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Dr. Kiran Patel & Co. awed by unscrupulous nephew of Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on January 19, 2014

Kiral Patel, UK Sai Org.

Kiral Patel, UK Sai Org.

The Sathya Sai Organisation of U.K., once flourishing, could now only collect ca. 3000 persons to what was supposed to be a momentous meeting with Sai Baba’s successor as controller of the whole doubtful shebang. According to their website at, their National Chairman, Dr. Kiran Patel, “warmly introduced Sri Rathnakar.” and “Dr. Kishan Gadhia felicitated brother Rathnakar“. It would seem that they are in total denial of the scandals and wrongdoings of this usurping nephew, whose reputation is definitely not good, as one small example shows (see scan below right). 

Scan of blog information on Ratnakar

Scan of blog information on Ratnakar

The report on this meeting reads:-
“Sri Rathnakar in Leicester – A beautiful evening with Swami’s nephew. On Monday 2nd September, Leicester, affectionately called a ‘second Prasanthi’ by lots of the Sai devotees, had the immense and priceless privilege to welcome a much esteemed person, who had not only the Grace to study in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning in Puttaparthi, but also to be born in the physical family of our beloved Lord! This esteemed person is none other than Sri Rathnakar, Swami’s nephew. None of us can actually truly realize what a blessing it is to be born in Swami’s immediate family, but suffice it to say that it was such a blessing to have him as our guest speaker… Sri Rathnakar then had the supreme kindness to interact with several devotees, talking to some and accepting requests for photographs with some, thus demonstrating a great humility and love towards everyone.”

Indeed, what “supreme kindness”, “humility and love” for the ex-bank manager to accept being photographed! Rather it was a fawning attempt by Ratnakar to keep devotees from listening to the media storm about himself in India and improve the flow of donations and paying visitors to his fiefdom, Prashanthi Nilayam. He managed to get hold of the No. 1 spot in the super-rich Central Trust and, since money talks very loudly in India – and bribery is the best way for those with the means to defeat legal challenges – Ratnakar has managed to quell official opposition to himself. Amazingly, after the death of his uncle, R.J. Ratnakar one report was that he had even briefly put himself forward as Prema Sai (the alleged third incarnation of the Sai avatar), a claim he wisely dropped very soon. No devotees could possibly have accepted such utter rubbish. This whole episode just about sums up the utter denial and decadence of the extremely discredited and much truncated Sathya Sai Organisations nowadays. Note that there is hardly anyone other than Indians seen on photos… former English devotees have left in droves!

Further it was reported:Sathya Sai Baba’s grand-niece Chetna Raju claimed that she is facing life threats from some of the trust members.One may well ask who on the Trust did that? No prizes for the correct answer!

Fight over Satya Sai Baba trust turns violent – The New Indian Express

Ratnakar’s corruption and that of the Sai Central Trust can be investigated here (see links on that page).

For Indian & Telugu surfers, watch:-
Sai Baba’s nephew Ratnakar evil aspects ‘exposed’ – YouTube‎ May 6, 2011 Sathya Sai Baba nephew Ratnakar evil aspects exposed, SathyaSai Baba nephew Ratnakar  Aug 10, 2013 – Uploaded by Tv9 Telugu Ratnakar accused of swindling Satya Sai Trust assets For more videos go to http:/ / Follow

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