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Asaram’s son Narayan Sai wanted group sex

Posted by robertpriddy on November 14, 2013

Narayan Sai group sex lust

Who can doubt that this is a family that is rotten to the core? Answer, all the pseudo-religious worshippers of guru charlatans and criminal ‘spiritual’ mountebanks. These ‘holy ashram’ organisations – like Sathya Sai Baba’s – procure sex partners from those who follow the gurus unknowingly, whether it be underage or adult victims, girls or boys! There seem to be no limits to the raging sexual desires… Narayen Sai now reportedly mad for group sex and drugs too!



2 Responses to “Asaram’s son Narayan Sai wanted group sex”

  1. Yes Even Osho was a pedophile and pervert. Anyone teaching or interpreting Hinduism, or the bibles, or Koran is neurotic. Psychologically, interpretation involves the interpreter in a struggle to divide mankind and prove their beliefs, and all the books are truth just not clear truth, but muddy truth, clouds of ignorance. Anyone inquiring into truth individually does not start as a fragment by trying to prove their beliefs are like those in the old books, or with the motive to keep believing their traditional divisive beliefs, and ideals in self becoming without perception, and awareness are true. Sexual repression causes mental problems in all human beings not just those perversions there are laws against . But also sadism, and cruelty, and psychological bullying, increased vanity, megalomania, and the real exploitation of the woman, and child and follower in life.

    Comment by Robert
    It is abundantly clear that these sexual proclivities are very widespread among gurus in India, as a long string of convictions in Indian courts, though there should almost certainly have been many, many more. The problem is the mass of people who are brought up in a faith and cannot shake it off for any number of reasons (family, social connections, lack of alternative vision and knowledge), including those who embrace some faith or guru because they imagine a new life beginning for themselves with all manner of esoteric blessings and guarantees in which they become hopelessly indoctrinated. Therefore, I do not think that we can apply the label ‘neurotic’ to those who seek to find out whether these various religious beliefs and promises are valid or not – it would then apply to myself, and I have always enjoyed prime psychic health and an unusually harmonious life (I have also worked a couple of years in the mental health sector at top institutions). Nonetheless, based on my own long experience of ‘spiritual’ people, I am in no doubt that many followers of Indian gurus have major personal and often serious psychic problems. So I do agree basically with most of your contentions.

  2. eileenweed said

    Their degenerate actions, all in the name of spirituality, are disgusting. As word spreads, the people who are harboring the escaped Narayan Sai (and probably getting paid handsomely for it) will lose their loyalty. What is needed is someone offering a LARGE REWARD for his capture.

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