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Asaram Bapu: documentation of crimes

Posted by robertpriddy on December 22, 2013

The Dark Side of Asaram Bapu His comments on rape were merely the tip of a sinister iceberg by Haima Deshpande

We read about Asaram Bapu :- “His controversial intervention in the Delhi rape case—when he said “galati ek taraf se nahin hoti hai,” suggesting the victim of the sexual assault was equally responsible for the crime—has recently brought unwanted national attention to the man, but in Gujarat, Asaram and his Motera ashram have been in the eye of a storm since July 2008. “

The controversy in question is the death of two children – 10-year old cousins – who were students at the ashram, but disappeared after one month. The subsequent events speak volumes to those who know how frequent bribery occurs, not least of the police by ‘godmen’ with huge fortunes. The Vagela family were contacted by the ashram, as follows:-

“At 9 pm the same day, Praful Vaghela received a call from the ashram administration inquiring if the children had come home. The Vaghelas went to the ashram and looked for the children. At the end of their futile search, Pankaj Saksena, the administrator of the gurukul told them to go around a peepal tree 11 times and ask for the children. They did so but “nothing happened”. The family, Vaghela claimed, wanted to file a police complaint, but the Ashram administration did not allow them to do so. The family waited out the night and proceeded to the Chandkeda police station the next morning. Two office bearers of the ashram—Vikas Khemcha and Ajay Shah—were already there at the police station. “They went in and spoke to the police. Then they came out and told us to go inside. The police got angry with us when we demanded that a complaint be filed. They did not let us file one,” says the distressed father.”

Eventually, however, the two children were found:- “Their bodies were finally recovered from a dried-up riverbed close to the ashram. Vaghela can still vividly recall the harrowing sight—his son Dipesh’s arms were missing from the shoulder down. All the internal organs were missing, only the hollowed out ribcage remained. His left leg appeared to be cut off at the ankle, the right leg seemed burnt. His nephew Abhishek’s body was half burnt as well. Instead of helping the family, the policemen harassed them and refused to register complaints against Asaram and the ashram.”

This is just one incident among many others which have become known and which has brought Asaram Bapu and his son, Sai Narayan, into police custody and court. What the outcome will be – despite massive evidence of wrongdoing, including sexual abuses – is yet to be seen, though the power of Asaram Bapu with political defenders is not inconsiderable.  (see also selected comments on this article)


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