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Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s “Return”

Posted by robertpriddy on November 29, 2013



Delusional devotees are spreading their fantastic irrational hopes around by  email at rapid pace, amongst themselves… mostly useless and formally repeated blubber. The still cannot at all understand how they were tricked by Sathya Sai Baba into believing that his most severe illness in April 2011 was simply ‘divine play’ to ‘test the faith’ of devotees.

[ Up-date June 2014: It was claimed (by Isaac Tigrett) that Sai Baba returned in a ‘subtle body’ to hold discourses as Kodaikanal, but this was denied by the Prasanthi Council and also was considered not so by Sreejith Narayan, though his sidekick the bogus ‘the author of scholar’ Waris Faridi believed it. (Neither were present to the event)]

———- Forwarded message ———-From: jitenthakrar <>
Date: 2 November 2013 05:06
Subject: [saibabanews] The concept of God’s return in the same form as the last one…

EXCERPT: “I had been praying to Baba to show me in dreams that He means it literally, when He says He (Sathya Sai Baba) is coming back (which is what I always understood he meant), but if He made it so very clear like the above dreams, then others would understand the meaning literally too… He then showed and appeared in the latest two dreams, as described above. 

‘Sai Thy Kingdom Come’ – a deliberation on the possibility of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s “Return”. Swami’s mystery cannot be understood. The best we can do is to get immersed in it. Only thing certain is that whatever He has said is bound to happen. With that certainty, everything else becomes irrelevant. Swami’s words in various discourses provide clear indication that it was not time for His final disappearance yet. Which would mean only one thing; that He will certainly be back in the  same physical form as Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! Swami has also provided some astounding indications on His imminent return. Further, there are some mind-boggling prophecies in certain unique scriptures that clearly foretell Swami’s reappearance. This book is a humble attempt to put together these bits and pieces of information into a definite shape and present them before an earnest enquirer.”

“In all honesty; since the day of the announcement of Baba leaving the form, so many around the globe have sparingly contacted me and asked me for my opinion on why our Father left ‘unexpectedly,’ and if I knew of what His plan has been all along, and if He is possibly going to return?. – I had always spoken honestly, and explained that I cannot make public or statements unless God Himself asks me to, and until He does, I cannot speak of this particular topic either. As Baba says, there is one way to win His grace, and that is via obedience. As He never asked me to speak of this topic, even though He has shared much with me; I did not disclose much at all. Well, now He has! I have been told to explain to the masses today what the Truth behind this topic is, and I have been asked to do it buy sharing two particular dreams with you, (which until this day, I have shared with only about ten selected and permitted individuals)

Note: that what SB said is bound to happen is already a totally disproven claim. Most of his prophesies failed already. See Sai Baba failed prophesies and
 Sathya Sai Baba failed prophesy as the ‘great saviour of mankind’  – eg. Sai Baba being ‘king of the whole world’ from AD 2000, Muslims recognizing him 9 years before his passing, and the whole world visiting Prashanthi Nilayam. See also 
Sai Baba’s definitive prediction of World Peace by 2007!

See a further analysis of claims in ‘Sai, Thy Kingdom Come’ here

Before Sai Baba died aged 85, all devotees believed he would survive because he had prophesied he would live until his 90s (giving several different times he would ‘leave the body’ – i.e. die). Nonetheless they all found it necessary to pray for him (to him or ?) and hope and trust and believe all he had said was gospel, eternal truth. Events proved them entirely wrong to believe him. One can view one small sample of this indoctrinated mentality of denial posted on a closely censored pro-Sai Yahoo group here by clicking on link or image below:-


Sai Baba resurrection – vain hopes of Satish Naik


STILL to be entrapped in belief-dependence on this ‘Avatar’ and his cult, with its disinformation and criminal clandestine activities and connections makes one feel pity for these poor people… like sheep still praying to the wolf in sheep’s clothing who preyed on them, their energies and money, having  ‘shepherded’ them into a hopeless cognitive confusion and emotional dependency.

