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“Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words

Posted by robertpriddy on October 2, 2013



It seems that Indian justice is no longer cowed so much by these guru charlatans and swami criminals, because the judge presiding over the hearing – Nirmal Jeet Kaur, was unmoved by all the tricks of the trade that Asaram Bapu’s defense counsel used to plea for his client’s bail. Ram Jethmalani argued unwisely in producing affidavits about mostly irrelevant and trivial points, as if the hearing were a trial, while it was only a bail hearing. Thus, making a fool of of himself, the aged and deluded Jethmalani gives yet more hope that his misguided counsel with his false claims and piddling points is going to do yet more damage to the power, sex and money cult of Asaram Bapu which he fervently appears to endorse. Further, the judge firmly rapped the Asaram cult as “creating nuisance everywhere”!

The concluding view of the prosecution, that “Asaram is a pedophile” was a welcome breath of fresh air. If only this had happened to a far greater pedophile and murder accomplice, Sathya Sai Baba, who was the endorser – and preceptor – of Asaram and not least for the government too (!!), all because these dignitaried, PMs and Presidents had worshipped him in public for a long time before the truth became known about his totally iniquitous life of sex, bribery, deceptions galore, iron rule and yet worse.

See also an all-round informative blog by an Indian on Asaram Bapu and Human Rights Violations – from 2009

One Response to ““Asaram Bapu is a pedophile” – the prosecution’s words”

  1. eileenweed said

    This is great news! As you said, too bad it didn’t happen to sai baba though.

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