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Violent ex-Prashanthi ashram official on the run

Posted by robertpriddy on February 8, 2014



Yet another violent incident by a former servitor in the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram administration, Sai Rohit Srivastava, is on the run from police after he evidently seriously assaulted an American lady, Amber Marie Switzer, as reported by The Bangalore Mirror. Ms. Switzer from San Francisco had since last December been visiting Prashanthi Nilayam (i.e. meaning “The Abode of Supreme Peace”!!) for self-discovery by meditating there. Two days after arrival she moved into the apartment of Rohit (then allegedly a trainee pilot) at Sai Turiya building, Puttaparthi, and later to his flat in Jakkasandra, Bangalore. She claimed he beat her up on January 31 (read the entire story by clicking on the Bangalore Mirror image to enlarge it). 

The former long-term resident at Prashanthi Nilayam, Eileen Weed (‘Divya’) informed me of this and wrote:-

Anyone wanting to use Puttaparthi as a spiritual center should be warned! Even my friend, who stayed on after sb’s death, complained about strange men following her around in the ashram and harassing her. She told head Seva Dals but they paid no heed to her complaints. There are people all over, waiting to take advantage of innocent spiritual aspirants. Now that business is low, they will be even more eager to grab opportunities as they see them.

I am sure there is more to this story, and I suspect the woman has parted with quite a bit of money to her new abusive ‘boyfriend’. The Sai Turiya Apartments are huge and luxurious – I would not be surprised if the fellow regularly takes advantage of women. It is good that it was reported to the police, but what is a spiritual aspirant doing moving in with some Indian guy after only two days anyway? See the article

Eileenweed said February 8, 2014 at 12:49 pm  “One wonders what will become of the case. The guy obviously has money and therefore, influence also. He will no doubt bribe police and have no consequence of his actions.” 


2 Responses to “Violent ex-Prashanthi ashram official on the run”

  1. He most likely will be let go in return for a nice chunk of change. Before going to any spiritual sanctuary, people need to do some due diligence to find out if the place is safe or not. A simple google search would have revealed the dangers of visiting the place. Google for “sai baba prasanthi nilayam” and on page 6 you can see a link to this blog. If I were doing a google search for anything, I would look at the first 10 pages of search results at least. Also, people from the West seems to have this notion that India is an inexpensive,nice place with kind hearted people. But unfortunately that is not true. People there have become more cut throat now. One needs to exercise caution and never let their guard down when in India – just like anywhere else.

  2. eileenweed said

    One wonders what will become of the case. The guy obviously has money and therefore, influence also. He will no doubt bribe police and have no consequence of his actions.

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