See also Prema Sai Predicted Coming

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Death of boy at Asaram ashram & Narayan Sai exposed by his wife – updated

Posted by robertpriddy on November 27, 2013

UPDATE  “After determining the charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, the court of district and sessions judge (Jodhpur rural) slated the next hearing in the case for 4 December, when the trial against the accused people will begin. “Asaram Bapu and his aides – Sanchita Gupta alias Shilpi, the warden of Asaram’s ashram in Chhindwara, his cook Prakash, aide Shiva and ashram director Sharad Chandra – were produced in the court of District and Sessions Judge (Jodhpur Rural) Manoj Vyas today (Wednesday),” said the girl’s lawyer Manish Vyas.” (

If the judiciary cannot convict these two criminal gurus – a failing which the judiciary has shown consistently in respect of a long list of gurus charged with criminal acts of sex abuse and financial scams etc. , then there is little hope that India can drag itself out of pseudo religious delusions that have plagued it from time immemorial, and which have worsened considerably since Independence and the modern money economy.  Had sanathana dharma instead been observed to the full – in action and not only in hypocritical words – by prominent Indian gurus, then the situation would have been better indeed.

Read more at: 



Zee Media Bureau reported that ‘Narayan Sai had relations with many women’ Last Updated: Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 17:58Ahmedabad: “In a sensational revelation, Surat Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana on Tuesday said that Narayan Sai’s wife Janki has confirmed that her husband had relations with other women.Divulging the details after questioning Sai’s wife, Surat Police Commissioner said that Janki has told the police that she didn’t live with her husband as he had relations with other women.During interrogations, Janki also told police that Sai is the father of Jamuna’s son,” Asthana said. Jamuna was a female associate of Sai. Earlier reports had claimed that Ganga, another female associate, had confessed that Sai is the father of Jamuna’s son. A few days ago, it was reported that the police have revealed that the self-styled godman Asarams son Sai had a fetish for sex.
Reports quoted Surat Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana as saying that Sai is a habitual sex offender and that he used to indulge in such acts regularly. Sai has been on the run since a complaint of rape was filed against him in Surat, Gujarat on October 6.”

Now the evidence is increasing to the point of overload, but will the powers-that-be allow Asaram Bapu and his son to go free, sooner or later?

See The Laws are unholy for India’s holy men! by Sanal Edamaruku

See also Narayan Sai ‘crazy for group sex’ 

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Sai Baba birthday anniversary and his legacy to humankind

Posted by robertpriddy on November 23, 2013

What was Sathya Sai Baba’s overall legacy?
by Robert Priddy (copyright)

The self-appointed omniscient Avatar of the Age and Creator of the Universe, Sathya Sai Baba, made many prophesies and all-encompassing promises, almost none of which have been fulfilled. His success at getting donations (mostly through deceit and fraud) giving him huge money power to bribe and lifelong political protection to the highest possible level, has encouraged many other ‘divine’ copyists and sex abusing swamis etc. who have made vast profits. That was perhaps his main legacy to India. Yet he outspokenly promised to save humanity, firstly by cleaning up the corruption and evils of India, educating his students to assume positions in the running of the country at least before 1980 so as to achieve this. His students never reached any top positions, their education having been authoritarian, mostly learning only by rote, not allowing free thinking or criticism of any kind while daily having to imbibe pseudo-spiritual religious empty talk. No spiritual or social redemption of India, or of its intense sufferings, poverty and criminality (right up to the highest level) has been achieved. India’s corruption and bribery problems have only increased decade by decade. With his sleight-of-hand and fraudulent methods of obtaining donations, he has encouraged and inadvertently spawned a surge in unscrupulous charlatans masquerading as spiritual or religious miracle-makers throughout India and in many other countries. The Sai Baba movement became a more and more controlling and manipulative cult with draconian punishments (including numerous murders and disappearances) and unaccountability through bribery and political influence upon which other major money-grubbing swamis and self-realisation gurus have modelled their own ashrams, most notably perhaps Ammachi, Bala Sai Baba, Nithyananda, Asaram Bapu and more besides. Some legacy for poor suffering India and the world!

