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Atanu Dey: Satya Sai Baba and the Confederacy of Criminals

Posted by robertpriddy on November 9, 2013

A down-to-earth Indian commentator on Indian development and related affairs, Atanu Dey, posted three web pages about Sathya Sai Baba on his website. He delivered a somewhat devastating  appraisal of the man, starting with the exclamation, “Satya Sai Baba is dead. He disproved his own prediction — that he’ll die at age 96 — by kicking the bucket at 86. SSB deceived, lied and cheated. He convinced millions of his followers that he was a good man when he himself must have known that he was cheating them. That in my books makes him despicable. He was a crook.”

To support his contention, Atanu Dey first asked us to consider one fact , namely that he was praised to the high heavens by the most crooked people alive in India today. Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, and dozens of high-powered politicians. “L. K. Advani went so far as to say, “I believe that spiritual leaders in our country provide sources of de-contamination, de-pollution….”. I understand the need for “de-contamination and de-pollution” for those who have to deal with so much dirty money and fraud on a national scale. It is clearly a confederacy of criminals — the politicians and fraudsters like SSB — that royally screws the ignorant Indian masses. Criminals hold other bigger criminals in high regard and it shows in how the politicians of India revere the masters of deceit and deception.”

A convinced Hindu himself, Dey found it “disgusting” that Sai Baba gave Hindus and Hinduism a bad name through “pathetic lies”, because his (former, if now much reduced)  mega-following caused too many people – in India and abroad – to associate Hinduism with people like him. Atanu holds that SB was a “small time magician and a big time crook” performing transparent magic tricks, his palming often very amateurish.  Yet he held Sai Baba to be a sharp businessman, giving his so-called ‘holy ash’ freely to poor people and rich alike, yet reserving the more valuable small objects – often of genuine 18 carat gold – for the rich and influential who visited him and who, in turn, would donate  money to him, often in massive amounts.

Dey wrote: “The real trick was how he fooled his followers. The man was a megalomaniac and his delusions of grandeur extended to believing that he was the god that monotheists believe in and that he had sent his son Jesus to earth. There’s something wrong with claiming that you are god of the monotheistic kind. It is a mental disorder routinely suffered by many in lunatic asylums. He was certifiably crazy. SSB died miserable, it appears. I felt sorry for him. He was bedridden and died of multiple organ failures. It is reported that the people looking after him were impatiently waiting for him to die. They could not wait to get their hands on the wealth that surrounded him.”

Accusing Sathya Sai Baba of “grand larceny practiced with impunity” Dey pointed out to the devotees that it is not o.k. to lie and cheats followers who appear to argue that it is ok, but it is not, says Dey,  “to lie and to cheat as long as you give some of the proceeds to charitable causes and if important people support you. Those who are seeking ways to rationalize their criminal behavior see what people like SSB do and it gives them comfort and justification to keep on ripping off people.” This should be obvious, but it is far from always being so in India. He concluded his first of three pages with “SSB is dead but his legacy of cheating and ripping off the poor and the gullible will continue. The League of Extraordinarily Crooked Politicians headed by Manmohan Singh will carry on the job.”

See more at:

Atanu Dey replied in an informed and balanced way to the accusation that his posting was injuring Hinduism.

3 Responses to “Atanu Dey: Satya Sai Baba and the Confederacy of Criminals”

  1. Lorraine said

    Re. comment quoted below (after this article) “You were told” , I actually witnessed all the above when unknowingly, I was a part of this dreadful CULT and their PATHETIC LEADER SSB. Even today, after Robert’s incredible, truthful exposition of this “person”, people still worship this demon. I just don’t understand it any longer. Corruption is rife in India, and the leaders still maintain their positions.


  2. Then of course we have the great Isaac Tigrett who has made copious videos, preaching the Sai message of “love all, serve all,” while he did nothing of the sort in his years there. He kept everyone at arm’s length, and would not speak to anyone if they were not of use to him. He is now back in the USA, working for some company there, although he has told people, he is still living in the ashram until death. (video of that is on line.)

    My family are only gradually coming around to the truth of their ordeals in India. If they ever make a full recovery, I don’t know. I can tell you the conversation at home, was always centered on Sai Baba – sort of ruined family life altogether…

    Comment by Robert:-
    Sai Baba set out to bind families to him and ruled them through encouraging conflict between them. A very good blog by a former insider devotee, Srikanth Uppuuri, explains this well:- How Sathya Sai Baba entered households – the Born into a Religion approach That blog site has many other very revealing fats, descriptions and insights.

  3. My family were devotees of Sai Baba, although they did not receive interviews. They were told from the very first visit, they would not ever get an interview, they were not rich enough, or useful enough. This warning came from people who had known Sai Baba over the years and were still loosely involved with the ashram. Strange, but this did not deter my family, they were completely enchanted by him. Just like the family featured in the film “Secred Swami.” The years went by and family members visited India often to be with the Guru but always there were problems. They were fearful of the seva dal or of staff members, or even other devotees. They did not see themselves as part of a cult, only as people searching for truth. They knew everything was not right there. Later they became confused sad people who lost their way.

    They used to bang on and on about the VIPs, often confused by the way they acted. The VIPS behaviour towards each other was pretty much a dog eat dog situation. I was told that on the veranda, the chosen Vips, often hated one another. Jealously was rife with constant back-biting. I was also told a really tragic story, of a VIP dying on the veranda, then being instantly carted outside, while several other lesser VIPS, immediately fought for his empty position!

    The lady VIPS were no better, I was told. They lied, pushed punched for places on the front row of the VIPS seating near the gate. Dana Gillespie, the singer was no better, although you would think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She had a chair along side other chosen ladies of privilege, one with easy access to talk to Sai Baba at any time. She, we were informed, totally ignored everyone in general public, as if they were beneath her. What one family member told me, was none of the VIPs ever spoke to general public, they went out of their way not to, while at the same time, giving lectures in the ashram, and on you tubes about spiritual values. I could not of treatment it just does not make sense.

    Reply from Robert: Thanks for this. The weight of testimony from dissident followers is still growing all the time and your contribution is important as it is entirely in line with what all of those of us who spent years visiting this most successful of all deceivers known to me learned. As the representative of the Sai Org. in Norway I was a very peripheral pseudo-VIP (never reckoned myself as important) but therefore I knew many of the VIPs personally from conferences etc. etc. and I would never invite any but a very few of them even to a cup of coffee, such self-important, frozen hearts and blocked mental apparatus as they had. They were mostly of the dog-eat-dog variety, imagining they were of the godly few.
    The nature of those who Sathya Sai baba chose as his trusted followers (i.e.’blind say-anything do-anything believers’) reflects fully on the nature of Sai Baba – not only that but it is a “reflection/resound & reaction!” (joke over).

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