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‘Behind the Clown’s Mask’ by Conny Larsson

Posted by robertpriddy on January 21, 2014

excerpts from the official translation of the Swedish ‘Bakom Clownens Mask’

To all of You who during the last five years have kept me going, when I have fallen into the deep valleys of memory, I wish to express my profound gratitude. To those of You who have tried to make me give up and keep silent, to those who are in denial, I direct my particular gratitude for, paradoxically, You roused my inner strength to fight against untruth and injustice. To the prisoners in Wiezhowo Prison I turn with even deeper gratitude, as they taught me to value the freedom of which they themselves were deprived. They finally enabled me to leave my self-imposed prison, my sect.

With a preface by Rigmor Robert – physician and psychotherapist – respected nationally in Sweden as prominent in exposing the Jehovah’s Witness Cult in Sweden and also the Swedish Pentecostial Church (Pingskyrkan org.) in Knutby, Sweden, 2004, where Pastor Helge Fossmo got a life sentence for involvement in the murder of his wife by his brainwashed assistant, Sara Svennson.

Excerpt from ‘Behind the Clown’s Mask’: THE KUNDALINI FORCE

Once when I was summoned for a private interview I had written a confessional document in which I described the problems I had with my sexuality and my earlier promiscuous way of life, so that nothing should be left unsaid between him and me. My plan was to eventually settle down in the ashram for good and then live there in celibacy.

Note: The first occasion when Sathya Sai Baba sexually molested me I described as follows (Sathya Sai Baba’s words in orange):
Then Baba quickly seized the cord and down came my loose-fitting Indian trousers. He repeated the treatment of my Kundalini energy that he had begun the day before. I let myself be swept along by Baba’s massage of my penis, which slowly stiffened from the accelerating motion. Should I be ashamed or be grateful? Thoughts flew through my mind while my body reacted to Baba’s manipulation. I did not know if it was intended to proceed as far as orgasm, but I could not stop myself. Baba showed his delight when the sperm spurted out. Satisfied, he took the white handkerchief that hung over the side of his chair, with which he usually wiped his mouth, and cleaned my penis and his own sperm-covered hand.

– Very good boy, very good boy.
Up went the trousers in a flash and the private interview could be concluded. I was utterly confused by the treatment and by this attention to me and my person.
To an Indian who stood near him he said,
– This is a very good boy, he will do things for humanity.
The worrying sense of shame immediately left me. I allowed myself to be acknowledged and admired. I had to tell the Swedes over and over again my amazing story of how Baba had asked me to sing, what he had said about my future and about the materialization that I had seen Baba perform. On the other hand, in accordance with Baba’s express wish, I kept quiet about the physical and spiritual treatment that he had applied to me. That was to remain between him and me.

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