Sathya Sai Baba’s relatively small social achievements – not much for a God Creator & Saviour of humanity – are still trumpeted in propagandistic misinformation by those who endorse him. These include numerous low standard schools and colleges bearing his name, a ‘deemed university’ whose graduates cannot think for themselves (according to V.K. Narasimhan, SB’s journal editor),  two private, secretive & unaccountable hospitals (the super specialty hospital in Puttaparthi entirely financed by a foreign follower)  a miserably failed water project – paid for by devotees and ruined by bent contractors and his own officials – to provide water to numerous villages (and his ashram!) in Rayalaseema district of Andhra Pradesh, plus another canal project for drinking water to Chennai. Though he taught that social service is one of the ways to reach ‘divine enlightenment’ (i.e.the eternally-promoted pie in the sky), he ended up as a miserly hoarder of vast wealth in his huge locked palatial building and other secret rooms, not discovered (or plundered) until after his death. 

Though very many have claimed that Sathya Sai Baba has helped them have faith in God (at best, a doubtful benefit), better to face life, suffering, loss and death,  or that he healed them, inspired them and so on, there are also a very considerable number of people who claim he has ruined their lives through his deceptions and false promises, and not least by far, his decades of sexual abuses. This is a legacy which some devotes try to rationalize away, excuse as his Divine Right and other preposterous theological theories. Those devotees are too dependent on their belief and indoctrination that they live in denial of all common sense and decency.

In his declared ‘divine mission’ to revive the ancient religious teachings and reinstate the code of right action (sanathana dharma) so as to return India to the values of a bygone age, Sai Baba discoursed endlessly, spreading superstitious ideas and promoting revanchist and authoritarian ancient methods of rule and religious education – including endorsement of the unjust and primitive social caste system. Claiming that this obscurantist religion to be ‘universal spirituality’, infallible truth and promoting true values, he even prophesied in 2008 that all India would become Hindu in 28 years time (i.e. by 2020)  and that India would be the moral regenerator of the entire world. In view of what India is today, nothing so laughably erroneous can hardly be conceived! Yet Sai Baba held that everything in the universe is perfect, it is only a question of seeing things in the right way (his confused way, through the  rose-coloured spectacles he actually recommended). If he lied and deceived, accused his critics of being demons without a spark of the divine in them etc.) nonetheless he said he loved everyone and believed everyone loved him, so  everything was hunky-dory and eternally secure in his hands. How can anyone believe it?  

Note: This blog has been copied without my permission by

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Sathya Sai Baba birthday 88th celebration

Posted by robertpriddy on November 21, 2013

Despite the ignominious death of Sathya Sai Baba in 2011 – at least a decade earlier than all his ‘all-knowing’ different predictions of his departure (!), his birthday anniversary is to be celebrated by what remains of the devotees who bother to go to boring, boring Puttaparthi for the repetition of all the same empty claims and supposed ‘teachings’ by Sai Baba charmed parroters and the tinsel, pomp and pomposity that always was a main ingredient.

There will be the usual captive audience (of much depleted post mortem proportions) made up of pupils and students who are mostly still stuck in the schools and colleges, remaining residents of the Prashanthi ashram (virtually no foreigners left among them), and the diverse gang of Indian Sai Baba gravy train riders and profiteers, along with those remaining followers who have not realised the deceptions that have enveloped them and infested their minds to the point of gridlock and intense denial of all unpleasant facts and truths. However, yet again, there will not be notable persons present, none of the one-time visiting VIP dignitaries from the Indian government or major institutions. Any non-coloured foreigners will surely be included in photos of the event, but they will surely again be but a tiny number compared to any event there for decades.

Nor are any of the former famous musical artists to be there. The powers-that-be were even reduced to calling on “the whistling wizard” who once performed there nearly 20 years ago! (His performance was long, tiring and keening, to say the least.) The Sai Symphony Orchestra will perform, consisting of some foreign followers who joined up because they could play instruments, so get privileges and ‘plenty darsan’ (now long gone).

