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Sai Baba birthday anniversary and his legacy to humankind

Posted by robertpriddy on November 23, 2013

What was Sathya Sai Baba’s overall legacy?
by Robert Priddy (copyright)

The self-appointed omniscient Avatar of the Age and Creator of the Universe, Sathya Sai Baba, made many prophesies and all-encompassing promises, almost none of which have been fulfilled. His success at getting donations (mostly through deceit and fraud) giving him huge money power to bribe and lifelong political protection to the highest possible level, has encouraged many other ‘divine’ copyists and sex abusing swamis etc. who have made vast profits. That was perhaps his main legacy to India. Yet he outspokenly promised to save humanity, firstly by cleaning up the corruption and evils of India, educating his students to assume positions in the running of the country at least before 1980 so as to achieve this. His students never reached any top positions, their education having been authoritarian, mostly learning only by rote, not allowing free thinking or criticism of any kind while daily having to imbibe pseudo-spiritual religious empty talk. No spiritual or social redemption of India, or of its intense sufferings, poverty and criminality (right up to the highest level) has been achieved. India’s corruption and bribery problems have only increased decade by decade. With his sleight-of-hand and fraudulent methods of obtaining donations, he has encouraged and inadvertently spawned a surge in unscrupulous charlatans masquerading as spiritual or religious miracle-makers throughout India and in many other countries. The Sai Baba movement became a more and more controlling and manipulative cult with draconian punishments (including numerous murders and disappearances) and unaccountability through bribery and political influence upon which other major money-grubbing swamis and self-realisation gurus have modelled their own ashrams, most notably perhaps Ammachi, Bala Sai Baba, Nithyananda, Asaram Bapu and more besides. Some legacy for poor suffering India and the world!

Sathya Sai Baba’s relatively small social achievements – not much for a God Creator & Saviour of humanity – are still trumpeted in propagandistic misinformation by those who endorse him. These include numerous low standard schools and colleges bearing his name, a ‘deemed university’ whose graduates cannot think for themselves (according to V.K. Narasimhan, SB’s journal editor),  two private, secretive & unaccountable hospitals (the super specialty hospital in Puttaparthi entirely financed by a foreign follower)  a miserably failed water project – paid for by devotees and ruined by bent contractors and his own officials – to provide water to numerous villages (and his ashram!) in Rayalaseema district of Andhra Pradesh, plus another canal project for drinking water to Chennai. Though he taught that social service is one of the ways to reach ‘divine enlightenment’ (i.e.the eternally-promoted pie in the sky), he ended up as a miserly hoarder of vast wealth in his huge locked palatial building and other secret rooms, not discovered (or plundered) until after his death. 

Though very many have claimed that Sathya Sai Baba has helped them have faith in God (at best, a doubtful benefit), better to face life, suffering, loss and death,  or that he healed them, inspired them and so on, there are also a very considerable number of people who claim he has ruined their lives through his deceptions and false promises, and not least by far, his decades of sexual abuses. This is a legacy which some devotes try to rationalize away, excuse as his Divine Right and other preposterous theological theories. Those devotees are too dependent on their belief and indoctrination that they live in denial of all common sense and decency.

In his declared ‘divine mission’ to revive the ancient religious teachings and reinstate the code of right action (sanathana dharma) so as to return India to the values of a bygone age, Sai Baba discoursed endlessly, spreading superstitious ideas and promoting revanchist and authoritarian ancient methods of rule and religious education – including endorsement of the unjust and primitive social caste system. Claiming that this obscurantist religion to be ‘universal spirituality’, infallible truth and promoting true values, he even prophesied in 2008 that all India would become Hindu in 28 years time (i.e. by 2020)  and that India would be the moral regenerator of the entire world. In view of what India is today, nothing so laughably erroneous can hardly be conceived! Yet Sai Baba held that everything in the universe is perfect, it is only a question of seeing things in the right way (his confused way, through the  rose-coloured spectacles he actually recommended). If he lied and deceived, accused his critics of being demons without a spark of the divine in them etc.) nonetheless he said he loved everyone and believed everyone loved him, so  everything was hunky-dory and eternally secure in his hands. How can anyone believe it?  

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One Response to “Sai Baba birthday anniversary and his legacy to humankind”

  1. Sai Baba is a fraud…most gurus are. They draw to themselves others having itching ears. They pretend to interpret ancient texts as if they could mind read something said hundreds of years ago. They love to be worshipped and claim no ego? Really? Let the play go on..they are acted upon; and so are we. Alas there is no ego, no mind; just a delusion that a perception clings too for in it’s ignorance it forever holds to it’s own autonomy.

    Why is it humans have a need to follow a MAN? The blind follow the blind and both fall into the ditch. The perception has become AWARE, and now it thinks it is AWARENESS itself. One does not need a guru to tell you that. The very fact you are aware is self evident; but you want to be more; which can never be simply because you are NOT;,nor can ever be. All “THAT”…

    NO thing actually exists apart from that screen itself. Awareness only knows ITSELF by what is not itself. It can only discover what it is NOT, never what it is. When what it is NOT ceases to be; then Awareness itself ceases to be although it has the potential to be again.

    Comment from Robert Priddy.
    No doubt that Sai Baba was a deceiver and criminal, but he was not only a simple charlatan all the time, as you suggest. This makes it seem far simpler than it really is. Firstly, everyone born grows up following others, without whom one would still have a stone age mentality. It is unavoidable that people before maturity should follow others, and society provides any number of different preceptors, (teachers, scientists, authors, priests, idols of politics, stage, screen, sports… you name it. Most gurus are no doubt not in possession of any special knowledge or heightened awareness, but there are huge differences between human beings… some few can remember everything that they have ever experienced and can name the date and time of each event! So have developed vast knowledge, other extreme intuition… so it is natural for people who find out about them would wish to learn from them.

    Secondly, the nature of consciousness – and awareness – cannot be simplified to the somewhat dogmatic level suggested. Neurologists, philosophers and other disciplines are still only at the relative beginnings of understanding their nature. Further, quite apart from so-called ‘mystic religious experiences’, innumerable people have testified, the ingestion of certain substances, such as mescaline, opium, LSD-25, DMT and many yet more powerful mind-altering agents, normal awareness is vastly enhanced and freed from its usual limitations to an almost infinite extent. You can read something about this here Without such experiences, however they came about, very many foreigners would not have been interested enough in Hinduism or gurus, who claim (and in some cases definitely appear) to possess what most people call either deep intuition or extra-sensory powers. This also forms a basis for outright charlatans to draw those with less knowledge and experience to them.

    Your view that ‘awareness has the potential to be again’ (unless you are thinking of people who lose consciousness and reawaken, you seem to think of after death, reincarnation) has no empirical backing whatever. It is an inherited belief from times when humankind understood very little of what causes everything, including dreams of ancestors, deities, devils… the idea of an afterlife was one explanation of these things, and far preferable to believing death is final. It persisted as civilisations developed, still without but a tiny understanding of causes (i.e. the sciences) and eventually diverse became codified in speculative scriptures etc. etc., also being used as a means of control and manipulation of others (by priesthoods, witch doctors etc.). This we do know, but no proper evidence to support reincarnation exists.

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