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Brindavan ashram death

Posted by robertpriddy on January 15, 2014


Sadly another lonely old lady dies without anyone knowing until long after, a not uncommon occurrence. The report that the lady was a “music teacher at the Sai Baba ashram” seems misleading, since no female music teachers are able to work at the Brindavan College, whic is male only. The Brindavan ashram has had nothing but the most sporadic and little-atttended ‘bhajan’ sessions for over two years.  People often say they are this or that so as not to lose face – esp. Sai devotees who have no occupation when they are only hanging about hoping and  waiting for eternal salvation. As in other countries, Indian police and journalists have to say something in such circumstances, so they often make out something as more than it is…. typical of such officials too who never want to lose face by seeming knowledgeable.

One Response to “Brindavan ashram death”

  1. eileenweed said

    Yes you are right, sounds like the police took hearsay from neighbors and printed it as fact, it is highly unlikely a woman would be working at the all-men college which is within the ‘ashram’ (if it can be called that, since it probably only has a handful of residents besides the students and teachers). Very sad that no one noticed her absence even after several days (that is further evidence she was not working on a regular basis), You’d think she’d have someone, friends or nosy Indian neighbors, who would inquire after her, which makes me think Kadugodi, like Puttaparthi, has dozens of empty buildings. Furthermore, 70 is young for a woman to die nowadays, I wonder if she had a sickness that was not treated and therefore, she died alone and ill, probably praying to her god sai baba, who did not save her or bring her love and care in her last moments. Sad, indeed, and all the more reason for us to place faith in the living than in the dead con artists.

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