A talk will be held on November 25th by Dr. Narendranath Reddy, good friend of the discredited Prof. G. Venkararaman (enthusiast for dictator Idi Amin) , who denied there could be any sexual abuse by Sai Baba who he knew to be God Himself – despite the large number of sworn testimonies from young men worldwide. Dr. Reddy, however, was one of the secretive insider doctors who attended the vastly underweight Sai Baba during his last days in his own hospital and who was implicated in the strict cover-up of the real cause of his condition, which appears to be entirely consistent with advanced AIDS (extreme weight-loss, organ failures etc.). Dr. Reddy, a doctor, had his head in the clouds throughout, as his  besotted conversation with Venkataraman shows:-



The death of Sai Baba, the extremely premature and fully documented order for his special embalming casket/coffin on  March 29 before his reported death on April 11th – and other serious claims of foul play were silenced by the large cordon of compromised power politicians and judges who had worshipped him before they learned of his pedophilia and murderous propensities, plus typical court delays most likely involving bribes. His birth date has long been in doubt due to school documents and other indications, and his actual date of death is also in doubt…news reports prove that his funeral was also arranged, dignitaries invited and extensive security people drafted in days before his supposed death on Easter Sunday (convenient to make a bogus link to Christ). 

See also Shattered International Sathya Sai Organization Faces Dead Guru’s 2013 Birthday Celebrations

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Asaram’s son Narayan Sai wanted group sex

Posted by robertpriddy on November 14, 2013

Narayan Sai group sex lust

Who can doubt that this is a family that is rotten to the core? Answer, all the pseudo-religious worshippers of guru charlatans and criminal ‘spiritual’ mountebanks. These ‘holy ashram’ organisations – like Sathya Sai Baba’s – procure sex partners from those who follow the gurus unknowingly, whether it be underage or adult victims, girls or boys! There seem to be no limits to the raging sexual desires… Narayen Sai now reportedly mad for group sex and drugs too!



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Indians donate to crooks, then hold them up as paragons says Atanu Dey

Posted by robertpriddy on November 12, 2013

Atanu Deu holds that Sathya Sai Baba was either a charlatan or a severely deluded person and, because he was regarded by so many as a Hindu leader, did more to discredit Hinduism and Hindus than the good he is reputed to have done. Meanwhile, non-devotees saw that he was  hoodwinking people, tricking people into believing that he could materialize ash (for the poor) and valuable small objects (for the rich.) Like many other observant people, Dey considers that numerous videos on YouTube show he was a trickster.

Dey takes issue with the idea that Hindus are necessarily smart people who are not easily  taken in and are not gullible. By giving away many cheap trinkets he pretended to materialise, he hoodwinked millions of Hindus hand over money to him. (Not only Hindus but countless foreigners of other beliefs too). Citing the fact that he built hospitals and delivered water to villages, Dey points out that, though “Indians have the resources to build hospitals and deliver water to villages,  they don’t do it. The Indian government is incompetent and cannot get the resources from the people to do it. It also means that Indians have to be tricked into doing the right thing. They are gullible and mean. That’s what we have been saying — you Indians are ethically challenged. It is very sad.”

Using deceits to get people to cough up means his underlying message – however deep most devotees though it to be – was “shoddy”, wrote Dey “Think about it for a moment. Had the message been good, would it require conjuring tricks for convincing people?”

The “good work” he did such as funding schools and hospitals was done by gathering a lot of money from a lot of people under false pretexts  “and some of it he used to fund social causes. If he had not lied and cheated, he would still have gathered donations to fund social causes. That he lied and cheated is a terribly sad commentary on our society. It is this. We as a society are not enlightened enough to fund social causes. We as a society are gullible and ignorant that we get taken in by cheats, and we give money to these people because we think we are gaining something in exchange. The cheats are cynical enough to take the money but savvy enough to channel some of the gains to social causes.”

The worst of it, according to Dey, is “…that we give money to crooks, who then use it to fund needed social institutions, and then we hold these crooks up as paragons is perhaps one of the most damning indictment of our society.”

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Atanu Dey: Satya Sai Baba and the Confederacy of Criminals

Posted by robertpriddy on November 9, 2013

A down-to-earth Indian commentator on Indian development and related affairs, Atanu Dey, posted three web pages about Sathya Sai Baba on his website. He delivered a somewhat devastating  appraisal of the man, starting with the exclamation, “Satya Sai Baba is dead. He disproved his own prediction — that he’ll die at age 96 — by kicking the bucket at 86. SSB deceived, lied and cheated. He convinced millions of his followers that he was a good man when he himself must have known that he was cheating them. That in my books makes him despicable. He was a crook.”

