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Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s “Return”

Posted by robertpriddy on November 29, 2013



Delusional devotees are spreading their fantastic irrational hopes around by  email at rapid pace, amongst themselves… mostly useless and formally repeated blubber. The still cannot at all understand how they were tricked by Sathya Sai Baba into believing that his most severe illness in April 2011 was simply ‘divine play’ to ‘test the faith’ of devotees.

[ Up-date June 2014: It was claimed (by Isaac Tigrett) that Sai Baba returned in a ‘subtle body’ to hold discourses as Kodaikanal, but this was denied by the Prasanthi Council and also was considered not so by Sreejith Narayan, though his sidekick the bogus ‘the author of scholar’ Waris Faridi believed it. (Neither were present to the event)]

———- Forwarded message ———-From: jitenthakrar <>
Date: 2 November 2013 05:06
Subject: [saibabanews] The concept of God’s return in the same form as the last one…

EXCERPT: “I had been praying to Baba to show me in dreams that He means it literally, when He says He (Sathya Sai Baba) is coming back (which is what I always understood he meant), but if He made it so very clear like the above dreams, then others would understand the meaning literally too… He then showed and appeared in the latest two dreams, as described above. 

‘Sai Thy Kingdom Come’ – a deliberation on the possibility of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s “Return”. Swami’s mystery cannot be understood. The best we can do is to get immersed in it. Only thing certain is that whatever He has said is bound to happen. With that certainty, everything else becomes irrelevant. Swami’s words in various discourses provide clear indication that it was not time for His final disappearance yet. Which would mean only one thing; that He will certainly be back in the  same physical form as Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! Swami has also provided some astounding indications on His imminent return. Further, there are some mind-boggling prophecies in certain unique scriptures that clearly foretell Swami’s reappearance. This book is a humble attempt to put together these bits and pieces of information into a definite shape and present them before an earnest enquirer.”

“In all honesty; since the day of the announcement of Baba leaving the form, so many around the globe have sparingly contacted me and asked me for my opinion on why our Father left ‘unexpectedly,’ and if I knew of what His plan has been all along, and if He is possibly going to return?. – I had always spoken honestly, and explained that I cannot make public or statements unless God Himself asks me to, and until He does, I cannot speak of this particular topic either. As Baba says, there is one way to win His grace, and that is via obedience. As He never asked me to speak of this topic, even though He has shared much with me; I did not disclose much at all. Well, now He has! I have been told to explain to the masses today what the Truth behind this topic is, and I have been asked to do it buy sharing two particular dreams with you, (which until this day, I have shared with only about ten selected and permitted individuals)

Note: that what SB said is bound to happen is already a totally disproven claim. Most of his prophesies failed already. See Sai Baba failed prophesies and
 Sathya Sai Baba failed prophesy as the ‘great saviour of mankind’  – eg. Sai Baba being ‘king of the whole world’ from AD 2000, Muslims recognizing him 9 years before his passing, and the whole world visiting Prashanthi Nilayam. See also 
Sai Baba’s definitive prediction of World Peace by 2007!

See a further analysis of claims in ‘Sai, Thy Kingdom Come’ here

Before Sai Baba died aged 85, all devotees believed he would survive because he had prophesied he would live until his 90s (giving several different times he would ‘leave the body’ – i.e. die). Nonetheless they all found it necessary to pray for him (to him or ?) and hope and trust and believe all he had said was gospel, eternal truth. Events proved them entirely wrong to believe him. One can view one small sample of this indoctrinated mentality of denial posted on a closely censored pro-Sai Yahoo group here by clicking on link or image below:-


Sai Baba resurrection – vain hopes of Satish Naik


STILL to be entrapped in belief-dependence on this ‘Avatar’ and his cult, with its disinformation and criminal clandestine activities and connections makes one feel pity for these poor people… like sheep still praying to the wolf in sheep’s clothing who preyed on them, their energies and money, having  ‘shepherded’ them into a hopeless cognitive confusion and emotional dependency.

See also Prema Sai Predicted Coming

4 Responses to “Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s “Return””

  1. Hi Robert

    thanks for the links.
    lemme check them out :)

  2. Hi Robert

    i havent read the book but i’d just like to point out that though Sai did say that He would hang around for 96 years in His Sathya Sai body, people tend to forget that He had also said many times that it was upto Him to extend His stay or to go off early. so there’s no major dilemma here :)

    Robert’s comment:
    He gave several different predictions of his life span. Yet he claimed that every word he spoke was unassailable truth! As ever, he said anything that he fancied, whatever came into his mind as it suited him. So his many boastful predictions were easy to show to be complete rubbish (check the links given). This is a major issue – a dilemma only for those in an indoctrinated, self-deluded cognitive impasse.
    Of course there are masses of similar deceptions and lies by this bogus ‘Creator of the Universe’ & ‘Deity of All Deities“, which the exposé has documented on a vast scale. History will put SB in perspective, an unpunished criminal with blood on his hands.

  3. Hi Robert,

    I have in fact taken the trouble to read the book ‘Sai, Thy Kingdom Come’, which is the one that is referred to in this mail correspondence. It is for sale on Amazon, but can also be downloaded in 12 languages from this website

    It was written by Sreejith Narayan, an IT-consultant, who has a considerable readership worldwide by now. In his book he says this about himself. “I came into Swami’s fold in 1992 and since then Swami has been guiding me in many ways through dreams and life lessons. A Software Engineer by profession, I currently reside in New Jersey, USA and originally hail from Kerala, India. I am currently serving as the Service Coordinator for Bridgewater Sai Center, regularly participate in Sai activities and am very active in the Sai community in my region. Before moving to USA in 1997, I was an active Young Adult and Sevadal in Kerala, India.”

    In his Introduction Narayan writes: ‘This is not an attempt to predict what is going to happen. It advertently takes the shape of an academic research of which the underlying principle is “He said so, it must happen so”.
    Based on scriptural analysis of Sai Baba’s own words, combined with other written sources (Nadi predictions, Mahdi predictions, et cetera), he reaches the for him inescapable conclusion that Sai Baba’s untimely demise has been for the purpose of giving his devotees a training time before returning once more in his current form, in mid 2014 at the latest.

    Narayan’s effort has gained popularity through the work of Ted and Jody Cleary, who promoted the book and its author widely. A long interview with Narayan can be found on their website Souljourns, and also on YouTube:

    Now, this Narayan is not a stupid man. Yet, to me, the whole effort is eerily reminiscent of a group of Christians who occupied one of the large bridges here in town for nearly two decades. They placed a large bicycle cart, with a big sign on it by the roadside, which I passed every morning on my way to work at the university. The sign read: The second coming of Christ is near!! and was followed by an ‘end date’. Interestingly enough, when the expiration date had gone by without any sign of Christ’s return, instead of surrendering to the inevitable, they returned with their message. For years on end, they kept postponing the date unperturbed, by hand, to the bewilderment and amusement of most passers-by.


  4. Lorraine said

    Poor fools!

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