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Prashanthi Nilayam has become super repressive & mercenary – 2014

Posted by robertpriddy on March 3, 2014

I received a comment on this blog asking if I had seen that a film has been relased in the US. I replied: “I have already blogged on the film:
I hope it will get on general release in the US, where ‘The Secret Swami’ was not shown on the requirement of Alaya Rahm when he became the main abused testifier.”

This was the response I received:-

Fra: “S Dan” <>
Sendt: 2. mars 2014 14:55:33
Emne: Re:

 Thanks  Robert,  Also  do  you know  that  now  there  are  a  lot  of  new Rules in  the  Ashram,  my  friend  who  was  talking  with  friends  in  the  Ashram   casually  about Yoga,  some  one  walked  up  to  him  &  said  you  are  only  to  talk  about  all  pertaining  to  Baba  in  the  Ashram,  he  thought  the  guy  was  joking,  but  then  he  discovered  he  was  not,  he  reacted,  &  was  made  leave  the Ashram!!

This  was  last  Nov,  also  I  used  the  Phone  in  the  Ashram  to  call  the  UK,  as  I  thought  it  would  be  cheaper!!,  but  for  approx  10 mins  I  was  charged  370 Rupees,  way  over  the  norm!,  they  had  rigged  up  the  machines!! But  what  was  amazing  was  masses  of  new  people  were  there  last  Xmas,  who  have  never  even  seen  Baba,  all  new  people,  mainly  from  the country side who  are  in  a bad  situation  economically!

They  have  also  started  to  sell  Baba  DVDs  out  side  the  Western  Canteen!!
Warm  Regards   L.            PS  Please  keep  my  name  confidential

The Sai Central Trust have stepped up their efforts to extract as much cash as humanly possible, especially from foreign visitors, about whom there is also increased suspicion and paranoia. There is clearly a widespread clampdown on freedom of speech and telling the truth, like Orwell’s 1984, no less! It should be of interest to those who may think of visiting again that, not only was a recent violent incident against an American lady by a former servitor in the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram administration, Sai Rohit Srivastava, under police investigation, but a later news report about four murderous attackers were arrested by police in Puttaparthi In short, the ashram is becoming a yet more dangerous place than formerly, when it was even than the scene of numerous murders, many disappearances, accidents  and suicides etc.

The former insider devotee, Eileen Weed, who still has contact with some believers, writes in her comment to this blog: “A long-time resident woman who I know personally, who’s over 40 years old, was also followed inside the ashram and harassed multiple times by various men, some wearing the blue Seva-Dal scarves. They would stand next to her and brush against her body! Complaints to the head Seva Dals stationed at the main gate went unheeded. He only said, “Yes, we know. Don’t worry about it.” I wouldn’t advise people to visit Prasanthi Nilayam, it sounds like it is becoming more & more dangerous and like you said, a hotbed of paranoia and desperation!”

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Satyajit in USA

Posted by robertpriddy on March 1, 2014

Sai Baba's  former boyfriend

Sai Baba’s
former boyfriend

The Sathya Sai Central Trust gave permission for the former closest young male friend of Sathya Sai Baba, Satyajit, to go on a tour of some Sai centres that yet remain in the USA. He relates this – all very haltingly – in a talk he gave in the Boston, Mass., Sai Centre February 16, 2014, (put out on vimeo).

Before you decide to look at the video, be warned that it contains not a single original idea nor any new insight into Sathya Sai Baba, or into his last years of zombie-like and half-drugged behaviour depending on sleeping pills and stimulants provided through Satyajit, nor of what happened to him when hospitalised (Satyajit was allowed to the sick-bed) nor the manner of his death, his promises to Satyajit. Even though all speakers at Sai Baba events are remarkably uninspiring, unoriginal, boring copiers of Sai Baba’s own gramophone, a more bland babbling than Satyajit’s is hard to imagine. Sai devotees would surely have hoped that he would have shared his personal story as the ultimate insider he was, even some of it, but no – instead they have to sit through a vacuous and halting verbal ordeal of empty words like ‘unity’, ‘love’ and all the other ‘spiritual’ abstractions without substance in the Sai movement. No one could question him about it, of course, as it is never done in the rigidly controlled environment of any Sai meeting, not without immediate exclusion. He guarded his secrets deeply, as we know that the light of day would have been a disaster for him.  No doubt it is nice for Satyajit to get a trip to America, to be treated like a blessed person of great importance, or at least with a pretence of interest, though all would surely like to hear what really went on behind the scenes in Puttaparthi, though not about the sexual activities, of course. It is surely more than his life is worth to tell anything remotely negative, yet despite that an amusing fact slipped out of him while he as telling about himself… how he asked ‘swami’ to do service work and stop his MBA studies. Two ‘gentlemen’, Satyajit called them, were in the car beside him and swami, and they disagreed what was best – service or MBA, to the extent that one punched the other… and this in the presence of the Holy of Holies, Creator of the Universe, ‘Help-Ever-Harm-Never’ preacher supreme!

Despite Sathyajit’s empty fare substituting for anything like the truth – or anywhere near as lively and frank as any 10-year old would tell – we have already learned a lot about the skullduggery known to Sathyajit. There was the Midas hoard and how much was spirited away – the suspicious death without valid certificate – the coffin-casket ordered March 29 (i.e. long before the announcement of the death on April 24 and even while all doctors were making most positive prognoses about the guru’s health. It is known to all residents and most prominent devotees that Satyajit had been one of Sai Baba’s favourite boys who slept in his apartment since the 1990s and was ever at Sai Baba’s beck and call, and who ended up as the only person with a key to the secret palatial complex that Sai Baba inhabited until the medical men took him away. Sathyajit knew of all the hoarded riches of every kind hidden under the 3 by 3 meter bed and in cupboards etc.

The well-informed comment that came to this blog from Eileen Weed adds considerably to the above exposure of Satyajit’s ‘muerta’ (i.e. silence):- 

Thanks for saving us from a curious glance at the video. Such a disappointment. No doubt, he has been given VERY strict instructions to keep what he knows to himself, or face the consequences. Since his talks are on video, he tightly reigns in his mouth and mind. I wonder if there is any chance, sometime in the future, that he will be able to break away and find his career elsewhere. Only then would we have a chance to know some of the secrets in his mind.

There was another boy who was sb’s shadow for years, up until the mid-1980s. When he sung for bhajans, sb would lean forward and stare at him intensely. My ardent devotee friend had told me the force of attraction between the two was so intense that she had to look away in embarrassment, whenever the two of them locked eyes.

That other ‘inmate’ of the bedchambers suddenly left to USA for further studies, throwing us all into a confused shock of WHY in the world he would leave GOD himself?? We figured he must have been attracted somehow to the evil, worldly life. We heard reports of how sb was distraught and enraged, and declared he would never step foot in the ashram again. A couple of years later we then heard he had come for a visit, sporting a beard and mustache, but was not permitted into the darshan compound. Nowadays I respect him for breaking away and following his dream, and hope someday he could surface to tell his story!

Eileen Weed also wrote me:That former boyfriend sevak left soon after I arrived in 1984, and I hadn’t paid much attention to who was singing bhajans or who sb was staring at. However, it was my friend Vidya, ever aware of things going on and the whisperings of long-timers, who many times told me stories of how several of them were well aware of that boy, and had to close their eyes at certain points, because the almost obscene public sessions of intensity between the two were so cringe-worthy.”

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