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Deceived by Sai Baba – a catalogue of ills

Posted by robertpriddy on January 13, 2014

Some postings from former times which remind of some aspects of the vast deceptions and problems caused by Sathya Sai Baba for a great number of people who left him. The catalogue of negative incidents, none of which are mentioned on any Sai  Baba pages or in publications by devotees and apologists, needs not to be forgotten. Here are some samples from minor and major postings by dissidents:-

Billionaire US metals trader James Sinclair bought much private time with Sathya Sai Baba by mega donations – several billion $US altogether. His wife Barbara Sinclair was in much pain from arthritis and blood pressure etc. so she went alone to visit Sai Baba but was killed in a taxi on the way to the ashram. She had been called to India alone by Sai Baba. Knowing the levels of corruption crime among Sai Trust and ashram officials – not least that numerous murders have been covered up – foul play is not so unlikely. It is not expensive to hire goondas to assassinate, such as by road accidents with huge lorries. Her arrival date was known in advance and,  since she was very rich and would have made a huge testament to Sai Baba, the money would then have been forthcoming.James Sinclair saw it all as a great blessing to her and wrote the following amazing words:
“thank you, beloved Swami, for having such compassion to your totally devoted child, Barbara, to have cured her of the most insidious disease, ‘I am the body’”
One cannot but wonder how much money the Sathya Sai Central Trust got, but the secrecy is so great in the unaccountable Trust that no one outside it could find out!  (The poor taxi driver was killed too… presumably a double blessing and cure of the alleged disease of life?)
Click here to read James Sinclair’s account of the entire incident

Shobie Kapoor’s Story

1. Letter from Jose Santiago

 2. Sai Baba’s preference for foreigners during interviews

3. Jose on a failed prediction about his life by Sai Baba

Margo’s Visit to India in 2001: “I just returned from Delhi. I found it most interesting and, I must say, gratifying, to observe the complete absence of sb images on the streets and in shops and restaurants. It was a radical change from my last trip to Delhi two years ago. In fact, few people showed any interest in even discussing sb – again a huge shift from prior times – and those that did were either very sceptical or decidedly on the “anti” side.”


A Quick Topic Discussion on Devotion and being a Devotee
Interesting reflections on why people find it very hard to give up a belief or a guru even when confronted with shocking evidence that their faith is misplaced

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