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Malaysian lawyer on sexual abuses of students by Sai Baba (cont.)

Posted by robertpriddy on March 14, 2014

Having had a long exchange of e-mails with the prominent Malaysian lawyer, Mr. Hariram Jayaram,, which he had asked me not to post then, I am now able to release these exchanges as a memorandum to the honour of an honest and decent gentleman who – learning in the early 1980s of sexual abuses of Malaysian student at his college by Sathya Sai Baba – stood up against the powerful and rich Sathya Sai Organisation to expose the facts. Earlier mails have already appeared here and here

On May 18, 2004, Hariram Jayaram wrote to me about Sai Baba factions in Malaysia, one led by J. Jegathesan. At that time (late 70s) Hariram travelled the length and breath of West Malaysia to encourage various Sai Baba bhajan groups and show the 35mm films he had bought from the United States. Eventually  two ‘leaders’ emerged in the Malaysian Sai movement, Jegathesan and Hariram himself. .Sai Baba recognised Hariram’s contributions and gave him his robe, also inviting him to come and teach law in his college permanently.

Back in Kuala Lumpur, Hariram was told by a devotee that he had received a telephone call from his sister to the effect that his nephew, a student at Puttaparthi College, was back home for holidays and had strange stories to tell about Sai Baba, and that he was not going back to the College because this uuru was a homosexual and fraud. Hariram was able to question this boy thoroughly later.  Another boy from Malaysia dropped out from the same college and went to continue studies in New Zealand.

At that point Hariram decided to investigate and, with a devotee friend and his nephew, he went over to Puttaparthi, Whitefield and Bangalore. Spending several days in India, Hariram met two other Malaysian male students and several Indian students, discovering from them that Sai Baba was carrying on a large-scale homosexual activities with several students. The students explained to him how Sai Baba was making vibhuthi and that every ‘miracle’ of his constituted a bluff, him having no powers at all.

On June 9, 2004. In 1980 Hariram also learned of two Indian student bothers who were studying in a Sai Baba college. When they had returned home for holidays, the younger brother complained to the parents that Sai Baba had carried out homosexual activities on him. The devotee parents were naturally shocked, but the elder brother who was not molested by Sai Baba, asked them not to believe his younger brother’s allegations, being crazy to have cast such aspersions on the living God. The parents took the older brother’s side.

Referring to the persistent rumours of all kinds that always circulated in the Sai Baba movement , one went “God is fractured”, that Sai Baba has fractured his leg, but Hariram could not tell if this was true.

Interestingly, Sathya Sai Baba’s  the hip injury occurred over 1 year earlier, but the news had been suppressed by the Malaysian Sathya Sai Organisation, as was invariably done wherever possible throughout all the world branches whenever anything remotely negative about Sai Baba arose, and continues to be so to this day!  The hip injury caused Sai Baba to take to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, so the facts could not be entirely hidden, though they were given fantastic interpretations by followers so as to preserve the cherished  illusion of his divinity!

On June 11, 2004, Hariram wrote that he had traced the name of the American student who was in Puttarparthi in the late 70s, a Californian whistle blower who he had come to know when making investigations with the help of Malaysian students. This was Terry Scott, who had been sexually abused and left the college in 1980 and returned to USA, telling of it in the USA. Scott had given him a pamphlet made by college students which gave  a step by step analysis on how Sai Baba made vibuthi. After reading that pamphlet, Hariram beame an expert in producing it before all those who came to see him to ask why he had dropped out from the Sathya Sai Baba cult.

Another rumour of which Hariram had not know but was rife in Malaysia was that Shanti (Datuk J. Jegathesan’s wife), committed suicide. Having made discreet enquiries, Hariram learned that the rumour had been around for a long time.  a

View the source e-mails in full here

See comment submitted by E. Weed, as follows:- “These are very important details about the widespread number of children that were abused, and the widespread knowledge of sb being a fraud and child molester! How appalling, though completely understandable, that it went on for so many decades without him paying for his actions. How many times have we heard of similar cases of people in positions of power and wealth, who could do similar things (such as Jerry Sandusky in USA, Jimmy Savile in UK, and countless Catholic priests)? Though sb claiming to be god himself, the avatar of the age, and continuing to abuse on a daily basis, is even more outrageously evil.”

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