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Asaram Bapu: February 10, 2014

Posted by robertpriddy on February 10, 2014

Hindu-AsaramThe Hindu reports  that The Rajasthan High Court has rejected the bail application of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu. Justice Nirmal Jeet Kaur rejected arguments of the defence counsel and senior advocate Ram Jethmalani, “who had contended that the charges under section 376(2) (rape on a woman when she is under twelve years of age), and others are redundant. He had also questioned the allegations of the victim and claimed that she had come on her own to Bapu with her parents. Mr.Jethmalani also said that Bapu has been in jail since long and is frail and sick. Countering the arguments, the prosecution said the chargesheet strengthens the allegations.”  The government counsel, Mahipal Bishnoi, also said: “Besides this, there has not been any change in the circumstances of the case.

The plea that  ‘Bapu’ is frail and sick’ is another attempt to get him exonerated. Jethmalani is an aged and famous, though clearly incompetent, counsel, judging by the trivialities and trickeries he has tried on the court on behalf of his rich client.  People who are most credibly charged with the crimes he is should not be released unless they are terminally ill, if then. Even as a non-celibate ‘godman’, should he not have seen ahead to the fate he was creating for himself a lot earlier? Let us hope – for the sake of India’s future – that a new government will not quash everything against him. India sorely needs to free itself from the clutches of these pretenders to holiness and their exploitation of the masses.

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