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Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Conspiracy theory about “International Conspiracy against Indian ‘saints'”

Posted by robertpriddy on January 23, 2014

Asaram Bapu case: Defence alleges conspiracy to defame saints

The defence in sexual assault case involving Asaram on Thursday argued before a local court that the self-styled godman was a victim of “international conspiracy” hatched to defame the saint community in India.

Wonder who on earth could behind such a ‘conspiracy’. Could it possibly be that Asaram  and Co. think I am an international conspiracist because I have reported the facts as they emerged in India? Well, I am definitely against those bogus saints  whose actions do not agree with their wonderful words in public taken from Hindu tradition, such as Asaram Bapu and his dead friend and endorser, Sathya Sai Baba. Bogus ‘saints’ or ‘godmen’ as they love to be called include all those who are known to be sexual abusers and have been involved in murders and cover-ups, or have been convicted or credibly charged with considerable evidence of crimes. (See The Dark Side of very prominent Hindu gurus) Otherwise, I have only seen international news outlets report the news as published in India already, which is what I have also done. The charges against Asaram were made in India by Indians and the Indian police arrested him and his son. No international influence could have caused all the charges brought against them.  So Asaram and gang are clearly getting more than desperate when they have to accuse foreign sources to try to divert attention from the crimes with which they are so formidably charged! Their attempts to bribe the police with huge sums did not work, nor is there much hope for them that Narendra Modi would, as PM,  quash charges against Bapu, as Narasimha Rao and S. B. Chavan did for Sathya Sai Baba – see documentation.

Narayan Sai`s female disciple Jamna to be produced in court
 Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Controversial godman Asaram`s son Narayan Sai`s close accomplice Jamna will be produced in a court here on Wednesday.

Ramdev will meet the same fate as Asaram: Lalu Prasad Yadav Friday, January 17

Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav sparked off a new controversy when he slammed yoga guru Baba Ramdev for calling him `Kans`.

Asaram ashram deaths case: Parents seek CBI probe  Thursday, January 16

Parents of the two children, who were found dead near self-styled godman Asaram Bapu`s ashram here in July 2008, on Thursday moved a city court seeking a CBI probe into the case.


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