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Malaysian exposure of student sex abuse cult & its defenders

Posted by robertpriddy on March 12, 2014

Due to the considerable volume of the mails between myself and Hariram Jayaram, the following is a brief summary from the fuller mails (as they are posted they can be viewed in full by following links to each mail).

On May 3. 2004, Jayaram wrote to me telling that he had made facts available to a number of Malaysians and many left the cult and, of those who remained who had intended to send their sons to Sai colleges did not do so.   (see source e-mail here)

May 5, 2004 (concerning death of Jegathesan’s wife, Shanti and son Jaganaathat Sai), he referred to the speculation that the death of the wife was suicide, particularly after her son’s suicide. He was then inclined to accept that it was an accident, but thought it still quite possible that this was not the case. He heard that the son, who did commit suicide by jumping from the roof of a multi-storey building in Kuala Lumpur, was in a state of depression when his father, Jegathesan, did not approve of the Chinese girl he was going out with. He expressed surprise that Jegathesan did not keep his son away from Sai Baba, for he had told Hariram in 1980 that the questions about Sai Baba’s homosexual abuses were nothing new.

Hariram told how he had also met the famous Bangalore professor,  Dr. H Narasimhaiah, who stood up against Sai Baba.

Hariram was pleased that there was no let up in the work I and my friends undertook to expose Sai Baba and said that there are very few Malaysians who will openly say that they are Sai devotees because of the juicy allegations.

NOTE! The attachment I had sent to Hariram contained information as found at THE TOP MALAYSIAN SATHYA SAI ORGANISATION LEADER, DATUK JEGA JEGATHESAN & HIS TROUBLED RELATIONS  Later on Hariram Jayaram realised that he had not realised the strength of the rumours of the wife having taken her own life among those who knew of the case, as he reports in another mail. Of course, suicide cannot be proven in this case, but the circumstantial facts plus likelihood provide a motive for it.

The serial decades of sexual abuses against students and young persons by Sai Baba as referred to are summarised here

COMMENT Submitted on 2014/03/16 at 1:15 pm

What is fascinating about this account is additional proof that some of the top well-known people in the sb org knew very well about the allegations and have heard about it from multiple sources. There seem to be several types of opinions of people who heard about the abuse: those who hear but do not believe; those who are devotees, know it to be true and accept because ‘god can do anything, it is for our best’ or those who may not believe sb is god (people who run shops, serve in the ashram, or in positions of power in the org hierarchy) but who think, ‘this guy sb is my means of support and whatever he does is OK’.

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