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Indian President snubs dead ‘god-avatar’? Changed mind?

Posted by robertpriddy on December 19, 2013

CORRECTION It seems that the President may have changed his mind due to the publicity he caused by appearing to ignore Prashanthi Nilayam, because he left for Puttaparthi soon after the conclusion of the public meeting at Anantapur on Monday morning in the special helicopters of the Indian Air force, visited the Prasanthi Nilayam along with Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Governor ESL Narasimhan and Minister Geeta Reddy.President-no-visit-to_PN He stayed a short while only.

The President of India, who endorsed Sathya Sai Baba by going to his funeral, is to pass through Prashanthi Nilayam airport to a political function, but avoiding the ashram! Puttaparthi is useful to the famous people, at least as an airport! People stop by but do not even go to the samadhi to say hello! One can be sure that the Sathya Sai Trust gang and other officials have desperately tried to get luminaries to visit, if only for five minutes and to keep a reputation of Puttaparthi being important. But all in vain. Now that the living God is dead and so can no longer pull strings and give them publicity, it is of no use to them. Perhaps the President of India realises that to visit the ashram now would be to bring forth the mutual endorsements of sexual abusers Asaram Bapu and Sathya Sai Baba?

All the compromised former Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, and other luminaries who were followers of Sai Baba before the massive scandals of sex abuse broke in 1999 were virtually trapped into protecting him so as not to lose face and prestige. What a relief it must be for them not to have to face up to continually endorsing that unconvicted criminal by visiting him.

The Deccan Chronicle also wrote:- 

“The President would arrive on a special aircraft to Prasanthinilayam airport at around 11.20 am on December 23 and directly proceed to Anantapur in a helicopter, sources said. After taking part in the celebrations at Sanjeeva Reddy stadium, the President would return to Prasanthinilayam and proceed to Hyderabad in a special aircraft.
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy and Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan would accompany the President.
The police authorities are making elaborate security arrangements at Puttaparthi airport and Sanjeeva Reddy stadium in Anantapur district in the wake of President’s visit.”

The airport – financed by the State and given to Sai Baba – is a very dead duck, very seldom used at all, and impossible to sell! The President’s ‘special aircraft’ will simply use it as a suitable landing place for his travels. See also  Sathya Sai Airport “white elephant” for sale!

2 Responses to “Indian President snubs dead ‘god-avatar’? Changed mind?”

  1. Simon Med said

    Inaccurate ?

    Not inaccurate, Simon Med of New York (most likely a devotee of the dead guru?). Can’t you read? I posted a correction long before your comment was sent in. When written, the original posting was entirely accurate – being copied from the Deccan Chronicle (and found on several other main news outlets in India). I up-dated the blog with a correction (24th Dec.) as soon as I discovered from the Times of India that the Indian President had, after all, decided to visit the ashram briefly on his return journey.

    Apropos, unlike all Sathya Sai Baba news releases on him or related issues in India – web sites, blogs, and newspaper reports (like The Economist, Times of India etc.) – I actually correct any slips or mistakes . I even allow reasonable critical comments which no single Sai Baba related website EVER allows, blog or newspapers with his devotee editors do!
    Think, this President of India also worships a person who was known most widely in India and abroad for the most excessive claims every made – Creator of the Universe, the Deity to whom all deities must defer, the Father who sent Christ… while being know to have sexually abused innumerable students and young male foreign visitors, including underage boys! The biggest Indian scandal and criminal cover-up by nearly all top politicians and judges who has already endorsed and worshipped him before the sexual testimonies came to light thanks to the Internet, whereby they closed ranks and protected their so-called reputations as best they could.

  2. eileenweed said

    What makes the snub even more amazing, is the VIP was only 3 kilometers from the samadhi, but it wasn’t worth his while to take the 15 minutes to bow and then leave. Instead, he continued his journey two hours away to Anantapur!

    Even when the airport was used twice a week for the Madras-Parthi-Bombay flights, many people stayed on the plane while us few devotees alighted at Puttaparthi. Most people took the flight only to get to the other metropolis.

    I wonder if they ever managed to sell the airport? Probably not – just another White Elephant legacy of the ‘god in human form’!

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