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Sai, Thy Kingdom Come: Sreejith Narayan predicts ‘His return’

Posted by robertpriddy on February 16, 2014

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Public YouTube image of Sreejith Narayan

UPDATE JUNE 23: The hysteria about Sai Baba and all fantastic claims about his having appeared (Tigrett’s latest superboobs etc.) are making the entire remaining Sai Baba movement look more and more like mental cases. This desperate frenzy about impossible resurrection and return in one form or another has been going one since day one after his death and must have helped weed out large numbers of persons who otherwise might still have had some faith in Sai Baba and his various amazing claims (see Whatever became of Sathya Sai Baba?)

 UPDATE as of june 2015! PREMA SAI IS FOUND IN DODDAMALUR, SOUTH INDIA – A 4-YEAR OLD BOY. This will upset the entire Prema Sai applecart, not least since Sathya Sai Baba was originally recorded as saying (with V.K. Narasimhan present) he would be reborn in Gunapalli (not Doddmmalur) and would not be discovered until he was a young adult!. Of course, it is all hoo-ha, typical Hindu guru delusion and invented divinity.

 Eileen Weed mailed the following:- Apparently, the situation has reached a fevered pitch in Puttaparthi, as a friend just wrote me: “…all the stories of Swami coming back!!  (28 June) The people sit in the shop whispering and gossiping (about) a blog filled with frenzied devotees, hopeful for a return of sb “in the same form” in 2014 – thanks mostly to the author of that book about the “Return”. 

In his book for fanatical believers in Sathya Sai Baba as a Godhead avatar – mostly Indians nowadays with a very much diminished band of foreigners – Sreejith Narayan deliberates on the possibility of his return. In his book he writes:-

“We have stepped foot into 2014, a year poised to become one of the most important years in the history of mankind (in my belief). It is not just an opinion that I conjured up from the vagaries of my mind. Many signs point to 2014 being the year of unprecedented happenings; the most remarkable event of them all, the epoch-making, much awaited Reappearance of the Lord in the Sathya Sai form.”

Comment: This is as if unbelievable, that people can actually believe this… But then, think of the Second Coming of Christ and how many believed and believe in that! Then there are all those who believe in countless conspiracy theories, religious indoctrination and ideologies of all kinds. The world seems at least half-full of people with serious cognitive problems of one sort or the other.

Sreejith Narayan claims that the timeframe of 2014 (or before) for ‘His Return’ was deduced from Swami’s own words regarding his lifetime on earth.  One may ask, which of his many self-conflicting words on his lifespan apply, and which not? For is fully documented from his own discourses that he made several different documented predictions of when he would ‘leave the body’, all proven incorrect by his death in 2011! Further, in his speculative calculations Narayan is clearly not accepting the ‘official’ doctrine of remaining Sai officialdom that Sai Baba was reckoning in lunar years, not calendar years (invented to try to explain away they he died long before all his predictions (note: (an inaccurate and absurd theory).

In the YouTube video, S. Narayan says, ‘Bhagavan’s words will never fail, I am completely confident…” He must live within his narrow cultist shell and/or a personal cocoon of ignorance to claim that, because Sai Baba’s words failed and failed time and time again, shown beyond all sane doubt on this blog site and elsewhere. Not only did Sai Baba break countless  promises to devotees but he also made a large number of predictions about himself and the world that never happened such as his promise to fly unaided through the air, to lift a range of mountains, that his students would by now already have set India straight assuming moral leadership  of the world! see full proof). All just as unlikely to occur as him reincarnation (and more especially in the same form he had in life). On top of that we get from Narayan his own wild pseudo-prediction of Sai Baba’s coming 7-year reincarnation in the same form he had in life, basing it on extremely selective reading of Sai Baba’s words and on most unreliable sources (the obscure ancient palm leaves of the Brighu Nadi, copies being held in countless private collections by astrologers and soothsayers in India, the genuineness and historical authenticity of all of which are strongly contested, many, including by historians and scientists). 

“In the Nadi predictions mentioned in the book “Sacred Nadi Readings” (by Sri Vasantha Sai), it has been prophesied that Swami would be in this earth for seven more years after His reappearance. “At the age 88, people on earth will accept Him without doubt, blemish or shortcoming. He will live for 7 years. (Gorakka Nadi, Reading conducted on June 14, 2011). – Sacred Nadi Readings, Sri Vasantha Sai, Page 26. He comes again and will remain only for 7 more years. Many changes will happen on earth during these seven years. (Bogar Nadi, Reading conducted on May 25, 2011). – Sacred Nadi Readings, Sri Vasantha Sai, Page 18.
STKC also explored the verses from Bihar-ul-Anwar that say Mahdi will remain at least 7 years after His reappearance: He will remain seven years (after His reappearance) and then he will die and Muslims will pray over him (Bihar-ul-Anwar Vol.13 Part 1, English Translation p.91)”

Comment: This Islamic text, Bihar-ul-Anwar has been shown not to contain any such predictions by intensive research by Brian Steel into the translation promoted by the Sai Spiritual Museum which is entirely bogus! The entire Sai Baba Mahdi claims are also researched in detail here.

“The Nadis point to the age of 88 for His Reappearance. Swami will be in age 88 until November 22, 2014. Moreover, Swami has mentioned several times that He would live until the age of 96 which would begin on November 23, 2021. If we calculate backwards from that using the seven years mentioned in Nadis and Bihar-ul-Anwar, the period of His Reappearance would fall perfectly in 2014.”

Having once studied in depth every single text published and attributed to Sai Baba up to 2002, I can assure that no utterance of Sai Baba can be shown that,”He would live until the age of 96 which would begin on November 23, 2021″ It is a sheer invention! The author will in future have the full opportunity to realise what an utter fool he is when faced by more proofs that Sai Baba’s words and predictions were most unreliable when nothing he suggests actually occurs, neither this year nor at any time… though he has created a fall-safe for his self-esteem by saying that it may be this it may be that, only Swami decides and knows etc. ‘Sai, Thy Kingdom Come’ is no doubt welcome by that diminishing band of people who hang on with evident signs of desperation and paranoia to their belief that Sai Baba was impeccable, knew everything, created the universe etc. This Narayan seems to be a very credulous and ill-informed person, so he may not have written it exclusively out of desire to make an impact among the devotees and getting a good profit. That it has been translated into 12 languages does not indicate that reputable publishers are involved, it is a vanity publication backed by Souljourns, which is a mainly gerontocratic group of Sathya Sai Organisation rich men, such as US-based Bob Bozzani and cronies (plus several deluded elderly women fanatics). See more on this book here 

One Response to “Sai, Thy Kingdom Come: Sreejith Narayan predicts ‘His return’”

  1. eileenweed said

    This blog is an excellent compilation of facts, which shows the utter ridiculousness of the hoped-for Return imagined by the faithful. I expect such fanciful imaginations to come in waves as the years go by, unfortunately.

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