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Prashanthi Nilayam owners of ashram apartments beware!

Posted by robertpriddy on December 29, 2013

E-mail forwarded to this blog site by interested party

E-mail forwarded to this blog site by interested party

Always on the look-out for ways and means of extorting money from visitors and devotees, the Sathya Sai Central Trust is now forcing through a takeover of all properties of so-called ‘owners’ of the small, tawdry, unfurnished but very expensive apartments at Sai Baba ashrams. It is literally FORCING those who own rooms in the ashrams to come there in PERSON, otherwise they lose their rights to the room FOREVER – even though they paid many thousands of dollars for a guaranteed, life-time room! They are NOT allowed to pay via any method electronically or through friends! In short, a way to get many well-heeled visitors to fleece while they are there too!

This decision is not found on any official Sai Baba site so far, so the Trust is presumably spreading this dictate privately. It would be kept as private as possible as it is yet another indictment of the extreme money-grasping culture that the ashrams increasingly introduced, which was silently condoned by Sai Baba himself and his Trust. The severely reduced financial situation in the Sai movement at present, with massive fall-off of visitors and donors is probably the motive for this latest scam… ‘divine daylight robbery’! Nonetheless, it is a very minor crime compared to the embezzlement and misappropriation involving the ever totally secret and unaccountable Sathya Sai Central Trust.

One must ask: will the money-voracious and unaccountable Trust count the usual three years time from the last time the owner came, or does this start now? It is fairly well-known that, if the person registered as ‘the owner’ dies, the room immediately becomes the property of the ashram. The term ‘owner’ was simply a deceit to induce people to donate the large sums required for use of a room when they were in the ashram (the time of residence allowed by ‘owners’ being constantly reduced down to one month per annum or less).  As soon as the ashram finds out an owner is dead, they immediately open the room and empty it out completely, such as – for example, happened in the case of resident Susan Caffery’s room when she died a year and a half ago.

Sathya Sai Baba institutions became increasingly mercenary after I first visited in 1984. By the time of Sai Baba’s 70th birthday in 1996 it had become evident to many of us foreign devotees that Sai Baba’s original policy of not soliciting funds and not incurring undue expenses had become very hollow. Campaigns were started on orders from above within the Sathya Sai Organisation to collect funds for colleges, hospitals, museums and other projects. The amount donors had to give to qualify to become a so-called ‘owner’ of a small 2-roomed flat increased out of all proportion to the construction costs. The once small rent to visitors who were able to share such a small apartment with others was doubled and quadrupled. All devotees were invited to attend the 70th birthday as guest ‘delegates’ (and even casual visitors qualified, so as to inflate statistics) without paying rent. Once there, however, a quite considerable rent was (apologetically) required after all.  One notorious officially approved campaign was the “Currency of Love” Sai Organisation supported scam to swell Central Trust funds.  This scam caused virtually all investments to be a total loss to the devotes who backed it, but only gain to the Central Trust!

Prashanthi Nilayam had soon established a golden rule that was never broken by its officials: there can never be a cash refund! This was taken to such lengths that, when I paid in too much on the spot for books the Books and Publications Trust by mistake, I was refused any cash return. It was the rule, however large the sum. If one complain even a few minutes after discovering a mistake (however large) it is refused. Victims of these errors were told that a refund will in time – and if fully documented – be added to one’s credit on a personal account, but not refunded! Money cannot never be taken out of any account one has deposited it in, even to close down the account. It must be used! That is illegal practice – but devotees did not want to cause waves or confront the system in any way as they would only suffer banishment.

From 1997 onwards, so-called donors had to pay a premium to become owners- starting at US $7,000.00 (see receipt), but – upon arriving at the ashram – were informed that they would only get the use of an apartment for anything up to 1 month a year (or even only 2 weeks, depending), without the possibility of locking off the small kitchen to keep personal belongings in, as owners always had been allowed to do, though the apartment was let out to other visitors for the rest of the time they were back in their homes. (Profitable for the ashram officials who siphoned off all they could).

Many other scams, including kickbacks, embezzlement, bribes, money and property theft, unexplained sacking of Trust members etc., and some of the secrets of the Central Trust, the Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust and other Sai Baba institutions can be found out about by advanced searching the above words and also ‘Sai Trust’ etc. on the Internet, not least on the search box on my main website at and on this blog site’s search facility. For deception on donors by Sai Baba and Org., see

That I know about donations all too well can be confirmed with documentation here.

One Response to “Prashanthi Nilayam owners of ashram apartments beware!”

  1. A comment came from a person who asks for his identity to be protected. The text was as follows:-

    “Dear Sir,
    Just read your latest article about the money grabbing nature of the central-trust. I know of one case personally wherein after the death of the person…the trust took away the room and all that was there in it. Even the member of my family who was in a very high position within the organisation was asked a sum of 15,000-25,000 rupees in 1998 or so(it was an amount then!!!),indirectly it was a way of telling them that if they wanted to retain their positions…they must pay. Thanks for the expose.”

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