To support his contention, Atanu Dey first asked us to consider one fact , namely that he was praised to the high heavens by the most crooked people alive in India today. Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, and dozens of high-powered politicians. “L. K. Advani went so far as to say, “I believe that spiritual leaders in our country provide sources of de-contamination, de-pollution….”. I understand the need for “de-contamination and de-pollution” for those who have to deal with so much dirty money and fraud on a national scale. It is clearly a confederacy of criminals — the politicians and fraudsters like SSB — that royally screws the ignorant Indian masses. Criminals hold other bigger criminals in high regard and it shows in how the politicians of India revere the masters of deceit and deception.”

A convinced Hindu himself, Dey found it “disgusting” that Sai Baba gave Hindus and Hinduism a bad name through “pathetic lies”, because his (former, if now much reduced)  mega-following caused too many people – in India and abroad – to associate Hinduism with people like him. Atanu holds that SB was a “small time magician and a big time crook” performing transparent magic tricks, his palming often very amateurish.  Yet he held Sai Baba to be a sharp businessman, giving his so-called ‘holy ash’ freely to poor people and rich alike, yet reserving the more valuable small objects – often of genuine 18 carat gold – for the rich and influential who visited him and who, in turn, would donate  money to him, often in massive amounts.

Dey wrote: “The real trick was how he fooled his followers. The man was a megalomaniac and his delusions of grandeur extended to believing that he was the god that monotheists believe in and that he had sent his son Jesus to earth. There’s something wrong with claiming that you are god of the monotheistic kind. It is a mental disorder routinely suffered by many in lunatic asylums. He was certifiably crazy. SSB died miserable, it appears. I felt sorry for him. He was bedridden and died of multiple organ failures. It is reported that the people looking after him were impatiently waiting for him to die. They could not wait to get their hands on the wealth that surrounded him.”

Accusing Sathya Sai Baba of “grand larceny practiced with impunity” Dey pointed out to the devotees that it is not o.k. to lie and cheats followers who appear to argue that it is ok, but it is not, says Dey,  “to lie and to cheat as long as you give some of the proceeds to charitable causes and if important people support you. Those who are seeking ways to rationalize their criminal behavior see what people like SSB do and it gives them comfort and justification to keep on ripping off people.” This should be obvious, but it is far from always being so in India. He concluded his first of three pages with “SSB is dead but his legacy of cheating and ripping off the poor and the gullible will continue. The League of Extraordinarily Crooked Politicians headed by Manmohan Singh will carry on the job.”

See more at:

Atanu Dey replied in an informed and balanced way to the accusation that his posting was injuring Hinduism.

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Asaram Bapu to be in the dock

Posted by robertpriddy on November 7, 2013

Asaram charged with rape, judicial custody extended
Last Updated: Wednesday, November 06, 2013, 08:31The Jodhpur Police on Wednesday filed a chargesheet against self-styled godman Asaram Bapu in connection with a sexual assault case.

At long last… all his ploys, delaying tactics and red herrings have gone to rot and he is to be held accountable. He feared this greatly, as his cowardly antics show all too clearly… let us hope that justice is done, also to the son of the father!

I am being projected as dracula, Asaram tells SC
Last Updated: Friday, November 01, 2013, 12:57 Asaram told the Supreme Court he was being projected as a dracula who drank children`s blood, but the apex court Friday declined to restrain media – both print and visual – from carrying news reports about his conduct.

Trying to create sympathy for himself by wilfully misrepresenting what he is charged for! Typical devious, slithering deceit.

Protest against Asaram Bapu Times of India.India Times .com  OI 2013-09-02 21:32:00
Congress party workers beat up a photo of controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu during a protest in Ahmedabad.

The Times of India also states “some followers of Asaram Bapu manhandle media persons”. The press have won the right to publish the news, despite Asaram’s legal ploys to silence it… at long last the press are showin courage in the face-off with a rich, powerful and unscrupulous ‘godman1’.

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The making of BBC’s film “The Secret Swami” and key unpublished facts

Posted by robertpriddy on November 5, 2013

The following mail containing vital information concerning the making of the BBC film “The Secret Swami” in 2004 is at least of historic interest. It  was fowarded to me by an exposé activist. Though it was confidential at the time, there is no reason to suppress these facts any longer.  The mailer was Basava Premanand, India’s former chief rationalist who was honoured by the government with its highest award for the promotion of scientific values among the public. He was one of the BBC’s chief contacts in India in the preparation and making of the film “The Secret Swami”, and the previously unpublished information in his mail throws light on the process and editing of the film.

