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Indians donate to crooks, then hold them up as paragons says Atanu Dey

Posted by robertpriddy on November 12, 2013

Atanu Deu holds that Sathya Sai Baba was either a charlatan or a severely deluded person and, because he was regarded by so many as a Hindu leader, did more to discredit Hinduism and Hindus than the good he is reputed to have done. Meanwhile, non-devotees saw that he was  hoodwinking people, tricking people into believing that he could materialize ash (for the poor) and valuable small objects (for the rich.) Like many other observant people, Dey considers that numerous videos on YouTube show he was a trickster.

Dey takes issue with the idea that Hindus are necessarily smart people who are not easily  taken in and are not gullible. By giving away many cheap trinkets he pretended to materialise, he hoodwinked millions of Hindus hand over money to him. (Not only Hindus but countless foreigners of other beliefs too). Citing the fact that he built hospitals and delivered water to villages, Dey points out that, though “Indians have the resources to build hospitals and deliver water to villages,  they don’t do it. The Indian government is incompetent and cannot get the resources from the people to do it. It also means that Indians have to be tricked into doing the right thing. They are gullible and mean. That’s what we have been saying — you Indians are ethically challenged. It is very sad.”

Using deceits to get people to cough up means his underlying message – however deep most devotees though it to be – was “shoddy”, wrote Dey “Think about it for a moment. Had the message been good, would it require conjuring tricks for convincing people?”

The “good work” he did such as funding schools and hospitals was done by gathering a lot of money from a lot of people under false pretexts  “and some of it he used to fund social causes. If he had not lied and cheated, he would still have gathered donations to fund social causes. That he lied and cheated is a terribly sad commentary on our society. It is this. We as a society are not enlightened enough to fund social causes. We as a society are gullible and ignorant that we get taken in by cheats, and we give money to these people because we think we are gaining something in exchange. The cheats are cynical enough to take the money but savvy enough to channel some of the gains to social causes.”

The worst of it, according to Dey, is “…that we give money to crooks, who then use it to fund needed social institutions, and then we hold these crooks up as paragons is perhaps one of the most damning indictment of our society.”

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