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Nityananda severely beating, brainwashing children secretly?

Posted by robertpriddy on October 30, 2013

Nityananda accused of torture, brainwashin and abuse of followers' children in illegal guru school

Swami Nityananda, tantric charlatan and seducer of adults and children

Once again, the discredited ‘godman’ Swami Nityananda – the hypocritical ‘celibate swami’ who was exposed as secretly exercised tantric sex practices on devotees – is accused of abuse, torture, manipulation and complete brainwashing of children of his followers.  Nityananda denied the Child Welfare Department access to his ashram, so this should be a matter for the police, but so far he is free to continue this as no authority with real power is willing to take up the matter. In short, heinous swamis are still able to flout all law and human decency in India due to excessive respect for religious charlatans. 

TRANSCRIPT over news report:

“Known for causing controversy, Nityananda’s ashram is under the scanner. Questions (are) being raised over the safety of 47 children holed up in a school illegally by the controversial godman…. Human rights activists were denied access when they wanted to check on the welfare of the kids and whatever Nityananda is trying to hide.”

Two witnesses gave their testimonies to the presenter: “Nityananda did have the habit of beating those who did not complete the task given to them – beating them with a stick, and quite vilely actually, because I have witnessed some of it.” This chilling account coming from and insider who was once self-styled Nityananda’s godman’s devotee.

“‘Abused, tortured, manipulated and completely brainwashed’ – that is what parents complain their children go through in this ‘gurukul(i.e. traditional religious school run by gurus). Next witness:- “Nityananda claims that he is a god… O.K.? and he always takes children with young hearts when they don’t know anything, tells all of them that ‘I will make you a god’. So once any kid goes there for one week and spends their time there, they don’t think anything else but they just want to become God.”
After receiving several complaints the Child Welfare Department reaching the gurukul to access the situation, but shockingly they were denied access. They went to the gates of the ashram and they were stopped there by enquiries with harsh words and they didn’t allow them to do their duty.” Authorities are not taking a stand.”



 In 2011, the self-styled celibate Swami Nityananda was under extreme media scrutiny for fornication, which was proven by video etc., so he caused a furore among Sai devotes (see photo on left) when he attended the funeral of Sathya Sai Baba, who was widely known for his (unpunished) serial sexual abuses of boys, students and young foreign male followers as well as for complicity in four brutal police executions of devotees in June, 1993. 

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