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Divine power, pomp, show and gullibility

Posted by robertpriddy on January 18, 2014

Sathya Sai Baba railed against pomp and circumstance, tinsel and show – as well as against those who promote themselves – yet he did this himself to a very great degree. This is called hypocrisy… so he also really was a God Cosmic Creator Hypocrite, of all things! The amazing thing is not so much that people were therefore drawn to visit him and (sometimes) believed this, or said they did, but that they persisted even after massive evidence of his empty boasts about himself, broken promise to devotees, false predictions and far worse things came to light on a big scale from 1999 onwards.



Believers in the unlimited miraculous power Sai Baba claimed to posses  were taught by deluded nurses and doctors at the Sathya Sai Hospital to put their faith in such things as written prayers for miracle cures etc. which they placed  personal boxes provided in the hospital! Here is a posting which promotes ‘sailograms’ as a means to improving ones “official position, mental state, health etc.”Anyone who believed in that would either be sorely disappointed or, if something like what they requested took place, assume without a second thought that it was a miraculous personal blessing from ‘Swami’. sailogram

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