NOTE: The links and purple text inserts within the mail have been inserted by me, Robert Priddy, for those who do not know to whom or what Premanand was referring. Eamon 

Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 12:12 PM
Subject: re

Dear friends,

Hereby I am acknowledging the mail of:
1. email from Glen dated 2.5.2004 sent at 11.12 pm Re: John Purcell (Glen was Glen Meloy, one of the first disaffected after 1999 who helped the BBC greatly in the USA. John Purcell was an outspoken youth having been sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba when still a minor)
2. email from Barry dated 2.5.2004 sent at 10:24 pm Re : John Purcell
3. email from Barry dated 2.5.2004 sent at 3:44 pm Re: Eamon confusion, Future Co-production ideo, BJP questions – Siddharth Sharma and any Jesuit – Hindutva Problem?

I am replying to your questions one by one. On 29.4.2004 Eamon and David Savill (note: Eamon Hardy, director and David Saville, producer)  have written to me that he can fly over to India if I want him to in May. I replied them that due to election it would be difficult to find Police Officers as they will be very busy in election duties. And if the government in Andhra changes they will be able to speak freely as they will have to be very careful of Naidu (N. Chandrababa Naidu Chief Minister for Andhra Pradesh)  who may put them to problems. Though it may not be possible for the government to dismiss them they will be harassed much.

The Interviews BBC didn’t film:-

1. Meeting Ravi who escaped from murder along with Vijay Prabhu to get the present addresses of the youths seduced by SSB.

2. Exposing Gopalakrishna Baba who claims to be a female and SSB the only male and that he is a Pathivrata. He was a bed mate of SSB. (Gopalakrishna Baba lived in a small Sai Baba temple in Bangalore)

3. Exposing Vibhuthi falling from SSB’s photographs at Karwar which was mishandled by Eamon Hardy.

4. Interviewing Mr. Rajan, the then Joint Director of CB-CID and other high ranking Police officers who investigated the murders on 6.6.1993.

5. Exposing Halagappa in Srirangapatnam where Vibhuthi comes from the SSB photos there and Amrit flowing from the lockets and under the concrete feet of SSB. Also film the opium plantations as opium is mixed in the Amrit.

6. To meet Sandeepan Chatterjee.

7. Meeting Vijaya Kumari (her brother is my neighbour whose father was alleged to have been resurrected thrice. Also to interview her on the 1st Bed mate of Sai Baba “Krishna” whom SSB called “Radha”.

8. Interviewing Diwakar Muthu Krishna who had married N. Radhakrishna’s sister who died in mysterious circumstances and who was the person who stood near the interview room and was also a bed mate of SSB.

9. Interviewing Neptune (sexually-abused by Sai Baba Neptune Chapotin)

10. Interviewing the Editor of Vijaya Viharam Mr. Ramana Murthy

11. Interviewing the Shop who supplies Vibhuthi to SSB.

12. Interviewing the Jewellers to sell jewellery to SSB to create them (Canadians interviewed Ashwath Narayana)

13. Interviewing Balaji whose kidney was stolen from SSB superspecialty hospital (Canadians interviewed them)

14. Interviewing the wife of a police constable who gave her Kidney to be transplanted to her husband and she has also a bill for about 10,000/- for purchasing medicine for her husband after the transplant but her husband died within a week.

Though arrangement were fully made by me to meet them and I went to Bangalore I was informed that they would meet them with the help of their staff and they failed because they phoned them first for permission for the interview.

What they filmed:-

1. Interviewing the mother of a youth who was murdered in 1987 as he ran away when he was to be sexually abused and later he was murdered by burning in the College Campus in day light and the police closed the case as suicide. All the school students protested before the police station and their parents were warned of police action against them.

2. Interviewing the father of murdered E.K. Suresh Kumar (you have mentioned him as a friend of Sidharth Sharma). He came to India to file a case about the murder and has given me power of Attorney to go even to International Courts. Being afraid of problems in India he has left for Malaysia after the interview.

