology, pedagogy… nothing. 

See the recent damage-limitation e-mail from Pal Dhall to the out-of-control  Sathya Sai School, Leicester

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Asaram Bapu case developments – October 21

Posted by robertpriddy on October 21, 2013

Another special prosecutor to be sought for Asaram case: SIT
AHMEDABAD: Chief of the special investigation team (SIT) investigating the sexual assault case against self-styled godman Asaram, said here on Tuesday that it would request Gujarat government to provide another special prosecutor to make a water-tight case against him. “Looking at the sensitivity of the case, we will request the state government for another special prosecutor to assist us in the case against Asaram,” joint commissioner of police (JCP) (Sector-I) JK Bhatt told reporters here, when asked whether the SIT would ask for more legal assistance. — “Naturally, no accused co-operates during police investigation, especially when the case is such a sensitive one, but we are ensuring that no loopholes are left in our probe,” the JCP said, when asked if the godman is co-operating with the SIT.
excerpt from: The Indian Express October7, 2013 AND  The Times of India October 15, 2013  AND ZeeNews October 15, 2013.

Asaram`s cook agrees to turn approver: Reports
Surat: In yet another blow to self-styled godman Asaram, his longtime cook has reportedly agreed to turn approver against him, Surat police claimed on Monday. According to reports, Surat police is likely to record Asaram’s cook Akhil’s statement today. The Gujarat police hope that Akhil’s statement might act as concrete evidence and can help it in strengthening the case against Asaram. The development came hours after Supreme Court refused to restrain media from reporting cases of sexual assault filed against him and his absconding son Narayan Sai. However, the apex court cautioned the media to responsibly report criminal cases involving the godman and his son. The apex court also directed the media to avoid sensationalising and present facts related to the cases involving the godman and his family members. The apex court passed the order in response to a plea moved by the godman seeking a Supreme Court ban on media reporting cases against him and his son.
from October 21, 2013

Asaram Bapu admits ‘touching’ Surat-based woman 
Ahmedabad, Oct 18: The self-styled godman Asaram Bapu on Wednesday confessed to have ‘touched’ the woman who has complained of being sexually assaulted by him. According to reports, fearing the lie-detector test, Asaram Bapu told the interrogating team of Ahmedabad police that he had ‘touched’ the girl in his personal room at the ashram but he was giving her mantra deeksha. — The 33-year-old victim, who is married stays in Surat and was brought to Ahmedabad on Wednesday. Police sources said that Asaram’s face turned pale with fear, the moment he saw the victim, approaching towards him. During interrogation, the woman revealed at least 17 new names, who will be now questioned by the police. She also disclosed names of two female attendants- Nirmala alias Dhel and Meera alias Bagl, who used to ‘trap’ or ‘arrange’ women for Asaram. She also alleged that Asaram’s daughter Bharti and his wife Laxmi, used to send girls to him at his room.
October 18 from OneIndia:

Did Asaram Bapu force victims to undergo abortions in ashram?
Ahmedabad, Oct 20: With each passing day, the trouble is getting more deeper for the controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu. According to reports, Ahmedabad police will now investigate about the hospital in question and the doctors involved in a serious crime. Another report said that Asaram’s Ahmedabad ashram’s administrator Dhruviben (one of the accused in the FIR) used to take rape victims to a hospital for abortions purpose. However, Asaram’s lawyer B M Gupta refuted charges of abortions as false allegations and said that his client (Asaram) was not involved directly. Another media report even said that Asaram’s ashram had an “abortion centre” where rape victims underwent operations. — It was reported that during hearing, Asaram, ‘threw tantrums’ and told the court that he did not mind being sent to ten days police custody as he was absolutely sure that he is innocent.
From One India October 20, 2013

Sexual assault case: Ahmedabad police question Asaram’s wife, daughter
Asaram Bapu’s wife and daughter were questioned on Sunday by police in Ahmedabad in connection with the sexual assault case filed against him by a Surat-based woman. The victim’s younger sister has levelled similar allegations against Asaram’s son Narayan Sai. from ibnlive October 20, 2013

Sexual assault case: Delhi Police arrests Asaram’s aide 
The Delhi Police has arrested an aide of sexual assault case accused Asaram for providing shelter to Narayan Sai. Police said Dharmesh provided shelter to Sai, who is co-accused in the assault case filed by two Surat based sisters. Sai had filed for an anticipatory bail in a Surat court on Tuesday which was adjourned after the prosecution sought time to submit a detailed reply on it. Earlier on Wednesday, a joint team of Surat and Delhi police conducted raids across the city to gather evidence against Narayan Sai. The joint team conducted raids at Asaram’s ashrams at Rohini, Najafgarh, Jafarpur Kalan and on Ridge Road.   from ibnlive October 19, 2013

Exposed: Aide who supplied women to Asaram’s son Narayan Sai
Mohit Bhojwani, an aide of Sai, was arrested in connection with the rape cases filed by two Surat-based sisters. According to sources, police found contact numbers of Delhi-based Monica Agarwal who allegedly had arranged women at several occasions at different places for Sai. Another man, who has been identified as Hanuman, a native of Bihar, has also been accused of pressurising many women to go to Sai who later allegedly had exploited them sexually.   from OneIndia October 17, 2013.

