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Sathya Sai Baba birthday 88th celebration

Posted by robertpriddy on November 21, 2013

Despite the ignominious death of Sathya Sai Baba in 2011 – at least a decade earlier than all his ‘all-knowing’ different predictions of his departure (!), his birthday anniversary is to be celebrated by what remains of the devotees who bother to go to boring, boring Puttaparthi for the repetition of all the same empty claims and supposed ‘teachings’ by Sai Baba charmed parroters and the tinsel, pomp and pomposity that always was a main ingredient.

There will be the usual captive audience (of much depleted post mortem proportions) made up of pupils and students who are mostly still stuck in the schools and colleges, remaining residents of the Prashanthi ashram (virtually no foreigners left among them), and the diverse gang of Indian Sai Baba gravy train riders and profiteers, along with those remaining followers who have not realised the deceptions that have enveloped them and infested their minds to the point of gridlock and intense denial of all unpleasant facts and truths. However, yet again, there will not be notable persons present, none of the one-time visiting VIP dignitaries from the Indian government or major institutions. Any non-coloured foreigners will surely be included in photos of the event, but they will surely again be but a tiny number compared to any event there for decades.

Nor are any of the former famous musical artists to be there. The powers-that-be were even reduced to calling on “the whistling wizard” who once performed there nearly 20 years ago! (His performance was long, tiring and keening, to say the least.) The Sai Symphony Orchestra will perform, consisting of some foreign followers who joined up because they could play instruments, so get privileges and ‘plenty darsan’ (now long gone).

A talk will be held on November 25th by Dr. Narendranath Reddy, good friend of the discredited Prof. G. Venkararaman (enthusiast for dictator Idi Amin) , who denied there could be any sexual abuse by Sai Baba who he knew to be God Himself – despite the large number of sworn testimonies from young men worldwide. Dr. Reddy, however, was one of the secretive insider doctors who attended the vastly underweight Sai Baba during his last days in his own hospital and who was implicated in the strict cover-up of the real cause of his condition, which appears to be entirely consistent with advanced AIDS (extreme weight-loss, organ failures etc.). Dr. Reddy, a doctor, had his head in the clouds throughout, as his  besotted conversation with Venkataraman shows:-



The death of Sai Baba, the extremely premature and fully documented order for his special embalming casket/coffin on  March 29 before his reported death on April 11th – and other serious claims of foul play were silenced by the large cordon of compromised power politicians and judges who had worshipped him before they learned of his pedophilia and murderous propensities, plus typical court delays most likely involving bribes. His birth date has long been in doubt due to school documents and other indications, and his actual date of death is also in doubt…news reports prove that his funeral was also arranged, dignitaries invited and extensive security people drafted in days before his supposed death on Easter Sunday (convenient to make a bogus link to Christ). 

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