3. They interviewed the then Home Secretary who has noted on the file of the murders in 1997 that action has to be taken against the police officers and the culprits behind the murders was Dora then Commissioner of Police and after retirement also filed a writ petition against the Government for closing the case on a confidential Govt. Order. It was dismissed. I had only 6 days with them from 26th to 31st March and I had to leave for Punjab to attend the National Conference of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations.

4. Interviewing Dr. Bhatia and Joshi the HRD Union Minister.

5. They interviewed my advocate Mr. K.N. Balgopal

6. They interviewed me for a full day and went through some records and letters from Supreme Court judges and politicians who have written to me that fighting SSB is futile and to use the money for some better purpose. At any rate the documentary when it is released would be an atom bomb.

7. Whom all they interviewed directly I don’t know.

As Mr. Eamon wanted to interview the above in May I wrote to him that it will be possible only after the election as all govt. officers and politicians would be busy in the election duty and will not be in their office.

My reply was sent only on 30th night and I am waiting for Eamon’s reply. As soon as I get I shall inform you.

He was very much interested to see a photograph wherein SSB is having oral sex in 1976 with an Indian youth. I have kept it as a trumph card in my case if the Supreme Court tries to dismiss our special leave petition. I have told BBC that they will be given the first preference when we are ready to publish it. (The photo was later stolen by a major burgling of Premanand’s house) I also have informed him that in the internet there was a mention of SSB having oral sex with an overseas student and if it is true I can ask my friends to contact them so that they may fly to the country. I am wondering whether you have been able to get information of the photograph and the address. I have written to you about it and am waiting anxiously to know whether he has been traced.

BBC did not make use of me for interviewing the Indian Youths who were sexually molested. I wanted to go and meet Ravi who escaped from being murdered to get the present addresses of molested youths who would come forward to be interviewed. As at that time I was financially very bad I asked for a loan of Rs. 20000/- to go about tracing their present address. I was informed by Eamon that they would themselves investigate through their staff.

What you have said in your email of 2.5.2004 sent at 3.36 pm you are correct of what BBC is up to.

Let us wait for 17.6.2004 on which date the documentary will be telecast and watch the outcome. The first exposure of SSB’s miracle shown in Guru Busters with a dozen of VVIP politicians as witnesses produced by Indian TV Doordarshan made for SSB’s propaganda film telecast by BBC, it was me who managed to get a copy and send it to my friend in London “Robert Eagle” who made the Guru Buster film. I believe I have touched most of the points raised by you and we have to wait for the release of the BBC documentary on 17.6.2004. Then I would plan for the future.

Regarding the Affidavits from the abused students please see to the following.

1. That their statements have records to prove that at that time they were in Puttaparthy, that they were called to the interview room etc., This is very necessary. It is not enough to say that they were used for sex by SSB. It would be necessary to produce these records in the court.

With regards

B. Premanand

Since his death,  the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA), an apex body of more than 75 rationalist, skeptic, secularist organizations in India, has instituted an award in memory of its founder-convener, B Premanand.  This award will be given to people who have given valuable contribution towards secularism, scientific temper, skepticism, rational inquiry etc in India.

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Miracles as Sai Baba’s ‘Visiting Cards’?

Posted by robertpriddy on November 3, 2013

Recapitulating some of the views of intelligent Indians on Sathya Sai Baba: In a longish comment on his blogsite site Jaggat wrote (02/08/2008):-
“I agree that the credulousness that people, especially in India, have in miracles makes them soft marks for charlatans.”

“I was talking to Nilakanth the other day about his experiences in Bangalore with Sai Saba and his followers. Members of his wife‘s family are wealthy and make huge donations to Sai Baba’s cause, despite having been shown videos that clearly demonstrate Sai Baba’s using cheap slight-of-hand to produce his “miracles” like coughing up a Shiva linga and the such.

NK also told how his wife invited a Sai Baba disciple, a woman, who had apparently learned the same tricks and was using them to build up a following. She miraculously produced for them a bauble from thin air that still had the market price ticket on it. And yet these educated, middle-class, well-to-do Indians were gobbling it up. Worse than all this, though, are the New Vrindavan-like stories of murder victims‘ bodies discovered in the premises of his ashrams and other such much more nefarious dealings, such as sexual abuse, etc.”

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