Authorities to slap notice on manager of Asaram’s ashram
Agra: The Agra district administration has decided to slap a notice on the manager of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu’s ashram in Sikandra for alleged encroachment on government land, an official said on Monday. “Preliminary investigations showed that the gate of the ashram, the hospital and the toilets were built on government land,” SDM, Agra (tehsil), Rajesh Kumar, said. The SDM said prima facie it was found that about half a bigha of government land had been illegally occupied by the ashram.  Meanwhile, the fugitive son of Asaram, Narain Sai, had reportedly stayed in Agra for a night and left soon after, a day before Gujarat Police team reached here looking for him.
from October 21, 2013

Comment: Where the smoke is so chokingly dense, there is sure to be plenty of fire!

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Puttaparthi in further crisis

Posted by robertpriddy on October 20, 2013

E-mail from ex-devotee ‘Divya’:-

Super-Specialty Hospital suspension of service

Super-Specialty Hospital suspension of service

I have been hearing reports of the disruption of life in Puttaparthi, ever since the news of the bifurcation of Andhra announcement was made on July 30th. Much of the time there is no post office, no banks, no cars allowed in, and loud demonstrations. (A week-by-week list of statewide protests and strikes is here:

A YouTube video shows some of the demonstrations in Puttaparthi. The announcer says protesters are blocking roads with trees and rocks, which is consistent with what people there have been telling me.

News from a friend: 
Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2013 4:28 AM 

“There will be no electricity for three days, no bore wells will be working for water, maybe no email, no mobile phones, no petrol.”

Meanwhile, the Sathya Sai Super-specialty Hospital is having major problems (see inset scan on the right)
At the same time, the corrupt Sathya Sai Central Trust announced that “Justice P.N. Bhagwati, Trustee and former Chief Justice of India, has laid down office as  a Trustee  of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust,on account of advanced age, which did not enable for him to attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees.”
Good riddance to a totally disreputable cover-up man for Sathya Sai Baba’s massive serial sexual abuses of young men and underage boy students and his murder involvements.

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Asaram Bapu fight-back eschews no means

Posted by robertpriddy on October 19, 2013

Narendra Modi going slow on Asaram case: Gujarat Congress
The super-rich and politically-manipulative Asaram Bapu cult is using all possible means to pressure the judiciary to rejects the claims of their two main accusers. However, that the cult is guilty of many crimes is not in doubt to anyone who follows its career, and there is a ‘stop-at-nothing’ campaign of lies and legal trickery to try to intimidate those who have clearly been seriously abused. Asaram Bapu knew Sathya Sai Baba who had attained invulnerability for countless crimes through massive long-term bribery and all-enveloping cover-up and deceit, being supported and all evidence against him quashed (even destroyed by the Supreme Court!). This is the model Asaram Bapu and his cronies certainly seem to be basing their efforts.

See  How were the infamous Sai Baba murders covered-up?

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“Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words

Posted by robertpriddy on October 2, 2013



It seems that Indian justice is no longer cowed so much by these guru charlatans and swami criminals, because the judge presiding over the hearing – Nirmal Jeet Kaur, was unmoved by all the tricks of the trade that Asaram Bapu’s defense counsel used to plea for his client’s bail. Ram Jethmalani argued unwisely in producing affidavits about mostly irrelevant and trivial points, as if the hearing were a trial, while it was only a bail hearing. Thus, making a fool of of himself, the aged and deluded Jethmalani gives yet more hope that his misguided counsel with his false claims and piddling points is going to do yet more damage to the power, sex and money cult of Asaram Bapu which he fervently appears to endorse. Further, the judge firmly rapped the Asaram cult as “creating nuisance everywhere”!

The concluding view of the prosecution, that “Asaram is a pedophile” was a welcome breath of fresh air. If only this had happened to a far greater pedophile and murder accomplice, Sathya Sai Baba, who was the endorser – and preceptor – of Asaram and not least for the government too (!!), all because these dignitaried, PMs and Presidents had worshipped him in public for a long time before the truth became known about his totally iniquitous life of sex, bribery, deceptions galore, iron rule and yet worse.

See also an all-round informative blog by an Indian on Asaram Bapu and Human Rights Violations – from 2009

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